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im so glad the Japanese created image boards. i love seeing kikes screech about this shit haha fuck you

Chan culture literally is degenerate and jewish in nature.

What does that mean?

What makes NeXTChan any differnt from all the other wannabe futuba?

Greetings from SpaceChan!
Come visit if you'd like

The whole woman bashing thing that occurs on 4chan and 8chan is Talmudical and even pedophilic.
Repeatedly on 8chan there is this line of how "women are children" which, subconsciously, pushes pedophilia. So now having a normal relation with a woman makes you akin to a pedophile (subconsciously) and having sexual relations with a woman makes you akin to a pederast.

Then there is the chattel slave narrative on seeing women as property, denying their humanity. One poster on 8chan repeatedly advocated for foot binding in several threads, with no one denouncing him. In non-judaized Europe, women worth their salt could garner clout if they could prove it were warranted for them. Some cities and towns are even named after women and land ladies, like Wolverhampton is named after Wulfrun.

THEN there is the push for ephebophilia or even pedophilia, like one kike citing some 22 year old pedophile from 1937 who married a 9 year old girl and passes this off as healthy.

And who would want to mate with an intellectual midget? Seeking out a mentally inferior woman just leads to inferior offspring. Kikes are just pushing dysgenics by claiming all women are retarded, so it doesn't matter who you breed with.

whats the deal with endchan. i cant create new threads anymore so i stopped going there

red text is a way of trying to force your failed opinions on others. you have to scream otherwise nobody would hear you. that is some schizo jew shit

At least try to suppress your jewish habit to made questions every time, is so obvious.

"Take your meds" and "filtered" are common jew retorts on 8chan, especially the former. Same with accusations of schizophrenia. Oy vey, don't you dare notice anything, goy.

Smug anime spam is about faggotization. Jews have a malevolent intent when they spam shitty anime, especially moe.

Jews will also self project and say "jews just use smug anime faces so they can blend in. The thing is, they use them incorrectly so you can always tell who is who" like one kike did on 8chan.
Just look at this thread https://8ch.net/pol/res/12746543.html


Oh, and Filesize limit is 350 MB

I'm the BO of endchan.xyz/qreseaerch now and I am turning it into a shitposting board because I hate Q-Tards. anything goes. Just no child porn or other illegal content please.


>Not 'free and accepted mason'

opinion discarded.jpg




>Prior to its use in this manner, ((( screen name ))) had been used in online communities such as AOL to indicate that a user was "cyberhugging" the user with the specified screen name.[7]


this anon gets it. black pill shills have been in full force again this year. If you notice, that activity correlates with colleges being in session. When colleges are on break, it slows down a lot.

just to be clear, my main gripe is they hardly discuss politics and they don't have threads, just one central 3k+ post thread of inane irrelevant discussion

meguca /pol/ isn't /pol/, it's a discord server for people who say nigger

Denmark is wakening to the threat of foreign invaders and is currently isolating failed “asylum seekers” in camps in order to protect society from their subhuman savagery. (((Nicholas Mirzeoff))) wrote an op-ed for The Nation which appeared in (((zerohedge))) where he has utilized the semantic phrase “social death” in response to Denmark’s anti-invader stance. This devious jew has also cleverly injected the idea that jews are White by comparing similar tactics used by israeli as evidence of the “normalizing of white hostility to immigration.” (((Nicholas Mirzeoff))) is a professor of Media Culture and Communication at (((New York University))) and has wrote essays for garbage such as The Emergence of jew Artists in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Source: http://archive.is/sgnNs

fuck off with your pump and dump bullshit chink


TSA screeners win immunity from abuse claims: appeals court


Trump prepares to reopen CIA ‘black site’ prisons


ignore and forget

Inactive board with no moderation and the first post I see is a redd/tv/ bait thread that hasn't been removed.
Nextchan: -20/10. Into the trash it goes.

I guess now calling out Duginism makes me a kike. Who knew.

hahaha i knew you were a kike

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