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Zionist Internet Memes

Sadly, the thread on Endchan was purged by the kike moderation team. Basically, many popular internet memes are either Zionist creations, or they have long been coopted by Zionist agents. If you see these being used profusely, likely the poster behind it is a Zionist shill.

They are:

  • Pepe the Frog: Straight up Zionist creation, never legitimate, even though it has been used in various incarnations for years by legitimate posters. Matt Furie is analogous to a pre-Twitter “Weird Twitter” spook. Furie lived in San Francisco when he created Pepe, and the Bay Area is basically spook central, even more so than New York City. Gentile whites make up less than 10% of SF’s population. SF/BA is home to so many tech companies and counter-cultural movements despite being one of the most expensive and tax-unfriendly metropolises in the world. Consider anything out of San Francisco, no matter how benign, to have Jewish fingerprints all over it. Furie now lives in Los Angeles, another spook haven.

  • Kek: The whole pseudo-frog cult actually is Kabbalistic origins and predates the internet. Posters with the Kekistani flag on 4chan tend to be the most antiwhite, such as wishing rape on Germans, or attacking and defaming “Europoors”.

  • Shadilay: 1986 Italian disco song by P.E.P.E. The album cover features a frog holding a wand. Popular amongst Trumptards. More proof that the frog meme is part of a very old Jewish mysticism.

  • Anything that has to do with Trump: “Build a wall”, “make x pay for it”, “you have to go back” (not originally a Trump meme, but it has morphed into one), etc.

  • Wojak: Aka Tfw man, he is probably a legitimate creation by a Polish anon, but has been so thoroughly coopted that Wojak should be considered analogous to Pepe. Some faggot on Endchan was trying to shill for its reclamation as a White Warrior, even though Wojak is supposed to be a beta male.

  • Based: Nigger-hipster lingo, now kikes bestow it on any puppet they try to shill as being somehow against them, like “Based Putin” or “Based Assad” or “Based Farage”.

  • Fam: More nigger slang, short for family. Zionists are aggressively pushing black slang on imageboards.

  • T H I C C: More niggerism, pushes black sexuality among whites, in this case the fetishization of the buttocks. Objectification of the butt is in line with homosexual programming, such as anal sex and that big butts can also be found among men and are probably popular in some homosexual niche, but big breasts can only be found among women. THICC also has the masonic 33 numerology in it (CC = 33).

  • We Wuz Kangs: Thread after thread is made on an hourly basis on 4chan’s /pol/. It is unfunny and dead in the water, even though niggers are astronomically stupid. I feel it is more about demoralizing whites than it is making fun of blacks. Include Alberto Barbarossa in this list.

  • Dindu: Faggotized way of saying nigger. Amounts to self-censorship and used by alt-right retards. Also appears suspiciously similar to Hindu, maybe it’s the Jews’ way of attacking Indians, which they have done for millennia.

  • Is X, dare I say, /ourguy/?: Used to astroturf Zionist internet celebrities and Zionist world puppets.

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We'll see how you are as a BO then. Are you HolocaustDenialVideos/HDV from 4chon?

Also redpill is another psyop meme. It came from the Wachowski trannies, and why should we be taking pills anyway, instead of having a clear mind? You like to mock without thinking too deeply into what cryptic meanings certain memes might convey.

In addition, I'm aware of the evolution of the dindu meme. The thing is is that it has become as stale as nigras, mudkipz, and over 9000 as far as meme shelf life goes, and considering its heavy adoption on "WN" controlled opposition sites like Daily Stormer and how dindu seems to negate nigger, I feel increasingly turned off by the word.


>We'll see how you are as a BO then. Are you HolocaustDenialVideos/HDV from 4chon?

No, and I don't namefag, or twatter, or IRC. Those who would sully the purity of anon should not moderate. If this board became more popular, I would cease announcing myself in any respect in threads like this, but I realize for now it's better to display what an alternative to kiked moderation would be like, for all of the battered wives on other imageboards who know no better.

