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meguca/pol's mods will ban you almost instantly. Tell them you are from 8/pol/.

I'm an 8/pol/ mod.
It's rough modding over there with all the redditors, q-tards, and half-channers that have flowed in like a slow-moving sea of pus.

this is the fastest image board that I can remember using. I hope it stays this way


>the jew screams out in pain as he strikes you

It's clear that you're you proxyswitching selfprojecting KIKE.

>make nextchan the runner up to 8chan in terms of the amount of users.

that'll be the day. from what I hear, megucha wants to use the engine that nextchan uses when it's "more developed", so that's something to look forward to
i would like to imagine that nextchan stays as a vanilla version of the blazechan engine, that shows everyone what it's capable of

switching ids does not make your shareblue funded (((opinion))) valid. im glad your triggered by the NPC meme, its has proved to effective. now go back to posting ponies

Something that has been overlooked in this thread is that 8-10 years ago, when a meme began to be so overused that it entered the normalfag sphere, it was dropped like a hot potato by the oldfags and then started to be used in an ironic sense, like mocking newfags trying to fit it. See Over 9000, o rly?, Courage Wolf, and Trollface for examples.

You don't have that today. If things were staying course, Pepe would have lost its meme value long ago and nobody would be posting redditfrog variations thinking they're cool, they would be told to gtfo fgt.
So what we're seeing here is the unnatural life extension of this lousy forced meme that isn't even that great compared to natural memes of the past.

I would say that if channers want to insulate themselves from (((them))) better (and sorry if triple parentheses is also a shill meme) then they should reinstitute this rule of castigating those who post old, worn into the ground stale memes like Pepe, and those that are growing really long in the tooth like Gondola, and those that spontaneously come out of nowhere while lacking complete self-awareness like NPC.

In addition, I propose we also co-opt Pepe into an anti-chan meme. Make Pepe out to be an explicitly zionist creation in new OC, maybe even depicting Israeli trolls making new Pepe comics, just to help kill off Pepe, because I for one am sick of seeing that frog spammed every fucking where by kikes and monkeys.


The levels of sperg on this board are off the charts.

lets change that. being a vol, Im sure you have noticed the uptick in traffic (although very small) in the last month. I spam posted on every thread for 15 minutes on 8chan a month ago and was able to get some people here. if I was able to lure even just one person here with such minimal effort, then it is possible. we could build a sizable user base here and make nextchan the runner up to 8chan in terms of the amount of users.

> I don't know why anyone still bothers with 4chan or 8chan at this point.

because they're the most important anonymous sites, and there is no where better to go
not even nextchan

that's not surprising, I haven't been there in a while but did you notice any of the other polvol accounts showing similarities?


And now chodemonkey deleted polvol4's account when the charade became to obvious, and guess what? Polvol4 started whining and posting anime girls in the meta sticky. Of course, this is being done in other threads by others not claiming to be polvol4 but talking with a tone of having vol powers. If you look at the log https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?board=pol it's clear that polvol4 is the same as polvol1 and polvol5. But of course there is no one set person unique to each account. It's the same shill as before cycling through different accounts and chodemonkike is well aware of the act since he's covering for it.

I don't know why anyone still bothers with 4chan or 8chan at this point. I guess this latest charade is to keep the 5% of legitimate posters the board has on their site, and it'll probably work because the 5% of posters left who aren't shills are absolute morons for putting up with this crap in the first place.

What up fags

dbl triggered hahaha the npc meme has been circulating long before you saw it recently in the nyt. nice try KIKE :)

Sooo I take it you jews have hivemind or something? I mean the blatant disregard for everything already said in the thread with headstrong shilling is pretty borglike.

>based on a study

>video game addiction

top kek, another triggered kike. nice try ya NPC

>Implying you can just take what ever memes you don't like, declare they are zionist, and call your subversion a day

Go eat some zyklon B.


This one is a big one. It's based on one study that utilized fucking Detroit demographics (or some other overwhelmingly nonwhite US city) for its studies, and now its a carte-blanche to stereotype wide swathes of humans. It has quickly replaced the previous shill card of "normie" and considering how quickly normie has been dropped and NPC picked up, plus its association with video games (probably to in part encourage video game addiction), it looks like the biggest spook meme of 2018.

Ironically those who keep mindlessly shouting NPC are displaying the NPC characteristics they describe, or they're jewish shills derailing and shitting up threads as usual.

Another "meme" if it is one is anime avatarfaggotry, especially avatarfagging with girlish anime. Straight white men don't watch that crap, and I've read somewhere that jews make up a disproportionate number of weebs.

Anyone have a good idea as to how involved jews are with anime and Japan? They seem to be all over it like flies on shit, especially romance anime, preteen schoolgirl-targeted anime, and moe anime.

Shit, I bet this scrawny fucker could take them.




I should also mention, in support of faggotry being at least partially genetic: why do you think "gay face" is a thing? Why is there a stereotypical gay phenotype? Not cosmetics, but the way the face develops naturally, like Alan Turing. Or how faggot males are slightly more prone to having a longer index finger than their ring finger? Why do so many faggots have high pitched voices?

>It's easy to say "it's genetics" and call it a day but there's a huge fucking correlation between childhood abuse and mental illness and faggotry

That actually supports the genetics argument, seeing that faggots come from mentally ill parents who are prone to abuse and the fact that so many faggots have mental disorders themselves (aside from faggotry) and they have higher rates of violence than heterosexuals, across all races and ethnicities.

And why would sterilization be a slippery slope? Would you be okay with being descended from a faggot who had a kid to cover for his faggotry? Sterilization stops future shame.

french expats were responsible for jazz. blacks couldnt read or write music at the time.

I thought the claim was that blacks invented jazz and blues, not rock and roll.

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