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You can reach me at admin <> nextchan ! org. My personal email is comeon <> getbackinthe ! kitchen. (<> = @, ! = .)

This post was last updated at 06-11-2018 (Mon) 17:12:36 by m712.
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oh, yeah, that's been one of the main suggestions, at the very least a dark-theme option

here's what I have so far, aside from specific mobile-posting things

-remove automatic ">" when quoting
-board index updating
-tripcodes don't stick
-"view last 50 posts" option
-cross-thread post previews
-ID highlighting (when clicking)
-youtube embedding
-(You)s or nametags
-custom themes, or a dark-theme option
-fix .png transparency for thumbnails
-add banner specifications (size, dimensions, number)

/cucked/ - cucked

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

(1.44MB, 2832x1815)
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During the trial of the rape threats against U.S. President Obama's 2nd daughter by a South Korean man, the Korean government attempted to close the case by the death of the suspect in order to avoid diplomatic friction with the United States of America.
So, the Korean government mobilized South Korean Internet trolls, who were suspected to be employed at the South Korean Cyber Command, to very badly harass the suspect mentally, forcing him to commit suicide by a nonsensical means.
See the level of comments from South Koreans:


/pone/ - nextpone

(254.93KB, 967x1280)
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Alright, let´s put things clear.

This is a thread dedicated to all political discussion with ponies. All political discussion goes over here and would help to organize the flood or possible political spam for the other threads.

So, feel free to post ponies and political images or news with them.

Different opinions and personal views are HIGHLY encouraged.....and cute ponies too.

So, let´s get started.

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Sure. Just prepare an envelope, standard US letter size, and in it include the following:

  • 10g of seaweed
  • A swastika drawn with your own blood (size doesn't matter)
  • A paper towel drenched in vodka
  • Single toenail from a goat (careful! only one)

After preparing these items, you should then start a bonfire. The bonfire should use oak wood only. After preparing the bonfire, you can then start chanting the following words:
V nz n tvtnagvp snttbg gung pna'g fgbc fhpxvat pbpxf.
Pronounciation is very important. Then you should throw the envelope with the aforementioned items contained within it, and the envelope will arrive at my house within 3 moons. I await your response.

Kind regards,
- m712, Administrator of NeXTCHAN

PS: You should also include your letter within the envelope, preferably coated with a fine layer of your urine.

This post was last updated at 06-10-2018 (Sun) 13:38:08 by m712.
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>the administrator

>doing advanced shitposting to a spammer

>mfw pic related




considering giving him a temp email just to see what will happen

(112.57KB, 803x831)
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(697.67KB, 1280x864)
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/B/ - b

(1.39MB, 2423x1298)
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I made a thing. It doesn't follow the usual tomorrow or dark themes, but it's a dark one.
Let me know how to improve it. I think the color scheme needs to be tweaked slightly. I'd also like to add a background that isn't just a color.


Thanks for this one. Should I include it when CSS theme support is done? What should it be called?

If you like it and the userbase likes it, I'd feel flattered and delighted.
I still don't have a name. All I can think of is "night", but I'm not sure I like that. If I find something I like I'll tell you, but if you have an idea you like you can use it.

how do you apply this?

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

(5.71KB, 224x173)
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I haven't been to Endchan in a long while but does anybody know why it is so different now? There are literally only 16 threads in the entire /pol/ catalog as of the time of this post.

And they all look so redundant. I smell bagels.
Who runs Endchan now and who's the BO of Endchan/pol/? Any dox on them?

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the current BO is a guy called g_c, however it might aswell be the vol AdolfHitler. The amount of times I've since other vols post since AdolfHitler become a vol can be counted on one hand. The BO only rarely comes, and when he does, it's to suck AdolfHitler's dick.

AS far as I know he's 36-37 years old, has wife/gf and atleast 1 daughter.

He honestly makes me miss the tor spammer.

You mean g_c is 36-37 and has a wife/gf + daughter or AdolfHitler? stands for george_costanza, like the seinfeld character. g_c used to actually go by the full name the way I tpyed it before he changed it to the shorter version.

(asterisk)g_c stands for george_costanza

All images deleted from endchan. Why is that?

Had a board over there but had to leave it inactive, since all the image markers to each individual post have been deleted. So the board is practically half dis-functional.

Check-out the excellent threads and material posted here also:


Odili fucked up moving between servers and lost the database files

/pone/ - nextpone

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Endchan offline edition.

Omitted 49 posts and 40 files


> But would it mind to you to go to the other thread?

