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Hello everyone. You may have noticed that everything is gone. This is because I have replaced Nextchan with an instance of Blazechan. Let me explain.


NeXTCHAN in its current state felt like a graveyard. Full of months-old posts, spam links, etc. It really put me off. I rarely even visited the site anymore. I wanted to start with a clean slate, so I moved to an instance of Blazechan.

What about the old content?

I have prepared a tarball of everything that existed on Nextchan. You can download it from https://nextchan.org/static/NeXTCHAN.tar
This file will stay accessible for 30 days and will be deleted on 2017-09-18.


I have yet to decide what to name NeXTCHAN after the recreation. Feel free to post suggestions in this thread.

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