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/next/ - NeXTCHAN Support & Meta

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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Dead board? If so, could someone recommend me a good alternative to 8gag? Are any zeronet chans worth checking out? I appreciate any suggestions. bepisipeb@mail.com

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> we need to post alternatives and share them if we plan on having an easily accessible place to communicate and share ideas.

why not share websites through secure chats? between anons? use something like wire or riot.im


>the law doesn't matter

stop being a black pilled little bitch. link related.
who gives a shit about chans, they've served their purpose anyway. the genie is out of the bottle and Whites are starting to wake up; slowly but surely. just look at jewtube comments, its only going to get more mainstream. the overton window is shifting.

also, if shitposting, moderation, and taking a few hours a week to just spread redpills is "too tiresome" for you, then I hate to see how you would feel when your camped out on a hill for two weeks taking notes on an enemy position after your rations have been depleted for a few days and you are recycling your piss through the fabric of your pants for drinking water, should an actual internal type war break out



Simply the beginning, as I said, they will find something else and come back. Why should they stop? It is simply the truth, until they have something to lose, why should they stop, hmm? Gilad Atzmon described it best, the tribe operates on Pre-TSD. RAM could be completely harmless but it won't stop the kikes from dreaming up 1,000,000 things strong white men would like to do to them, and they will act again against RAM, based on that. Because it costs them nothing! Count on it.

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lol White, not white. you need to capitalize that shit kike and show respect to your superiors. enjoy the video of Breton Tarrant's heroic purge shill hahah great post, I should give my fight for the White race now right? hahaha fuckin tard. your people will lose, its your destiny kike

User was banned for this post. Reason: Low IQ / Disruption

faggot mod triggered by this post
reason: VPN ban evasion

do you want your board flooded with CP followed by a report to the feds?
watch your mouth faggot. i own you.

User was banned for this post. Reason: Do it faggot

/B/ - b


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Onion chans, anyone?



/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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post them if you got 'em!

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aright yalll, get it panda!

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/fukemo/ - Straight Bajs

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Meta posts in here, from this board alone, imageboards in general, and current happeneings.

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I tried all of the engines and I have a surface-level knowledge about them since I made a few prototypes. I'm really itching to apply my math and coding skills along with art. I think that projects motivate me to learn fast if it done in behalf of the community since it's more focused, but I'll follow your advice and make my own project.
I get what you're talking about, but I think OC just brings discussion in general. Clean OC is definitely a bonus as more people share that type of content.

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I'm no expert on original content, but at least from what I've seen, the "Best" OC are the ones that have the "YOLO look at what I can do!" attention grabbing, shocking, and humorous value to it. What also helped that it looked simple and easy to make so anyone could spend 30 minutes in their favorite image manipulation program and get instant results. Like the simple photoshop mock-up that was done into a comic about how Red Anon went into disguise and fucked some furfag's fursona. There are also some other photos that I see get tossed around similar in nature about the fursona being upset that humans were being photoshopped into her commissions. It doesn't have to be that, it could just be simple nonsense. In short, I believe the best original content is easy to make Yolo swag that appeals to the audience.
Now, the kind of original content I see that doesn't get very much reaction is usually just plain art in general. I think the issue with it is that there is a high barrier to entry to even get started, like a month of practice without giving up, buying a tablet, and low return on investment if you don't immediately sell out to start drawing tons of commissions. This is all compounded by the general learned self helplessness that more people now than ever in history seem to have.
I think the best approach to this is having an art thread (not an OC thread) that accomplishes these thing: it can sell to the people as to why they might want to get good at drawing, it assists people who actually do want to get good at drawing, and it contains art that people want to see (as opposed to being a personal art blog where a handful of artists just continually post generic drawings that most observers could care less about).
I think this can be applied to the vast majority of threads where people produce and post their content. A place where it is easy for people to see what they want and their goal of producing what they want is within easy reach because it is effectively demonstrated that reaching that goal can be accomplished.
In the real world, I offer the example are the Pietenpol Air Camper and Caterham 7 variants. They are very simple vehicles that anybody who is good at following instructions can make for very little cost and effort (in terms of airplanes or cars of course) and can easily be personalized to meet their own preferences. Among hobbyist, they are very popular choices.

So something like /ic/? You want to do practice stuff like gesture drawings, studies, and composition? I can give the resources, but a lot of people aren't motivated to do it. It's pretty tricky to handle because you have to give advice in a way where people become motivated to continue learning.


>projects motivate me to learn fast if it done in behalf of the community

I definitely agree on that. It's just that making a whole game is a lot more involved than it seems at first, and when you're grinding the stuff that's beneath the surface for months or even years, internet people's preferences start to matter less. It works better for art requests because you can finish it within a day. Maybe some hypothetical group/community project that I've never seen work out before would stay interesting. ...or maybe they never work out because it doesn't.

