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I want a feature added!

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You can reach me at admin <> nextchan ! org. My personal email is comeon <> getbackinthe ! kitchen.

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My up to date website:

/a/ - Anime and Manga

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Дрочить бум-с?

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My revitalized folio
erotic funny erotic coupons free xxx pornography adult sex free adult

Stared different project:

Stared unusual prepare:

/fit/ - Gainzz

/r/ - Random

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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My name is DeadPatch! I am a member of Vanguard America. We are looking for new recruits everyday. If you are interested on joining please go over to our website. More information is located there. Thanks!

> vanguardamerica.online

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Never admitted to anything goyim.

Are you a Jew? You sure write like one. Snarky, gloating, air of superiority...

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I don't know.


>just checked out your site. you call kikes (((Jewish))). Why? Are you kikes? Why would you call them anything other than kikes unless you wanted to show respect to them. Because you are kikes. Your controlled OP movements will not last much longer, have your fun while you can. Are you guys taking showers with niggers at Richard Spencers apartment?

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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Zionist Internet Memes

Sadly, the thread on Endchan was purged by the kike moderation team. Basically, many popular internet memes are either Zionist creations, or they have long been coopted by Zionist agents. If you see these being used profusely, likely the poster behind it is a Zionist shill.

They are:

  • Pepe the Frog: Straight up Zionist creation, never legitimate, even though it has been used in various incarnations for years by legitimate posters. Matt Furie is analogous to a pre-Twitter “Weird Twitter” spook. Furie lived in San Francisco when he created Pepe, and the Bay Area is basically spook central, even more so than New York City. Gentile whites make up less than 10% of SF’s population. SF/BA is home to so many tech companies and counter-cultural movements despite being one of the most expensive and tax-unfriendly metropolises in the world. Consider anything out of San Francisco, no matter how benign, to have Jewish fingerprints all over it. Furie now lives in Los Angeles, another spook haven.

  • Kek: The whole pseudo-frog cult actually is Kabbalistic origins and predates the internet. Posters with the Kekistani flag on 4chan tend to be the most antiwhite, such as wishing rape on Germans, or attacking and defaming “Europoors”.

  • Shadilay: 1986 Italian disco song by P.E.P.E. The album cover features a frog holding a wand. Popular amongst Trumptards. More proof that the frog meme is part of a very old Jewish mysticism.

  • Anything that has to do with Trump: “Build a wall”, “make x pay for it”, “you have to go back” (not originally a Trump meme, but it has morphed into one), etc.

  • Wojak: Aka Tfw man, he is probably a legitimate creation by a Polish anon, but has been so thoroughly coopted that Wojak should be considered analogous to Pepe. Some faggot on Endchan was trying to shill for its reclamation as a White Warrior, even though Wojak is supposed to be a beta male.

  • Based: Nigger-hipster lingo, now kikes bestow it on any puppet they try to shill as being somehow against them, like “Based Putin” or “Based Assad” or “Based Farage”.

  • Fam: More nigger slang, short for family. Zionists are aggressively pushing black slang on imageboards.

  • T H I C C: More niggerism, pushes black sexuality among whites, in this case the fetishization of the buttocks. Objectification of the butt is in line with homosexual programming, such as anal sex and that big butts can also be found among men and are probably popular in some homosexual niche, but big breasts can only be found among women. THICC also has the masonic 33 numerology in it (CC = 33).

  • We Wuz Kangs: Thread after thread is made on an hourly basis on 4chan’s /pol/. It is unfunny and dead in the water, even though niggers are astronomically stupid. I feel it is more about demoralizing whites than it is making fun of blacks. Include Alberto Barbarossa in this list.

  • Dindu: Faggotized way of saying nigger. Amounts to self-censorship and used by alt-right retards. Also appears suspiciously similar to Hindu, maybe it’s the Jews’ way of attacking Indians, which they have done for millennia.

  • Is X, dare I say, /ourguy/?: Used to astroturf Zionist internet celebrities and Zionist world puppets.

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Weren't there three duplicate posts that went into detail about the Khazar milkers meme?

Why did the dumbass BO delete all three of them instead of just two?


There is something wrong with the Delete function. It is deleting other posts along with the selected one.


Do you mean that anyone who uses these memes are paid zionist shills, or is there a possibility that they are shilling without realizing it? There is no chance that everyone who uses these memes are zionist shills knowingly, though the roots of some of these are definetly jewish.

Ugandan Knuckles is another one that looks astroturfed. It is not remotely funny, it's sonic autism, and Knuckles' face looks way too overtly stupid. So stupid that it doesn't even look like a legitimate meme but rather it was manufactured by the same people who give us these stupid kitten memes.


