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My up to date website:

Asian thread.

>just checked out your site. you call kikes (((Jewish))). Why? Are you kikes? Why would you call them anything other than kikes unless you wanted to show respect to them. Because you are kikes. Your controlled OP movements will not last much longer, have your fun while you can. Are you guys taking showers with niggers at Richard Spencers apartment?

I don't know.

Are you a Jew? You sure write like one. Snarky, gloating, air of superiority...

Never admitted to anything goyim.

Alright, at least you admit to being a subversive.

> Man goyim is mad.

Who I am trying to fool? A lot of people like you. >SnakeEyes here.

Who do you think you're fooling? Go to 4chan or 8chan with this shit. Maybe you can ask your boss to get one of 4chan's bots to promote your data mining group. And honestly, not even a teenager is going to want to join a group with some faggot calling himself DeadPatch. Who else is there, ButtPirate, SnakeEyes?

> wat

>hmmm, the goyim aren't buying it


Whoops, strikethrough doesn't work! I didn't mean to call Alex Linderstein a kike! 14/88 and PRAISE KEK XD!!!

Wow, totally cool honey- I mean racist internet group, FB-I mean OP! Super cool name, too. DeadPatch totally doesn't sound like something a faggot would come up with. New recruits, you mean like the military? And Vanguard, eh? Is it related to ~~that kike~~ Alex Linder's Vanguard News Network? RaHoWa, mein bro! Exclamation point!

My name is DeadPatch! I am a member of Vanguard America. We are looking for new recruits everyday. If you are interested on joining please go over to our website. More information is located there. Thanks!

> vanguardamerica.online

  • Brainlet Wojak: Occurring too often on 4chan for it to not be astroturfed.
  • Yeah, nah: Passive-aggressive faggotry and effeminately catty. May not be that way in Australia where it originated, but when I picture Americans doing this, I think of some high-pitched, hipster glasses-wearing snarky faggot.
  • Boomers are the problem: Shifts the blame from jews to a generation brainwashed by the jews.
  • Generation Zyklon: Makes the latest generation of smartphone addicts and submissive cucks out to the Le Based Fourth Reich Youth when they're just an extension of tail-end Millennials.
  • Muh based trannies: Speaks for itself, pushing transgender acceptance in the right-wing.
  • Muh Second Amendment: If ZOG really did fear an armed insurrection by the American populace, guns would have been banned before any of us reading this were born. They could have used the pretext of WWII, the Red Scare, (nigger) crime in the 1960s and 70s, or terrorism immediately after 9/11 to ban guns if they really wanted to. But instead, guns are more common and popular than ever before. Every fake shooting since Aurora and Sandy Hook has resulted in increased gun sales, so the jewsmedia says, and no legislation has been passed to seriously hamper gun rights in the United States. Now why do you suppose that is?

>nazi joos

think dailystormer etc
it's easier to subvert from within

vp9 webm test

shit i clicked reply too early
that kind of exists, if you unpin a photo and no one else has it pinned/garbage collection hasn't reached it yet, then the image will resolve to nothing from IPFS.
the most frequent gateway, ipfs.io, will also respond to DMCA requests, so that's one worry down

> Con: adds load to global owner/volunteers (unless there is a sound "delete pic = delete IPFS" function)



Education > Money
amirite bitches?

should be back now

Captcha seems to be working for me now. Is it not for you?

triple nigger

test again

i think i got my capcode back

> Most Nazis are Jews


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