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caption says "it is kept very clean!!"
that thing isn't fucking clean, look at it, it's filthy, it looks like someone poured muddy water down the slide


Not quite.


SESTA/FOSTA: The real internet censorship threat


I am alone


Hai fren! I made a new tor board called VileChan, please come over because it would make me happy.


It's just frustrated men who are just a little heated in the moment. Or sexual deviants, either way.

76chan is back up after being dead for ages, give us a visit!


I just posted there. Oddly it didn’t ask for a captcha, and despite the servers being in the US, the post times are in gmt-1. I’m thinking it went down, was cuckolded and will be pushed as the next (((exodus))) for a new hugbox. This is entirely speculation though.

I can't post at all

>And who would want to mate with an intellectual midget?

And who would want to marry an independent, "opinionated" woman?

Brent got 50 though
Eat shit

Cali is essentially the testing ground (or one of them) for gun bans.

Whatever is successful there will be used elsewhere eventually.

lol, fucking nigger doesn't want to be "upheld" to the same standard as everyone else


Can someone please help us to locate the current home address information of the editors and founders, Noel Ignatiev and John Garvey ?

>Discord’s New Code Of Conduct Prohibits Using “Retard” And “Nigga” In Partnered Servers Starting April 18th


Niggers on (((Discord))) are absolutely butt-blasted that they can no longer call each other "niggas."

Niggers have held a monopoly on this word and now there is one place where they can no longer can claim exclusive rights to it. If you encounter a nigger on one of the other chans or any social media, tell them about this story and let them know that they're "getting their privilege checked." watch the salt fall from the sky and blanket your proud smug face as they try to justify the double standard with marxists semantics such as (((reclamation)))

just in time for Saint Hitler's birthday!

kill niggers

>worshipping a jew on a stick

the good news is that since they have pissed in so many ponds that do not belong to them, they are backing themselves into a corner. whoever wins the coming wars, be it Whites, chinks, or sandniggers, it’s almost guaranteed the kikes will lose BIG this time. they will be set back hundreds of years if not permanently. and now with the ability to share info globally, their subversive nature will never be forgotten. generations will know to avoid the kike eternally

In the age of "research teams", you just have to put a jew as team leader and he will get all the nobel prizes for the job his goyim do.
You can also create an "economic nobel prize" (financed by a bank) out of thin air and call it "nobel" too.
Jewish corruption permeates all spheres of society, the whole thing has to be burned down to kill the infestation.

1-They are obsessed with scatological things because they are parasites.
2-They are faggets because they are weak, effeminated, etc. so much that they call themselves jahova's wives.

The fact that this things now run the world is so cringeworthy.

forgot this place existed for a while

Make sure you livestream.

this one really triggers the cucks “what you mean he is counter-terrorist? he is a terrorist reee”

good riddance faggot and stay the fuck off my thread or I will humiliate your butt blasted faggot ass again. gtfo sand niggers. go back to 8cucks

CloverOS best OS! Never seen developer, he definitly not white man because white man could not mke something this good! ChingChong bing-bong wong tiny dick asain out!

>muh masonniggers

>muh IRL shitposting

You do realise shitposting was originally a pejorative. God damn. This board is now a shill board.

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