Obviously not everyone is going to be a shill who uses them, I don't think OP ever implied that. Some could just be ignorant, some others could be useless zionized trumptards, who are basically only good as dandelion fertilizer in my opinion. Then like you said, the roots of some of these are definitely jewish, especially the frog ones imo.

  • Brainlet Wojak: Occurring too often on 4chan for it to not be astroturfed.
  • Yeah, nah: Passive-aggressive faggotry and effeminately catty. May not be that way in Australia where it originated, but when I picture Americans doing this, I think of some high-pitched, hipster glasses-wearing snarky faggot.
  • Boomers are the problem: Shifts the blame from jews to a generation brainwashed by the jews.
  • Generation Zyklon: Makes the latest generation of smartphone addicts and submissive cucks out to the Le Based Fourth Reich Youth when they're just an extension of tail-end Millennials.
  • Muh based trannies: Speaks for itself, pushing transgender acceptance in the right-wing.
  • Muh Second Amendment: If ZOG really did fear an armed insurrection by the American populace, guns would have been banned before any of us reading this were born. They could have used the pretext of WWII, the Red Scare, (nigger) crime in the 1960s and 70s, or terrorism immediately after 9/11 to ban guns if they really wanted to. But instead, guns are more common and popular than ever before. Every fake shooting since Aurora and Sandy Hook has resulted in increased gun sales, so the jewsmedia says, and no legislation has been passed to seriously hamper gun rights in the United States. Now why do you suppose that is?

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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God damn, what the hell happened to Endchan's /pol/ board?

Now it looks like 8chan, 8 fucking stickies on the front page, kcmodding against forbidden topics (religion, who might be a shill, etc.).

AdolfHitler, aka AvnerHillel, is one slimy ass kike. And the Endchan administration tolerates and supports him, from Ocelotte the pedophile BO of End/pol/ to Odilitime the pedophile admin of EC.

Discuss what went wrong with Endchan and why it was allowed to be ruined from within.

Also BO, how do we know that YOU won't pull any of the same shit as seen on the other chans? Your "CIAnigger" comment sprung up some red flags with me, as I think Terry Davis is a Zionist actor and not a legit schizo.

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The only moderation at the moment is done by the admin of the site, but that's only because he hasn't gotten around to adding anything but basic functionality yet.


>And it's Nazis that Ruin pol, not jews.

Most Nazis are Jews, so that last part is a bit redundant...


kikes ruin everything. thats why they are hated so much.


> Most Nazis are Jews



>nazi joos

think dailystormer etc
it's easier to subvert from within

/test/ - Test

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>! test?

> ! test?

> ! test?

>! 4

> 5

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newfigs cannot spoiler


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vp9 webm test

/art/ - art

/B/ - b

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

hello BO. Do you exist? Plz post rules. Is this board purely a meguca bunker, or is it an independent board with different rules, different BO etc?

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thanks for your efforts. If I had the programing chops I would help. btw, regarding the other poster, I have not encountered a captcha on this site so it might not be working.


> I have not encountered a captcha on this site

i see it being loaded in the web console, but not when trying to post

i think i got my capcode back

Captcha seems to be working for me now. Is it not for you?

should be back now

/test/ - Test

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Code (Es6)
import TestCase from "test-utils";

export default class MyAppTests extends TestCase {
  testSomething() {
    return () => { didSomething(); };
Code (Javascript)
import TestCase from "test-utils";

export default class MyAppTests extends TestCase {
  testSomething() {
    return () => { didSomething(); };


test again

triple nigger

/WeaponizedAutism/ - Lunar Info Dump

/tech/ - Technology

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Why is the image logo text incorrect?

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js N E X T


Coming soon, still improving.


Code (Javascript)
if (window && window.window === window) window.alert("THE FUTURE IS HERE");
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Damn, quickfix incoming.



&amp; turns into &, here's &amp;amp; &amp;

/test/ - Test

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You guys should honestly remove the ability to edit your replies. It allows us to view what's really on people's minds without them backtracking or sugarcoating it. Also, we should implement 4chan /pol/-like ID's by default for, every board.

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Looking back, I don't think the first feature I mentioned exists on this site. Good, but I still think second feature should be considered

Please post on /next/ next time.

>edit your replies

Only moderators are allowed to do so. Thread OPs showing "edited" is a bug I have yet to fix.

>IDs by default

It's up to the board owners to do that. I can't force anyone to enable it by default.

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