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Alright, let´s put things clear.

This is a thread dedicated to all political discussion with ponies. All political discussion goes over here and would help to organize the flood or possible political spam for the other threads.

So, feel free to post ponies and political images or news with them.

Different opinions and personal views are HIGHLY encouraged.....and cute ponies too.

So, let´s get started.

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>the administrator

>doing advanced shitposting to a spammer

>mfw pic related




considering giving him a temp email just to see what will happen

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Get 9 Logic Pro templates. All from our global community of musicians and sound engineers.

http://v.ht/Jthg - Show more!

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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Why do jews have bizarre, fucked up sexual fetishes? Feces, urine, other bodily fluids, and cannibalism, to name a few, but then there's stuff like feet and an inordinate obsession with the buttocks.

Jews pushing for the fetishization of the butt may tie in with their scat fetish and homosexualization agenda, plus it helps that blacks like butts as well, so extra points for negrification.

As for feet, does it seem like the media is increasingly sexualizing feet? Jews seem to make up a disproportionately large amount of the foot freaks, and we all know about Dan Schneider. That, and it seems as though foot fetishism is also a bit popular in East Asia and India, but who the hell knows what's wrong with them.

Do jews obsess over feet because they're into filthy, smelly stuff like excrement?

Also, jews seem to be disproportionately gay, especially jewish males. Why is that?

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Speaking about jews and fucked up fetishes, here are the 4chan hasbarats' favorites:

Bunch of footfags in there. Plus, not in that thread, but time to time you get posters, always with US flags or meme flags, post 'REEE POST FEET' with angry Pepe the Frog shit. Weird how I don't see that that often on other imageboards like KC.

Also, jew spammers would post scat porn on 4chon and Endchan when they wanted to shit up the sites.

There are too many threads to count but they are blatantly pushing homosexuality very hard on 4chan, esp. pol.

btw the jew who invented Skechers is an open footfag, so there's another jew to add to the list.

1-They are obsessed with scatological things because they are parasites.
2-They are faggets because they are weak, effeminated, etc. so much that they call themselves jahova's wives.

The fact that this things now run the world is so cringeworthy.

the good news is that since they have pissed in so many ponds that do not belong to them, they are backing themselves into a corner. whoever wins the coming wars, be it Whites, chinks, or sandniggers, it’s almost guaranteed the kikes will lose BIG this time. they will be set back hundreds of years if not permanently. and now with the ability to share info globally, their subversive nature will never be forgotten. generations will know to avoid the kike eternally

caption says "it is kept very clean!!"
that thing isn't fucking clean, look at it, it's filthy, it looks like someone poured muddy water down the slide

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You can reach me at admin <> nextchan ! org. My personal email is comeon <> getbackinthe ! kitchen. (<> = @, ! = .)

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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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Gather here if needed.

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I'm here from 8chan. Meguca is pretty slow too.

Is i down for only me?

I am alone

Not quite.



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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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Since Brenton's NZ vids are getting removed, I thought I would leave these here.

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Make sure you livestream.

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Brent got 50 though
Eat shit

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When a user clicks a post number to reply to that post, a green arrow always appears below the post# in the textbox.

Cloud this auto green arrow be done away with? Most replies don't need it and since you can't edit posts, it can cause the post to look funny for those who frequently overlook it.

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Hey kike admin. Yeah you. Can't you get off your lardtub ass and fix this fucking shit already?

Blazechan's database schema changed so much that I can't do a migration until 0.13.0 is ready, but it's fixed here.


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I left 8ch for good cause they ban people like crazy, not gonna use 4chan. Where else is there? This place seems dead. I don't like pedo shit, I do like memes. I'm just looking for a Chan board this alive and won't ban unless it's actually illegal. I can deal with a bit of spam. Wish there was one out there like 8ch was befor pedo spam... What do? Fuck facebook/Reddit

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https://discord.gg/tTHd4eb i wish i was more appreciated by my peers and super loved


> discord

banned :^)

I rarely get banned from 8thousandzionist. I don't doubt you (codemoneky is a kike) but I'm just curious, what were you getting banned so much for?

fuck off with your pump and dump bullshit chink

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

/pone/ - nextpone

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for those images that could be useful or taken with another perspective about them

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i do not understand, what is the purpose of dumping all your weird propaganda on a board where it does not belong?
are you imagining "haha this will TOTALLY redpill all these ponyfuckers"?

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>i do not understand, what is the purpose of dumping all your weird propaganda on a board where it does not belong?

Do you get it zarne? Because I haven´t got it for months either. I had mentioned it before with these posts >>95 >>105 and I...have not received a reasonable response to such propaganda. The more he posts about it, the less I care to be honest.

It´s not going to achieve a red pill either, I have my own political opinion about stuff but instead of discussing it, he posts prefabricated images that are like thin air to me.

We are like 2 faggots and redpilling two ponyfuckers is not going to change the world nor cause sjw reactions for funny pictures.

The only thing that bothers me is his actual mental health for his intentions. Asking why and the reasons behind it, not to mention that /pol/ always exists and it´s the most proper option to post this material.


> The more he posts about it, the less I care to be honest.

then, why not ban him? i don't believe your board has any rules, but this lad is not pertaining to the topic, and like you said...

> not to mention that /pol/ always exists and it´s the most proper option to post this material

...he should be posting in /pol/ instead


>he should be posting in /pol/ instead

I wonder if he likes us in the end. His interests though are pretty much done....he should have listened.

>then, why not ban him? i don't believe your board has any rules, but this lad is not pertaining to the topic, and like you said...

I didn't want to go the easy way. He didn't justify any actions so there it is.Is it possible to establish any rules? I thought that this site had the global rule of spam/flood one that endchan (or any chan in general) has. I thought that was a basic one.

I don't see any rules to establish one but I could make a sticky for it. Keep /pol/ in /pol/ should be a good one. At least,I see why it exists in 4chan.

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I know that you are going to change the IP and repost the /pol/ images...but...

what do you want from me? another voter for the far right?

what do you intend by demoralizing another faggot?

Maybe I am expecting too much to get civilized replies instead of mindless shitposts but either way I am making them.

If you don't type,I will never understand your vision and using the non speaking language.....I am not really a fan of it.

/B/ - b


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Finalchan will never die




/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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The whole woman bashing thing that occurs on 4chan and 8chan is Talmudical and even pedophilic.
Repeatedly on 8chan there is this line of how "women are children" which, subconsciously, pushes pedophilia. So now having a normal relation with a woman makes you akin to a pedophile (subconsciously) and having sexual relations with a woman makes you akin to a pederast.

Then there is the chattel slave narrative on seeing women as property, denying their humanity. One poster on 8chan repeatedly advocated for foot binding in several threads, with no one denouncing him. In non-judaized Europe, women worth their salt could garner clout if they could prove it were warranted for them. Some cities and towns are even named after women and land ladies, like Wolverhampton is named after Wulfrun.

THEN there is the push for ephebophilia or even pedophilia, like one kike citing some 22 year old pedophile from 1937 who married a 9 year old girl and passes this off as healthy.

And who would want to mate with an intellectual midget? Seeking out a mentally inferior woman just leads to inferior offspring. Kikes are just pushing dysgenics by claiming all women are retarded, so it doesn't matter who you breed with.


>And who would want to mate with an intellectual midget?

And who would want to marry an independent, "opinionated" woman?

It's just frustrated men who are just a little heated in the moment. Or sexual deviants, either way.

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