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  • Guess that fits the gaming section too, i want to share 2 of ma fav collection pages which i have discovered a long time ago:


    You can find tons of old computer music from C64, Amiga and recent demoscene. Sadly stuff is unsorted, but it is ma fav archive for kick-ass songs.

    Worth a visit!

  • >>27

    and fuck off with your tiny dumbells, use them to kill kikes or something but for fucks sake dont expect anything from them

  • The Nextchan box restarted while I was asleep. Sorry for any inconveniences.

  • >>570

    The validation in clean_file under your forms for starters. I also don't like the rest of that function but it works for now.
    I'll get some time here in a week or two.
    It's early in the morning but I think we want https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/forms/modelforms/#inline-formsets
    Really, these are just nitpicks. It's just masturbating to framework abstractions. As long as a function isn't 50+ lines long it's not like it's wrong. And Django has a lot of old cruft in there as well. I don't like class based views, even though people try to hammer them into everything. Matter of taste.

  • >>569

    Ah, I thought you were talking about Blazechan. Yeah, I could do it, but I'll be phasing Next out anyway in a few months, so why bother. Also, where do you think I should use validators? I'm looking them up but I don't see them being used anywhere in Blazechan.

  • >>568

    I'm saying that this could replace the PHP media routes on Next, and you wouldn't need WSGI for direct download links. For some reason Next uses PHP to set that header.


    Yeah, what isn't.

  • >>565

    I already do have WSGI-less file routing (although it is a bit of a hack). Check the latest master. Also this is not the Blazechan thread.

  • >>565

    Basically, setting the Content-Disposition header without WSGI.
    Can either do it with regex to match the filename or a simple querystring:

    add_header Content-Disposition 'attachment; filename="$arg_filename"';

    Or whatever capture group you want to use:

    add_header Content-Disposition 'attachment; filename="$6"';
  • >>73
    >Most others are either memes or too early in their development to be discussed in a thread like this

    I'm sick and tired of you niggers.


    True, some of best imageboards tend to have clearnet, onion and i2p ways to post on them, but it is often impossible to post large files via i2p.

  • I was thinking about how to do decent media routing (think filenames) without WSGI, I think we should capture a skiplist in nginx with a regex, and then map to the proper /media/ directory with the capture group. Filenames could be handled by arguments.


    mapping to

    This could all be accomplished with NGINX regex capture group and add_header. Hell, this should be applicable to Next. I wonder why they went another route.

  • >>562

    i think so, but you can still submit logos if you want since he hasn't done >>522 yet.

  • >>558

    If it's such a nice framework than please fix the captcha (read: hack the validator to only load the captcha when you attempt to make a post, and not before) and integrate document caching. If you have the time, pretty please.

  • >>523

    is this the official logo now?

  • >>560

    The next bandwagon is to jump out of the PHP scene.

  • >>559

    Well, it's better than nothing. What's the next bandwagon to jump onto in the PHP scene?

  • >>558
    >Laravel is a decent enough framework to develop upon without having to reinvent wheels, hacks and such.

    Please tell me you don't believe this.

  • >>555

    I really like Next indeed.

    1. It sticks with good ol' PHP so it can run on a generic AMP stack, rather than those more difficult hipster stuff like node.js, NoSQL, etc. Python/Django isn't all that bad, but still. Not everyone has VPS and that much power over the servers after all.

    2. It's relatively nice and clean without much legacy cruft. Laravel is a decent enough framework to develop upon without having to reinvent wheels, hacks and such.
  • >>472

    What's with this reply preview lag, I don't experience on any other imageboard but blazechan and nextchan.
    Webm related, a comparison of 8ch and nextchan

    It's a little better on my second browser, but it's still not instant and normal like on 8ch.
    Other than the drop shadow effect on reply previews I don't know why it would be lagging like that. Maybe add a way to disable it?

    Also when hovering over reply post numbers that are displayed on the screen, instead of just highlighting the post it shows the full post preview. Is this because you don't want to grab user window resolutions? And would this and the lag be fixed in blazechan?


  • >>554

    Just more dogshit duct tape on top of vichan. I'm surprised he hasn't just written a migration script for Monaba or rewritten vichan in HASKELL.

  • >>553

    Unfortunately, probably not. I can't speak for m712 though. There's not enough documentation to make it worth my time, at least.
    I'd rather take the lessons learned from Next and apply them to something where the documents won't be uncacheable. I still think Next did the vast majority of things correctly, but it just suffers from the underlying framework, and the captcha.
    Of course, we could just make the captcha sane in Next, I suppose. Still, Next's classes are unwieldly, and there's little documentation, so you have to familiarize yourself with thousand line classes and how they fit together each time you want to fix a small bug.

    Considering the permissions visibility bug, for example, I don't know whether it was introduced during the 8chan migration, whether it was there from the start, whether it's unfinished. I have to open at least 6 files and read them all, and they're many many lines.

    I think the Django project will be much simpler, and it won't be uncacheable. Pretty much what needs done in it is a system for captchas and media, and you're at the finish line practically.

  • This was up not too long ago on the /sudo/ board
    sorry if I've put it up in the wrong place

  • Thank you all devs! So are you still planning to keep Next (this software project) alive and maintained? Or furthermore, upgrade the Laravel framework to the latest?

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