But anyway if you're gauging opinions then I myself don't have big preferences in terms of theme or even genre as long as the game is fun or interesting. I'm not very fond of real life-based military stuff though (unless it involves fantasy elements ala Age of Mythology).

a lot of valid points have come up in this discussion. i cant please everyone and i shouldnt try to please everyone as someone else is already doing that anyways. instead i should just focus on the niche aspects that fill an overlooked void that this place kina did originally.
as for this place i think ill reopen the 8ch board to use as primary either tomorrow or later this week, this place will remain as a bunker. well be going back to the vanilla/sfw

/fukemo/ - Straight Bajs

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This is somethings that's been bothering me for a while. A lot of 3d furry artwork, as well as some 2d artwork that I see doesn't actually seem “furry” to me. With 2d art it makes sense to me. Not only does it seem like a bitch to draw detailed fur, but you can make art that looks good stylistically and indicate fur with good line-art. But with 3d artwork you can’t really do such a thing easily. And since most 3d artwork is more photo-realistic the stylistic choices don’t work well. Some artwork does try to fake the appearance of fur with the texturing but it comes off as flat (this also happens in 2d sometimes), while others just have fur-colored skin.
Is there something I’m missing in this? I’m not too involved with the furry fandom but I’ve started noticing this more, but the few times I check out a furry board I rarely hear people mentioning this. I’m also trying to get into art but I don’t know anything about drawing or 3d modeling. A couple of factors come to mind
1. Mimicking 2d art styles in 3d.
Most furry artwork is 2d and stylized, so most 3d artists try to recreate it. Similar to how a lot of people model 3d anime characters (which usually don’t work)
2. Hair is hard
Maybe many 3d models come from games, and they need to skip fur otherwise the computers couldn’t handle it. I doubt most people make their own models whenever they make an animation. Either that or maybe source film maker, the thing most people use, doesn’t support fur in animation.
3. People don't like the look.
Could be a case of uncanny valley, where art begins to look too realistic.

What do you guys think about this? Besides that, post 3d artwork that actually looks like it has fur I guess?
It’s beginning to worry me how much shit I overlook when I’m busy fapping in terms of quality. I’ve been busy looking for examples and it’s always amazing to me how shit porn looks when you are not horny.

Hopefully this doesn't double post.

(87.95KB, 1200x790)
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>Mimicking 2d art styles in 3d.

It's doable, I'm just too inexperienced. You'll love this guy's work:

>I doubt most people make their own models whenever they make an animation.

Most just edit parts in because it's a pain in the ass. I do it the hard way since I like to hurt myself. Unfortunately, some parts are tougher to fix if you switch phases.

>Either that or maybe source film maker, the thing most people use, doesn’t support fur in animation.

You're definitely correct about it. 3D currently handles fur as a particle effect. It looks good in renders, but it performs terribly when you're doing games because the poly count increases from the hair strands. There are currently three ways that games handle it:
1. Creating a material and texturing it.
2. Creating large strands of hair through quads, texturing it:
3. Using 3d shaders:
Maybe there could be a fur shader where it patches every area and ignores the "flesh vertex color". Similar to how Grass shaders work. Apparently, UE4 got the "Shave and a Haircut" plugin and they plan on releasing it for free.

Anyway, on 6/15/2019 or 6/14/2019 There's a really good digital anatomy sculpting course that you can download:
I uploaded all of the lessons on a different site (it requires zbrush though):
I'm gonna work on it just to study proportions again. You can join if you want.

/pone/ - nextpone

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Alright, let´s put things clear.

This is a thread dedicated to all political discussion with ponies. All political discussion goes over here and would help to organize the flood or possible political spam for the other threads.

So, feel free to post ponies and political images or news with them.

Different opinions and personal views are HIGHLY encouraged.....and cute ponies too.

So, let´s get started.

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>the administrator

>doing advanced shitposting to a spammer

>mfw pic related




considering giving him a temp email just to see what will happen

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(697.67KB, 1280x864)
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(28.5KB, 599x448)
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/B/ - b

(67.88KB, 700x681)
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I left 8ch for good cause they ban people like crazy, not gonna use 4chan. Where else is there? This place seems dead. I don't like pedo shit, I do like memes. I'm just looking for a Chan board this alive and won't ban unless it's actually illegal. I can deal with a bit of spam. Wish there was one out there like 8ch was befor pedo spam... What do? Fuck facebook/Reddit

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https://discord.gg/tTHd4eb i wish i was more appreciated by my peers and super loved


> discord

banned :^)

I rarely get banned from 8thousandzionist. I don't doubt you (codemoneky is a kike) but I'm just curious, what were you getting banned so much for?

fuck off with your pump and dump bullshit chink

why no 4chan?

