NeXTCHAN is over.

I currently don't have the time or the interest to run an imageboard, and the unmaintained Blazechan instance is riddled with bugs. Until I come back to it (could be a few months, could be a couple years) I don't want it to stay like it currently is.

I would like to thank everyone that made NeXTCHAN possible. ring for helping us out with the domain and moderation, Politik for helping out with moderation and the idea, Kowal1488 for giving me hosting, megamilk for being a good friend and indirectly helping with the hosting costs, MrKeks for testing out new features, and zarne for thanklessly moderating the website for months even when I was away. You guys were great and I thank you all for your support.

Where to next?

There are a couple of options. Spacechan is pretty good, as well as Finalchan. Kohlchan has both English and international boards. While I don't like Lynxchan itself it currently works better than Blazechan ever did I must admit.

And lastly, thank you for trying out Blazechan. I currently have a couple things in mind for the next generation of imageboard software, but there's a long way down the road until I can execute my plan, both time and effortwise. I'll let people know when I'm ready.


- m

PS: All static files are still accessible for 15 more days (July 18th).