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Welcome to NeXTCHAN, the next generation imageboard.

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You can reach me at admin <> nextchan ! org. My personal email is comeon <> getbackinthe ! kitchen. (<> = @, ! = .)

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Started new spider's web project
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le cucked

During the trial of the rape threats against U.S. President Obama's 2nd daughter by a South Korean man, the Korean government attempted to close the case by the death of the suspect in order to avoid diplomatic friction with the United States of America.
So, the Korean government mobilized South Korean Internet trolls, who were suspected to be employed at the South Korean Cyber Command, to very badly harass the suspect mentally, forcing him to commit suicide by a nonsensical means.
See the level of comments from South Koreans:








oh, yeah, that's been one of the main suggestions, at the very least a dark-theme option

here's what I have so far, aside from specific mobile-posting things

-remove automatic ">" when quoting
-board index updating
-tripcodes don't stick
-"view last 50 posts" option
-cross-thread post previews
-ID highlighting (when clicking)
-youtube embedding
-(You)s or nametags
-custom themes, or a dark-theme option
-fix .png transparency for thumbnails
-add banner specifications (size, dimensions, number)

another suggestion i have is bringing back custom css themes
not sure if i remember this correctly but infinitynext had some sort of themeing option in the settings, which i didnt use much, but it would be great to bring it back to encourage stuff like >>/B/71

how do you apply this?

Odili fucked up moving between servers and lost the database files

If you like it and the userbase likes it, I'd feel flattered and delighted.
I still don't have a name. All I can think of is "night", but I'm not sure I like that. If I find something I like I'll tell you, but if you have an idea you like you can use it.

All images deleted from endchan. Why is that?

Had a board over there but had to leave it inactive, since all the image markers to each individual post have been deleted. So the board is practically half dis-functional.

Check-out the excellent threads and material posted here also:


(asterisk)g_c stands for george_costanza

You mean g_c is 36-37 and has a wife/gf + daughter or AdolfHitler? stands for george_costanza, like the seinfeld character. g_c used to actually go by the full name the way I tpyed it before he changed it to the shorter version.


>i know that there is a "download all images in a thread"

which is awesome, btw 
I remember 8ch had/has a "download thread" option too, which would basically make a huge .png with sort of a "capture" of the whole thread
and they also offered the chance to archive the whole board on another site, (I think) 
personally I always opt out of any kind of archiving, so I never really tested it, tho

i have a suggestion: thread archiving
i know that there is a "download all images in a thread" option in the little triangle menu, but it would be nice to have a complete archiving feature

well, everything seems to be running amazingly smooth so far 
even faster than before, and no posting errors at all 
I'm compiling a list of suggestions too, btw 
next month whenever you get some free time just let me know, and I'll post them here if you want 

I added a new caching system. Please let me know how it works out, and please report any bugs.

considering giving him a temp email just to see what will happen

>the administrator

>doing advanced shitposting to a spammer

>mfw pic related




> im pretty desensitized.

why though? aren´t you happy? what happened?

>im lazy when it comes to my free time. work+school takes a lot of my time and i have little interest in configureing things at this point in time

we are much closer than you think

>i enjoy being a sperglord

I wouldn´t stay here m8. These little creatures may seem innocent but I wouldn´t judge the book by its cover.

Run away if you want to have a better life. You still can do it.

>Alright. You should now have a board index link in the panel. 

works perfect, thanks! 

>It needs JS, and I can't work on code until I get some free time which will be in July. 

no problem, man, looking forward to keep on tweaking the site :)

Alright. You should now have a board index link in the panel.


>name/tripcode issue

It needs JS, and I can't work on code until I get some free time which will be in July.

>add a link to the board's main page

Good idea. Will make a quickfix now.

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