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Hello everyone. You may have noticed that everything is gone. This is because I have replaced Nextchan with an instance of Blazechan. Let me explain.


NeXTCHAN in its current state felt like a graveyard. Full of months-old posts, spam links, etc. It really put me off. I rarely even visited the site anymore. I wanted to start with a clean slate, so I moved to an instance of Blazechan.

What about the old content?

I have prepared a tarball of everything that existed on Nextchan. You can download it from https://nextchan.org/static/NeXTCHAN.tar
This file will stay accessible for 30 days and will be deleted on 2017-09-18.


I have yet to decide what to name NeXTCHAN after the recreation. Feel free to post suggestions in this thread.

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Logofag did it like that. It also avoids trademark issues due to NeXT is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

Why is the image logo text incorrect?

Boardlist doesn't hide hidden boards yet. Should fix that.

Boardlist has 25 public boards, but says there are 26.



>can't post several posts with just an image behind

>only option I have is to ban emojis

>you cannot post too often

absolutely haram

>this is the same post as the post before

no, it's not

testing images






it works?

The captcha should be entered only once. Are you entering it multiple times for multiple posts?
The 'you cannot post too often' is probably because you entered the captcha wrong and Blazechan didn't delete the cache entry wrt to you posting. I'll fix that up in a minute.

>Allow users to refresh the captcha

I might do it, but that might prove troublesome because it can be used to abuse the captcha. I might add a burst limit to it, though.

Is the captcha hard to understand, or is it slow? What's wrong with it? I'll be glad to help you on your issues.

It took me over ten minutes to get the captcha right. If I was having problems, other users are too. At least I don't have to go through more of that shit for subsequent posts.

Whatever the hell this is, it isn't working and needs to be fixed. Posting is now near impossible and even replying to you is a challenge (almost always get 'incorrect answer', no way to refresh query, 'cannot post too often', by the time I can post again the query is the same thing but invalid and I have to go through the whole damn thing again).

Allow users to refresh the captcha, please.

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Testing captcha



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