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Here are the other pics deleted by the coward(s) and a snap of my last post before it was deleted.

"/pol/ makes a game" thread.
Down the line somebody suggests making one involving werewolves, in an ode to the werewolves of European paganism and the Werwolf resistance in 1945, plus the symbolism of wolves in modern counter-semitic movements.
One user takes up on the idea and makes disgusting looking werewolves, American Werewolf in London tier disgusting.
Users criticise him, he spergs out and attacks them with ad hominems.
Said user also D&C's against Brits.
I call him out for it (and previously offered criticism and said that maybe the werewolf thing isn't such a good idea period since it could draw furry connotations).
He proceeds to sperg out even more.
The way he lashes out is very recognisable and I've observed it in many other threads.
Why, it's none other than imkampfy, of course!
I report his Anglo-bashing post. Later, he mocks me for reporting him, as though he is one of the vols reading the reports.
polvol4 dismisses my report. Hours later polvol4 bans his own proxy doing the garbage werewolf graphics for plausible deniability.
I document all of this in the pol logs. https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?board=pol
I proceed to call out the kikery afoot in the thread. He or one of his team members comes along to engage me, I call him out, then as polvol1 he bans my IP and deletes all of my posts.
I already suspected he would try such a thing, so I screencapped all of my posts anyway.
I make a screenshot compilation of my posts, post it in the thread, telling them that this will be my only post in the thread from that point forward and if they delete it, they are only proving me right.
polvol5 deletes it anyway and bans my newest proxy.
So now I've come here to post the screenshots so lurkers can see just how kiked 8chan is. I swear that site is working with government and military psychological warfare departments, and not just American ones.

I rarely get banned from 8thousandzionist. I don't doubt you (codemoneky is a kike) but I'm just curious, what were you getting banned so much for?

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kike bitches deserve rape

hoping for some more salt!


time to clean up the board again

where my pony posters at?

Can we talk about how overrated and subversive Henry Ford actually was?

Henry Ford brought niggers en masse into Detroit.
Henry Ford also brought niggers to Flint, Saginaw, and other rust belt towns in large numbers.
Henry Ford brought over white American workers into the Soviet Union where many died under Stalin's terror.
Henry Ford looks like a racial jew in virtually every one of his photos, almost like Bill Nye. Do an image search for him and find one photo of him where he doesn't look jewish.
To this day, despite campaigns to get rid of kosher confederate statues and street names, Henry Ford's name still adorns many places across America, especially Detroit. There are theaters, streets, schools, and even towns named after him with no name change campaign unfolding (yet).

Like Adolf Hitler et al, Henry Ford seems to have been a boogeyman trotted out as a hero for those awake to the jewish problem, while at the same time playing the jews' game of destruction of civilization.
Henry Ford is not a white man worthy of respect, if he even was white at all.

And on that note, Detroit as a city should be a case study of its own. We know that the jews ultimately used the niggers that Henry Ford imported and those that later came from his legacy to destroy Detroit, but have you ever wondered if Detroit met its peak as a result of jewish influence? Before Ford, Detroit was a medium-sized city of slightly more than a quarter million, just slightly larger than modern day Madison WI, but then along comes Ford and the population eventually skyrockets to nearly 2 million. Detroit (and Los Angeles) was where suburbanization and car culture really got rolling, and its infection ended up destroying every other American city culturally as well. And don't forget, many notable Detroit skyscrapers came from the likes of (((Albert Kahn))), aka the Architect of Detroit.
Detroit was also where (((Murder Inc.))) and the Nation of Islam got started, both while Henry Ford was alive.


> discord

banned :^)

https://discord.gg/tTHd4eb i wish i was more appreciated by my peers and super loved

hidden title is the same as OP's

Just made this thread with added text on 8/pol/. polvol1 anchored it. There's been no change of mods over there, it's all a sham and the retards over there still fall for it.

Anyway, I added some text to your post. Mine on 8ch said:

Why do (((they))) shill for Christianity so hard?

Anything critical of the biggest psyop in human history on both 8chan and 4chan is met with a barrage of replies that shill for the religion and don't even debunk what the poster says about it and often just throw ad hominems at the poster.

Why are (((they))) so concerned with maintaining Christianity on the right and why are (((they))) pushing for a revitalization of Christianity in Russia as well as Islam? In fact, that's another good topic. Why are (((they))) pushing pseudo-secularism with the PC cult in Christianity's place in the West while reinvigorating places like Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Georgia, etc. with Christianity and why are (((they))) so aggressively pushing for the restrengthening of Islam in Turkey, the more secular parts of the Middle East, Chechnya and elsewhere in Russia, Central Asia, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, even Xinjiang in China (often with Chinese help despite reports to the contrary), etc?

On a related note, 8chaim is shilling for Christianity very, very hard, almost as much as 4chaim. The mods constantly astroturf pro-Christian threads on /pol/ even pulling the jews-aren't-the-old-testament-jews card like they always do. imkampfy/polvol2was suspected of being the prime shiller of Christianity, and now its suspected that he's just become yet another mod (specifically polvol1) and the demodding of imkampfy and polvol2 is just chodemonkey's staged little psyop.


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Perhaps an edit function could be allowed for corrections within 90 seconds of posting? Past revisions could be looked up to counter shilling.

When a user clicks a post number to reply to that post, a green arrow always appears below the post# in the textbox.

Cloud this auto green arrow be done away with? Most replies don't need it and since you can't edit posts, it can cause the post to look funny for those who frequently overlook it.

dead board

yeah it does feel nice tho

just messing with this


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