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This site uses Infinity Next, a PHP based imageboard suite on the Laravel Framework. Licensed under AGPL 3.0, anyone may download and setup an instance of Infinity Next on their own.

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  • https://mewch.net/

  • Hello I used to have an image board but it was shut down do you think I can help it makes me sad how I lost my imageboard email me at konamicode@cadamail I just want to have an imageboard anything mod

  • >>52
    >See same image in another thread

    well I feel sheepish.

  • >>51


    I myself would promote this Nextchan (board owner of co and tv here), if I knew m712 was still around and making much needed fixes to the site, gave me friggin /k/ like I had before the site went down, and was getting a dedicated server. But he disappeared. Not just that but I kind of got the impression from him that my image dumps were taking up too much data so I decided to hold off.

  • >>50

    Yeah, Noticed. This place Is deader than Manchuria after Japanese liberation.

  • >>49

    Anon.. we were doing good then this site kept going down and its site staff disappeared. Now I check nextchan every few days.

  • As you all know, I am a very busy man. Since I last came here I have made many gains, in honor of all of you.

    I have come back to reclaim the honor of /fit/ and govern her once more.

    In my absence you have shared memes, this is good, as it shows that there is growth here.

    Also, all my assets are kinda fucked. I'mma fix dat rite up 4 u.

  • Breddy kool lad 7/10

  • You've posted this imageboard on every imageboard. It's time to calm down lad

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  • >>66

    still a pretty good chan tbh

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  • Shill.

  • Check out
    Its a live imageboard

  • One more thing. Since blaze isn't currently working you probably already know this, but the onion isn't working.

    Also, if you do make the faq page I think you should add the onion address to it. Also maybe add the onion address to the sticky.

  • >>604

    And yes my settings have it set to stream to overboard on both boards. Its not an issue on my end. You should be able to log in to my account and check.

  • >>603

    Another thing, i notice that tv and co and pol dont stream to overboard. So my posts dont get that additional advertising of activity and images. Not sure how much that hurts my visibility, but it sure doesnt help.

  • >>602

    Awesome thanks!

    >We'll see. You don't have a lot of users on your boards yet so I can't really judge your moderation skills.

    Good point. As long as you and others are around I could care less. Just feels pretty empty sometimes and i dont know if there is coverage.

    >BTW, you are dumping a lot of images on the boards you own. Are you uploading content so the habitants of the board on other imageboards feel at home?

    I hope so, and its hard to gauge. I have tried to do more than image dumps and add text to the post from outside articles. Like the Rocketeer thread and the board-tan thread. But i seem to have boards that may not have any interested posters yet. Outside of /pol/ articles, i dont get any responses. And these are fresh news articles with one reply at best. I think the site is dead in general. The posters you do have stick to only one board and thread. There was an anon dumping Travis images on /b/ and i tried to contribute with a few post replys but no one else is posting. Im hoping once all bugs are fixed and if 8chan gets fucked again there will be a migration that takes hold. Right now the only nextchan users you have dont want to conribute content outside of me and one /b/ anon. That or no one is here anymore.

    I am trying to add some content and images though to get anons that may visit in the future to see that they can get boards with some images and something to read. But it takes time to create some good posts.

  • >>601

    1. It's a bug in Infinity Next. I'm working on it.
    2. webm/mp4 upload works. No embeds.
    3. We'll see. You don't have a lot of users on your boards yet so I can't really judge your moderation skills.

    BTW, you are dumping a lot of images on the boards you own. Are you uploading content so the habitants of the board on other imageboards feel at home?

  • >>599

    Hey m712, good to hear from you again! A few things

    1. Still am not BO for /k/ or manage its board assets.... this sucks.
    2. No Webm and youtube/vidme embedding?
    3. Make me global janitor/mod so we don't go without another pair of eyes in case spam or worse on other boards in case you take another haitus. Not sure where the mods are for the other boards like /pol/, /v/, or /a/.
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    I wont say shit :^)

  • I don't get it, what is this supposed to do?

  • >>595

    I'm here.


    Try refreshing and clearing the cache. Infinity Next is shit.

  • Is this place habbo raid friendly?