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I left 8ch for good cause they ban people like crazy, not gonna use 4chan. Where else is there? This place seems dead. I don't like pedo shit, I do like memes. I'm just looking for a Chan board this alive and won't ban unless it's actually illegal. I can deal with a bit of spam. Wish there was one out there like 8ch was befor pedo spam... What do? Fuck facebook/Reddit

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Theres no where left.

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https://discord.gg/tTHd4eb i wish i was more appreciated by my peers and super loved


> discord

banned :^)

I rarely get banned from 8thousandzionist. I don't doubt you (codemoneky is a kike) but I'm just curious, what were you getting banned so much for?

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Why do (((they))) shill for Christianity so hard?

Anything critical of the biggest psyop in human history is met with a barrage of replies that shill for the religion and don't even debunk what the poster says about it and often just throw ad hominems at the poster.

Why are (((they))) so concerned with maintaining Christianity on the right and why are (((they))) pushing for a revitalization of Christianity in Russia as well as Islam?

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Just made this thread with added text on 8/pol/. polvol1 anchored it. There's been no change of mods over there, it's all a sham and the retards over there still fall for it.

Anyway, I added some text to your post. Mine on 8ch said:

Why do (((they))) shill for Christianity so hard?

Anything critical of the biggest psyop in human history on both 8chan and 4chan is met with a barrage of replies that shill for the religion and don't even debunk what the poster says about it and often just throw ad hominems at the poster.

Why are (((they))) so concerned with maintaining Christianity on the right and why are (((they))) pushing for a revitalization of Christianity in Russia as well as Islam? In fact, that's another good topic. Why are (((they))) pushing pseudo-secularism with the PC cult in Christianity's place in the West while reinvigorating places like Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Georgia, etc. with Christianity and why are (((they))) so aggressively pushing for the restrengthening of Islam in Turkey, the more secular parts of the Middle East, Chechnya and elsewhere in Russia, Central Asia, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, even Xinjiang in China (often with Chinese help despite reports to the contrary), etc?

hidden title is the same as OP's

Go to any city church and hang with the people there. The majority paint the reason why.

In the past week or so it's become very aggressive on 8chan, virtually like 4chan, just with barely any resistance that is quickly dogpiled on by (1)s and (53)s. There are posters on there who are very clearly mods like kampfy/Rach/vols, posting Christ-chan and smug anime girls.

Esoterically, some sites claim it ties gentile souls into a jewish vortex, and that is why jews never want to permanently kill Christianity or Islam.




explain this, shlomo

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<m712> Accept header's specification states that the server SHOULD (specific RFC defined SHOULD) return a 406 if the Accept header cannot be satisfied

<StephenLynx> you give me a PRACTICAL reason. a use case, a real world example.

<m712> so there's a specification defined guarantee that you either get the data type or you get a 406

<StephenLynx> but it COULD be satisfied.

<StephenLynx> I could send a html.

<StephenLynx> again

<m712> then your server is retarded


/cd/ - Character dump

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Zionist Internet Memes

Sadly, the thread on Endchan was purged by the kike moderation team. Basically, many popular internet memes are either Zionist creations, or they have long been coopted by Zionist agents. If you see these being used profusely, likely the poster behind it is a Zionist shill.

They are:

  • Pepe the Frog: Straight up Zionist creation, never legitimate, even though it has been used in various incarnations for years by legitimate posters. Matt Furie is analogous to a pre-Twitter “Weird Twitter” spook. Furie lived in San Francisco when he created Pepe, and the Bay Area is basically spook central, even more so than New York City. Gentile whites make up less than 10% of SF’s population. SF/BA is home to so many tech companies and counter-cultural movements despite being one of the most expensive and tax-unfriendly metropolises in the world. Consider anything out of San Francisco, no matter how benign, to have Jewish fingerprints all over it. Furie now lives in Los Angeles, another spook haven.

  • Kek: The whole pseudo-frog cult actually is Kabbalistic origins and predates the internet. Posters with the Kekistani flag on 4chan tend to be the most antiwhite, such as wishing rape on Germans, or attacking and defaming “Europoors”.

  • Shadilay: 1986 Italian disco song by P.E.P.E. The album cover features a frog holding a wand. Popular amongst Trumptards. More proof that the frog meme is part of a very old Jewish mysticism.