As for 'redpill', you have to work with what you have. I dislike the magical negro association more than the Wachowski association because as I recall they merely stole the story in the first place. And not all drugs, or encouragements to enter another state of mind, are bad.


They stole the script from dark city. It was a much better movie.

You are a true anon and reading your conviction through your words warms my heart. It is good to know that other true oldfags exist in todays dark world.

Perhaps there is hope.

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On the contrary, I have conviction because I have lost all hope. Or, if I had a hope, it would be for all others that come here to finally lose hope, that we may undertake hopeless actions. Fuck that volcano. We should at least march into it out of spite.
Also, I thought they stole an original script but I can't find the post and first brushes with search engines just return crap about some overwrought lawsuit. Now it'll bother me that I don't know.

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Lets see where this goes

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/hebe/ - hebe

/hebe/ - hebe

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Russian schoolgirls


Upload it somewhere else.
Depfile removed it..

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/test/ - Test

Test H1



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/sp/ - Ethics in Sports Journalism

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hey gosu

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Not anymore.

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>Body must be more than 0 characters if a file is not supplied.

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/hebe/ - hebe


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/next/ - NeXTCHAN Support & Meta

Hello everyone. You may have noticed that everything is gone. This is because I have replaced Nextchan with an instance of Blazechan. Let me explain.


NeXTCHAN in its current state felt like a graveyard. Full of months-old posts, spam links, etc. It really put me off. I rarely even visited the site anymore. I wanted to start with a clean slate, so I moved to an instance of Blazechan.

What about the old content?

I have prepared a tarball of everything that existed on Nextchan. You can download it from https://nextchan.org/static/NeXTCHAN.tar
This file will stay accessible for 30 days and will be deleted on 2017-09-18.


I have yet to decide what to name NeXTCHAN after the recreation. Feel free to post suggestions in this thread.

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God damn, what the hell happened to Endchan's /pol/ board?

Now it looks like 8chan, 8 fucking stickies on the front page, kcmodding against forbidden topics (religion, who might be a shill, etc.).

AdolfHitler, aka AvnerHillel, is one slimy ass kike. And the Endchan administration tolerates and supports him, from Ocelotte the pedophile BO of End/pol/ to Odilitime the pedophile admin of EC.

Discuss what went wrong with Endchan and why it was allowed to be ruined from within.

Also BO, how do we know that YOU won't pull any of the same shit as seen on the other chans? Your "CIAnigger" comment sprung up some red flags with me, as I think Terry Davis is a Zionist actor and not a legit schizo.

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Sure, why not.
[spoiler]test[/spoiler] test

How the is odilitime a pedo?


I'm moving over to 0chan/pol/ on the zero net


You won't be missed
Or noticed.


There's a lot of commie threads there. And unlike old /pol/, they're going to be bad faith shitskins or kikes who can't be debated with, and only shoah'd. How does moderation work on 0?

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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Is anyone else annoyed with generational hate on other imageboards and on alt-fright sites, like video game addicted degenerates blaming "boomers" for today's problems, or saying that Generation Zog is the most "conservative" since WWII (a bold faced lie)?

Millennials and Zogphonies would be just as ignorant as so-called Boomers, they just had the luxury of growing up with the internet, allowing for some exposure of jewish power. Humans are as stupid as they've always been genetically, though maybe we're worse now due to dysgenics. Who knows, if the internet were somehow around for the masses by 1980, maybe "boomers" would be about as aware as Millennials and Z's are now.

All of this generational bashing seems to be designed for d&c, and more importantly to shift blame away from Big Jew. What do you think?

Generation Z is literally nonwhite majority in America, I don't know why 4tards think they'll save them with their Chinese iShit and apps.


I think you need to lurk 8ch/pol for 6 months b4 posting.

Ignore all other /pol boards, as they're run by JEWS

User was banned for this post. Reason: I mean, just read it


>Actually advocating for browsing on 8chan

Who's the jew now, bitch?

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Just people hoping that we're not going to continue to make the same mistakes that have already been made, anon. Nothing bad comes from criticizing the past, anyway.

/B/ - b