/a/ - Anime and Manga

/B/ - b

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A good website in a weary world welcomes people like yourself https://cow.vg/ or @Tor http://2ftgu27lxmjmc3bjlqvzbn4gorx5yku3kylhbsn6g4ggum2e2jgcpoqd.onion/ Share the word, this is not spam but a special invitation to you. This invitation is unique and not many will get it, so rejoice. Our website is especially designed to help you tune into yourself, into your cow. Into the possibilities of milky delight that you will discover within you. Each time you visit our website you will understand more, and more will rise up within you in response. Visit our website, again and again. Visit alone, or with your cow. Try whatever appeals to you in the course of your visit and click something new! something different... each time. Then when you are comfortable with everything on our website use is as a wallpaper for your computer, let it become a part of your imagination, a part of you. The possibilities that this website will open are truly limitless.

/a/ - Anime and Manga

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A thread for the best girl!

(1.61MB, 2793x3909)
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(697.49KB, 4724x2362)
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/fukemo/ - Straight Bajs

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Post any art, writing, maymays, music, animation, vidya, 3d models, etc.

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>I'm pretty chill with it

Then you wouldn't have brought it up. You're saying it isn't your fault, it's just that everyone else around you just looks at twigs. However, when I look at your work, it looks like you habitually drawn/modeled this way for a long time. Hyper-tier exaggerated thighs, tits, and cocks while looking just as ripped as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
>>32 is probably the only thing you've done that significantly contrasts from the stylistic pit you're digging yourself into. If that's what you want to do, then at least admit that is what you prefer to do instead of blaming everyone else for watching anime.

I brought it up because it's true. A person who likes the petite builds present in SoL anime would view the features as being heavily exaggerated. Nothing really wrong in pointing that out as K'On characters are known for being /fit/. So it's going to feel noticeable to people who have seen that content in excess.

It doesn't look exaggerated in the perspective of others that have seen my content. In fact, they often remark that my figures look too normal lol. I personally trust them on that one considering that they've seen muscular and thicc builds before.

Ultimately, if there's a good way to sum this up, it's centered around exposure and proportion. If you're used to seeing several of X per hour for 50 years, then a single X per hour will appear ridiculously small to you. However if you're used to seeing a single X per hour for 50 years, then several of X per hour will appear excessive.

There's nothing wrong with that at all, it just means that everyone's perspective will not be consistent. Your perspective isn't wrong at all, but theirs and mine aren't either as we're forming judgement from the content we've seen previously.

Rather than establishing causality for why someone might develop a specific criticism, you instead make up a story about their viewing preferences to explain where the criticism came from. This is, in fact, a display of contempt for other people's intelligence and their ability to judge. It doesn't matter if your exposure theory is true or not (and it probably isn't because it's as asinine as saying "Bob doesn't know what an orange looks like because [I believe] he looks at apples all day"), you don't make shit up about other people's preferences or habits in order to explain and dismiss their criticisms.

Your entire point lies in a mere assumption. Quit pretending to know things you can't possibly know, preferences are only experienced first-hand.

It's definitely somewhere in the realm of hyper. Ignoring the fact we're talking about anthro animals here, no one is that weirdly proportioned build in real life. You can't really pin this as people watching too much anime.


>This is, in fact, a display of contempt for other people's intelligence and their ability to judge.

Not my intention at all, but it's pretty fine if you want to believe that my statement is offensive and condescending to you. I'm sorry that you felt that your intelligence was insulted from me saying that your perspective isn't wrong and that opinions differ.

Given what you've told me, saying "you're correct" is a truly a bad thing and I should have known better than to state that gruesome type of information on an imageboard.

/sp/ - Ethics in Sports Journalism

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bot friend pls post

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/v/ - Video Games

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>There was a town festival on the day of activism, so there were many people on the streets of this Småland highland town. Unfortunately this meant all the anti-Swedish parties had also decided to show up in an attempt to further deceive the people into believing they each stand for something different from all the other liberal-democratic parties.

>The Resistance men positioned themselves with a banner, flanked by two flag bearers, in a centrally located crossing opposite the majority of the globalist parties’ snake oil stands.

continued here at the Nordic Resistance Movement's English site: https://nordicresistancemovement.org/vetlanda-residents-informed-of-the-true-opposition-to-globalism/

They continue to rapidly grow in membership and anyone in the Northern European countries should check them out.

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