  • Anything that has to do with Trump: “Build a wall”, “make x pay for it”, “you have to go back” (not originally a Trump meme, but it has morphed into one), etc.

  • Wojak: Aka Tfw man, he is probably a legitimate creation by a Polish anon, but has been so thoroughly coopted that Wojak should be considered analogous to Pepe. Some faggot on Endchan was trying to shill for its reclamation as a White Warrior, even though Wojak is supposed to be a beta male.

  • Based: Nigger-hipster lingo, now kikes bestow it on any puppet they try to shill as being somehow against them, like “Based Putin” or “Based Assad” or “Based Farage”.

  • Fam: More nigger slang, short for family. Zionists are aggressively pushing black slang on imageboards.

  • T H I C C: More niggerism, pushes black sexuality among whites, in this case the fetishization of the buttocks. Objectification of the butt is in line with homosexual programming, such as anal sex and that big butts can also be found among men and are probably popular in some homosexual niche, but big breasts can only be found among women. THICC also has the masonic 33 numerology in it (CC = 33).

  • We Wuz Kangs: Thread after thread is made on an hourly basis on 4chan’s /pol/. It is unfunny and dead in the water, even though niggers are astronomically stupid. I feel it is more about demoralizing whites than it is making fun of blacks. Include Alberto Barbarossa in this list.

  • Dindu: Faggotized way of saying nigger. Amounts to self-censorship and used by alt-right retards. Also appears suspiciously similar to Hindu, maybe it’s the Jews’ way of attacking Indians, which they have done for millennia.

  • Is X, dare I say, /ourguy/?: Used to astroturf Zionist internet celebrities and Zionist world puppets.

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switching ids does not make your shareblue funded (((opinion))) valid. im glad your triggered by the NPC meme, its has proved to effective. now go back to posting ponies


>the jew screams out in pain as he strikes you

It's clear that you're >>640 >>638 >>633 >>631 and >>630 you proxyswitching selfprojecting KIKE.


What jewish influence is there in internet-popularised fetishes? Of course, not exactly "memes", but still. I know the 34 in "Rule 34" is "kike" in jewish gematria, but otherwise, I'm not really sure on any jewish influence.

If you just slightly alter it..
''It's a fucking menorah.''

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So yeah, there are a lot of blatant poofters in professional sports, arts, television, film, music, etc.

Conor McGregor is the biggest queer in MMA right now, but MMA actually seems to be pretty gay altogether.

Inspired by the Zionist Internet Memes thread, let's list the closet homos.

  • Conor McGregor, major faggot. Faggot mannerisms and body/head movements, gay voice, homo-"manly" butt ugly tattoos. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's also secretly racially Jewish, he looks kinda like one.
  • Floyd Mayweather, called McGrinder a faggot. Probably knows from intimate relations and has been accused of being secretly gay for years.
  • Jonathan and Drew Scott, aka Property Brothers, twin fag brothers of HGTV fame.
  • Spike Lee, gay fashion sense, gay eyebrows. Film director, "black activist".
  • Rudy Giuliani, not an entertainer (unless you consider politics entertainment), former mayor of New York City, allegedly dressed up as a drag queen who played a female (crisis "actress") who lost "her" husband (vicsim) in 9/11.
  • Tupac Shakur, former ballerino, fake gangster, has been photographed in many gay positions (notably the nearly nude bathtub photo). Made a song with Notorious BIG called "Psychos" that has lines involving child rape and male sodomy. Death is alleged to have been faked.
  • Notorious BIG, ditto with the song "Psychos", also made the song "Me and My Bitch" that included the line "You look so good, huh, I'd suck on your daddy's dick". Death also alleged to have been faked.
  • Eagles of Death Metal, shit hipster rock band involved in the 13 November 2015 Paris attacks psyop (hoax?), band includes former members of Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss, the latter of which was infinitely superior to EoDM.

Others I don't feel like going to at the moment, but I'll just list them. Many of these people already have gay rumors around them.

  • Niggaz Wit Attitude (all of them)
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Dave Grohl
  • Chester Bennington
  • Ann Coulter
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Mike Tyson
  • Tiger Woods
  • Blind Melon (perhaps all of them)
  • The Beatles
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I should also mention, in support of faggotry being at least partially genetic: why do you think "gay face" is a thing? Why is there a stereotypical gay phenotype? Not cosmetics, but the way the face develops naturally, like Alan Turing. Or how faggot males are slightly more prone to having a longer index finger than their ring finger? Why do so many faggots have high pitched voices?

