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Hello everyone. You may have noticed that everything is gone. This is because I have replaced Nextchan with an instance of Blazechan. Let me explain.


NeXTCHAN in its current state felt like a graveyard. Full of months-old posts, spam links, etc. It really put me off. I rarely even visited the site anymore. I wanted to start with a clean slate, so I moved to an instance of Blazechan.

What about the old content?

I have prepared a tarball of everything that existed on Nextchan. You can download it from https://nextchan.org/static/NeXTCHAN.tar
This file will stay accessible for 30 days and will be deleted on 2017-09-18.


I have yet to decide what to name NeXTCHAN after the recreation. Feel free to post suggestions in this thread.

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Pickle Rick: This is an obvious one. A phallic symbol and embodiment of solar masculinity of the Aryan race


biggest jew meme: wh*te ppl

aryan sonic the hedgehog

DJ Models Two Cuties

A few of things
1. Are there spam cp links on /hebe/? I can't tell since it's a thumbnail, but some of those definitely show children and someone naked in the image. I'd get someone to remove global if you're not gonna check this place frequently.
2. Board list doesn't work.
3. Could you make an onion service please.
4. This is not a serious question, but is the overboard technically a "hidden board"?




DJ Models Two Cuties

working link to 101bf54e5277204....jpg ?

  • Fash, Fashy: Queered alt-kike forms of "fascism", often accompanied by neon graphics and niggery and jewy modern music instrumentals (vaporwave). Fash sounds effeminate and fashy sounds even more gay, just like the racial jews using them (abnormal sexualities are common among jews, like mental illnesses. For all we know the Torah rails so hard against homosexuality as it considerably risks jewish depopulation).

  • Vaporwave: Not exclusively an alt-kike genre of music – plenty of far left hipsters utilize it too. Has an obvious jewish vibe to it, much like jazz, one of its inspirations. Plus nigger hip hop beats. The alt-kike "fashy" version known as fashwave has been strongly pushed in the last two years.

  • Incessant push of fascism and national socialism: Both Mussolini and the Third Reich leaders had many dubious connections to communist jews, Mussolini was even a communist at one point and both he and Goebbels were known to have dated jews. Why are Mussolini and Hitler constantly pushed as the only saviors for the white race? It sounds like a false dialectic: you're either a national socialist or a fascist, or you're a far left race traitor who wants to see the white race bred out. It all sounds very biblical and messianic in its format. Why are no other solutions allowed to be hypothesized that aren't messianic Trump/Putin worship?

  • Anything glorifying McVeigh, Breivik, Roof, Mateen, or other psyop characters

  • Deus Vult, and assorted christnuttery: Used not just by gentile larpers, but at this point by racially jewish antagonizers dehumanizing the white race by attacking and libeling pre-judaized Aryans.

something about dicks




poast moar dead sites full of spam, I like to explore

these adlink links don't work, how do you get them to work?

DJ Models Two Cuties

DJ Models Two Cuties

Sexy Teens at http://quamiller.com/9VTc

And here is where Avner gets sloppy and reveals that he is the same poster as the pedonigger spammer and the raging christnut/Hitler obsessionist.

His pic he posts in this post is ONLY posted by those alternative persona posters

Then he deflects the blame and claims that "unknown" is the nigger spammer who is out to get him (even though unknown was already demodded by Ocelotte).

There you go. End/pol/ is run by faggot nigger porn posting kikes.

Pretty telling that AvnerHillel is now railing against Tor.

Fuck it, finding black/brown girls is hard

Edgy Racism is welcome, most attractive black girls have white facial features and are therefore acceptable.

I dunno, dude.

Standing near them like that is kinda creepy. Someone might think you're some kind of peter file.

any earlier sets plz?

dots is so angry that the yankees blew it, so xir shut down endchan