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This site uses Infinity Next, a PHP based imageboard suite on the Laravel Framework. Licensed under AGPL 3.0, anyone may download and setup an instance of Infinity Next on their own.

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  • this is not the president and i will never see him as my president

  • >>424

    Do you want me to ban paste sites too?

  • If a soldier were to use a unix shell, would he enter commandos?

  • Any news on this?

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    wew lad

  • paste.ubuntu.com/23567688/

  • >>79

    There doesn't seem to be a real solution for that, at least with greasemonkey
    I'd use what gives the best functionality (i.e. does it hide threads as fast as it can so that I don't see it?) to avoid issues with users still seeing hidden posts

  • >>78

    I can do "@run-at document-idle" and it will work, but there's a slight problem: It will only hide elements after everything has rendered, so you'll see hidden elements for a little bit. Right now it hides it before things render.
    Also, thanks for the gittutorial!

  • >>77
    >I have no idea how to use git

    Have you tried running "man gittutorial"?

    >In the overboard catalog, some javascript ends up running that sets the visibility of the threads to "inline-block", overriding what my script does. That's why it hides threads when js is disabled

    Try setting "@run-at document-end" in the big comment block at the start of the script (e.g. under @include)
    I don't know if it'll work as infinity next is a clusterfuck, but it's worth a try


    I have no idea how to use git, and there's a good chance I'll fuck things up with it, but let's hope for the best.

    For the next update I got a couple of changes in mind

    • Reduce redundancy.
    • Change the image hider. Hiding an image won't hide all the same images without refreshing the page
    • If an image is hidden and someone posts it again in a thread, it should hide the new image without refreshing the page.

    Besides the bugs above, I have more ideas such as hiding all replies to post, hiding all images in a thread, unhiding posts and images from the widget, etc.

    Two things I'll need help with:

    • The way the widget is added right now isn't how other widgets are added. I'm not sure what the current code is right now, so I hope some can help me with that.
    • In the overboard catalog, some javascript ends up running that sets the visibility of the threads to "inline-block", overriding what my script does. That's why it hides threads when js is disabled.

    This board needs more posts!


    wooping around

  • The owner's an absentee?

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    thanks russia

  • What's up with >>>/text/ being the target of spam, lately?

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    Command and Conquer lets you play as NOD GDI :^)

  • Is there any game where you play as the villain? I only know of yattaman

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    Those girls need t'eat y'know.

  • >>372

    Holy shit. Not trying to defend pedos but that is some next level kikery in the general sense.

    More reasons not to pay for porn!

  • forgot an image

  • i2p + BitTorrent because there's actually a way to bridge content between it and clearnet

  • The one in a working state, freenet
    Most others are either memes or too early in their development to be discussed in a thread like this

  • what is the best decentralized internet software, and why?

    >hardmode: no IPFS

  • >>70

    Well, that's the thing, it's mostly compatible, and it's not true for every imageboard either
    What I had in mind is the same API for everyone

  • 8chan (and vichan and maybe Tinyboard) have a JSON interface that's mostly compatible with 4chan's.


  • I've been thinking, would it be possible to create a 'standard' interface for imageboards?
    After using IBs for a while, I noticed that each of them, even if they share the same engine, are completely different between each other. The interface shown by the web browser is more or less the same, but how they offer their service is completely different
    What would be nice is to make a common API that IBs share, so that a client application, be it a web browser, a command line tool, or a mobile application, just need to use the API instead of whatever the IB offer, if it has anything at all
    Since the API is just a specification, obviously each IB can use whatever engine they want, as long as it implements the features

    What do you think? Would it even be feasible at all?