(19.23KB, 500x375)
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Shit, I bet this scrawny fucker could take them.

Donald Trump is probably gay. He is very effete and his mannerisms are extremely effeminate. Noticeably his wife and ex-wives were all manly looking.

(128.57KB, 476x640)
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>....I can’t imagine any President having a better or closer relationship with their Vice President then the two of us. Just more FAKE NEWS, the Enemy of the People!

just like michelle huh? that tranny was nasty

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(862.1KB, 1486x5067)
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"/pol/ makes a game" thread.
Down the line somebody suggests making one involving werewolves, in an ode to the werewolves of European paganism and the Werwolf resistance in 1945, plus the symbolism of wolves in modern counter-semitic movements.
One user takes up on the idea and makes disgusting looking werewolves, American Werewolf in London tier disgusting.
Users criticise him, he spergs out and attacks them with ad hominems.
Said user also D&C's against Brits.
I call him out for it (and previously offered criticism and said that maybe the werewolf thing isn't such a good idea period since it could draw furry connotations).
He proceeds to sperg out even more.
The way he lashes out is very recognisable and I've observed it in many other threads.
Why, it's none other than imkampfy, of course!
I report his Anglo-bashing post. Later, he mocks me for reporting him, as though he is one of the vols reading the reports.
polvol4 dismisses my report. Hours later polvol4 bans his own proxy doing the garbage werewolf graphics for plausible deniability.
I document all of this in the pol logs. https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?board=pol
I proceed to call out the kikery afoot in the thread. He or one of his team members comes along to engage me, I call him out, then as polvol1 he bans my IP and deletes all of my posts.
I already suspected he would try such a thing, so I screencapped all of my posts anyway.
I make a screenshot compilation of my posts, post it in the thread, telling them that this will be my only post in the thread from that point forward and if they delete it, they are only proving me right.
polvol5 deletes it anyway and bans my newest proxy.
So now I've come here to post the screenshots so lurkers can see just how kiked 8chan is. I swear that site is working with government and military psychological warfare departments, and not just American ones.

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Looks like more endless shit flinging. Basically, this is every thread, but a little more personal. I think the criticism that codemonkey has made 8chan much worse isn't even in question at this point. I wouldn't even doubt that it's intentional.

Somebody is paying for the bandwidth and server.


> That would have been a good starting place for a site with just poignant and concise information.

Megupol would have been or the anon working on Weltanschauung?
Megupol has went considerably downhill due to an influx of pigpen posters and a couple of annoying recurring shills. The interesting discussions are few and further between now. I tried to get people riled up with a few psyop ideas, but they also got pwned by Lat fucking up the site.

As for the redpill dump, I've wanted to put something like that together, but Metapedia already exists, which is essentially what I was going to build.



I had forgotten about this site. Looks like there is a problem with their SQL db. Probably worth backing up articles if they come online again.


It makes me crazy that ops like habbo hotel can't actually happen now. I like to think some folks took that stuff further underground, and I just don't hear about it.

Damn that sucks, the site was extremely useful, maybe there's an archived version somewhere. I wonder if they're being jewed.

>It makes me crazy that ops like habbo hotel can't actually happen now.

Well the pigpen has been totally ran into the ground, it's completely unusable. Kikey was supposedly delet but I've tried posting a couple of decent high effort threads and subsequently been banned so I suspect that nothing has changed with operation of moderation - same old JIDF kikes.

>I like to think some folks took that stuff further underground, and I just don't hear about it.

Perhaps, but I don't know of anywhere except next, end, megu and nanochan, and I barely use any.

newnation.org is a great website and the only "people" that would not acknowledge that are subhuman niggers and kikes that are exposed by it; like you hahaha im glad NEWNATION.ORG upsets you nigger :)

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When a user clicks a post number to reply to that post, a green arrow always appears below the post# in the textbox.

Cloud this auto green arrow be done away with? Most replies don't need it and since you can't edit posts, it can cause the post to look funny for those who frequently overlook it.



Perhaps an edit function could be allowed for corrections within 90 seconds of posting? Past revisions could be looked up to counter shilling.



Hey kike admin. Yeah you. Can't you get off your lardtub ass and fix this fucking shit already?

Blazechan's database schema changed so much that I can't do a migration until 0.13.0 is ready, but it's fixed here.

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