> implying a /pol/tard can follow simple directions

(22.53KB, 469x281)
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Server move happenng again I guess. Can't access the end right now (again). Hopefully this time things will be better.

>and I thought little chans like these were boring...

True dat.

(160.02KB, 600x600)
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>yes, that was me. if you want to post your ponies here, then you will be in here with me.

You will also be in here with us. So expect ponies and things you consider horribly cucked!

>i go to school online and linux distros are not completely compatible with my university. otherwise i would be running kali lunix but i am too lazy to partition my drive right now

Have you considered installing or at least testing on a USB?

(696.17KB, 1598x1943)
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(620.35KB, 1244x2092)
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(505.32KB, 1024x768)
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(95.01KB, 1280x710)
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(97.18KB, 906x489)
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>You will also be in here with us. So expect ponies and things you consider horribly cucked!

im fine with that. im pretty desensitized.

>Have you considered installing or at least testing on a USB?

i have, but like i said, im lazy when it comes to my free time. work+school takes a lot of my time and i have little interest in configureing things at this point in time

>go to the other thread

sorry, i enjoy being a sperglord

(343.56KB, 1024x768)
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> im pretty desensitized.

why though? aren´t you happy? what happened?

>im lazy when it comes to my free time. work+school takes a lot of my time and i have little interest in configureing things at this point in time

we are much closer than you think

>i enjoy being a sperglord

I wouldn´t stay here m8. These little creatures may seem innocent but I wouldn´t judge the book by its cover.

Run away if you want to have a better life. You still can do it.

/B/ - b

(67.88KB, 700x681)
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I left 8ch for good cause they ban people like crazy, not gonna use 4chan. Where else is there? This place seems dead. I don't like pedo shit, I do like memes. I'm just looking for a Chan board this alive and won't ban unless it's actually illegal. I can deal with a bit of spam. Wish there was one out there like 8ch was befor pedo spam... What do? Fuck facebook/Reddit

Commie mods banned 3 of my vpns.lol. I guess I could start using openvpn to just be a dickead to the mods and keep calling them commies

might of inadvertently banned you when removing spam, sorry bout that mate


is 8ch.pl still around?

/cow/ - Lolcows

/next/ - NeXTCHAN Support & Meta

/ita/ - Bunker Italiano

/wtt/ - Western Think Tank

(272.45KB, 640x997)
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The problem with the West that needs solving
is not who is in charge, or what the system is,
but it is the mindset of the people,
and the influences on them.
They are obsessed with equality,
it is quite literally social communism.
We need to return to social capitalism/meritocracy.
These are the problems we need to tackle.

What do you think the problems are with the West?

The family unit has been demolished

agreed, is this due to the popularisation of anti christian beliefs? I mean people use to really make marriage work when they literally believed they were going to hell if they didnt make it work.. not that I say this sort of thinking is correct, however it highlights that people dont really give it the good old fashioned try anymore... just divorce, she goes out with friends/tinder.. slut it up and move onto the next feller. not to mention the kids suffer.

/wtt/ - Western Think Tank

/B/ - b

/pone/ - nextpone

(736.77KB, 1080x720)
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for those images that could be useful or taken with another perspective about them

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are you done yet?
Look,I am not going to censor you just because you want to express and communicate that Israel is censoring stuff just to hide everything negative about them.

Not all of them support that lack of free press because it prevents them from having a real democracy,making that people from other countries become antisemites in general and not only antisionists because they spend a lot of money in cleaning artificially their image. You want to show us that those actions should be denounced and making completely clear that the internet is not the same with the censorship police,preventing of complete free speech around the mainstream websites such as Youtube or Google results in general.

However, here it is a little tip for your shitposts that comes from a person and not paid from the Israeli government. The only post that I consider noteworthy of discussion and redeems all of this apparent spam is this one: >>107.

Dude, I didn't need 25 images of the same cause or theory shown up to my face,with an entire post of 5 images it was more than enough. I am complaining about the way you are shitposting,not about the hate and the reasonable panic you have about Isrealis censoring the internet. You want to fight and go against them and that's alright but it could have been presented a little bit better.

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(145.84KB, 1102x1445)
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(87.18KB, 720x540)
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(25.48KB, 576x369)
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(406.36KB, 894x894)
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anything else?

(575.55KB, 772x1000)
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and trips

(111.21KB, 578x774)
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(43.62KB, 720x348)
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(478.42KB, 970x457)
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(229.16KB, 800x585)
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