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<m712> Accept header's specification states that the server SHOULD (specific RFC defined SHOULD) return a 406 if the Accept header cannot be satisfied

<StephenLynx> you give me a PRACTICAL reason. a use case, a real world example.

<m712> so there's a specification defined guarantee that you either get the data type or you get a 406

<StephenLynx> but it COULD be satisfied.

<StephenLynx> I could send a html.

<StephenLynx> again

<m712> then your server is retarded


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"/pol/ makes a game" thread.
Down the line somebody suggests making one involving werewolves, in an ode to the werewolves of European paganism and the Werwolf resistance in 1945, plus the symbolism of wolves in modern counter-semitic movements.
One user takes up on the idea and makes disgusting looking werewolves, American Werewolf in London tier disgusting.
Users criticise him, he spergs out and attacks them with ad hominems.
Said user also D&C's against Brits.
I call him out for it (and previously offered criticism and said that maybe the werewolf thing isn't such a good idea period since it could draw furry connotations).
He proceeds to sperg out even more.
The way he lashes out is very recognisable and I've observed it in many other threads.
Why, it's none other than imkampfy, of course!
I report his Anglo-bashing post. Later, he mocks me for reporting him, as though he is one of the vols reading the reports.
polvol4 dismisses my report. Hours later polvol4 bans his own proxy doing the garbage werewolf graphics for plausible deniability.
I document all of this in the pol logs. https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?board=pol
I proceed to call out the kikery afoot in the thread. He or one of his team members comes along to engage me, I call him out, then as polvol1 he bans my IP and deletes all of my posts.
I already suspected he would try such a thing, so I screencapped all of my posts anyway.
I make a screenshot compilation of my posts, post it in the thread, telling them that this will be my only post in the thread from that point forward and if they delete it, they are only proving me right.
polvol5 deletes it anyway and bans my newest proxy.
So now I've come here to post the screenshots so lurkers can see just how kiked 8chan is. I swear that site is working with government and military psychological warfare departments, and not just American ones.

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Looks like more endless shit flinging. Basically, this is every thread, but a little more personal. I think the criticism that codemonkey has made 8chan much worse isn't even in question at this point. I wouldn't even doubt that it's intentional.

Somebody is paying for the bandwidth and server.


> That would have been a good starting place for a site with just poignant and concise information.

Megupol would have been or the anon working on Weltanschauung?
Megupol has went considerably downhill due to an influx of pigpen posters and a couple of annoying recurring shills. The interesting discussions are few and further between now. I tried to get people riled up with a few psyop ideas, but they also got pwned by Lat fucking up the site.

As for the redpill dump, I've wanted to put something like that together, but Metapedia already exists, which is essentially what I was going to build.



I had forgotten about this site. Looks like there is a problem with their SQL db. Probably worth backing up articles if they come online again.


It makes me crazy that ops like habbo hotel can't actually happen now. I like to think some folks took that stuff further underground, and I just don't hear about it.

Damn that sucks, the site was extremely useful, maybe there's an archived version somewhere. I wonder if they're being jewed.

>It makes me crazy that ops like habbo hotel can't actually happen now.

Well the pigpen has been totally ran into the ground, it's completely unusable. Kikey was supposedly delet but I've tried posting a couple of decent high effort threads and subsequently been banned so I suspect that nothing has changed with operation of moderation - same old JIDF kikes.

>I like to think some folks took that stuff further underground, and I just don't hear about it.

Perhaps, but I don't know of anywhere except next, end, megu and nanochan, and I barely use any.

newnation.org is a great website and the only "people" that would not acknowledge that are subhuman niggers and kikes that are exposed by it; like you hahaha im glad NEWNATION.ORG upsets you nigger :)

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When a user clicks a post number to reply to that post, a green arrow always appears below the post# in the textbox.

Cloud this auto green arrow be done away with? Most replies don't need it and since you can't edit posts, it can cause the post to look funny for those who frequently overlook it.



Perhaps an edit function could be allowed for corrections within 90 seconds of posting? Past revisions could be looked up to counter shilling.



Hey kike admin. Yeah you. Can't you get off your lardtub ass and fix this fucking shit already?

Blazechan's database schema changed so much that I can't do a migration until 0.13.0 is ready, but it's fixed here.

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For anyone to use! Based on 4chan /g/

> https://cloveros.ga/

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crosspost from 8chaim

The 1488 signal is more open mocking of the goyim in plain site.

David Eden Lane, credited with coining the code, was openly a freemason, but I'll go a step further and say that he never existed. Think about it. Born in Woden, Iowa and founds (his own spin on) Wotanism? And he was a ephebophile, calling the then barely teenage (if not preteen age) Lynx and Lamb Gaede twins his "fantasy sweethearts", plus writing about white nationalists kidnapping and raping teenage girls in his novel depicting a future race war.

That, and look at his face. He looks jewish and his eyes look psychotic. They are even still faking photos of him today (second pic with the davidlane1488.com web address), including ones that didn't exist just 5 years ago (something I've also noticed with "victims" of decades-old psyops like OKC and the San Ysidro McDonald's massacre). I'm calling him out to be both a sim who didn't exist in real life, and backed by a voice actor and ghostwriter(s) for when he needs to communicate.

Now, as for this 14/88 bit, it has to be much older than the David Lane character. How many of you have seen items priced at $14.88 in stores, especially Walmart? Or have had your total bill after taxes come to $14.88?

There has to be something kabbalistic in the nature of 1488, and I'm sure certain rabbis are aware of the meaning.

Also, check out the numerology of 1488. I just did this right now remembering Trump had a 1488-related numerology, and holy fuck:


'GOYIM ARE SLAVES' is 1488 in jewish gematria. And that's not all! Now I think I know why they have been pushing "14/88" ad nauseum for over 20 years.

The White House in jewish gematria is 1488.
President Donald Trump in English gematria is 1488.
(((GOD))) SPEAKS TO (((US))) IN SYMBOLS in jewish gematria is 1488.

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i deleted the media from the other thread, which i guess were linked to this thread as well
sorry about that mate


> Forreal tho. The Talmud/Kabbalah is evil, and we should just be exposing these fools. This is prolly d&c thread because as far as i'm aware the 14 is from the 14 words and 88 is the 88 precepts. Stupid fucking thread

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ITT a kike goes off the rails into kikery, due to his extensive research into kikedom.

The 14 words were selected due to numerology, true.
But the 88? I don't think so.
You present yourself as if you were a filter salesman. Take your jewry elsewhere, kike.


>But the 88? I don't think so.

May you explain why it isn't selected due to numerology?

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Where should we begin telling you how corrupt this rotten sack of feminist shit is ? She has unfairly depicted us and those who share in our beliefs as indifferent. Let me tell you, she has screwed us over numerous times with false drug and rape allegations but nevertheless has managed to gain some credibility. Her mission? To make us victims of her lies, propaganda and misinformation. She will do anything in her power to scapegoat, easy unpopular targets, thereby diverting culpability from herself. Also, she has been openly conspiring to blacklist us, using her “authority” and crooked political tactics, such as lying to the FBI, DEA, etc, as leverage to get us fired! There have been multiple witnesses but thus far no one has had the courage to stand up to her.

Someone please help save our ship and put the fucking cunt in her place! Dox this fucking kike!!

Judy L Crowley
54 King St Apt 1 Waterville, ME 04901

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Why is the image logo text incorrect?

This post was last updated at 01-30-2018 (Tue) 10:20:52 by .
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Code (Javascript)
if (window && window.window === window) window.alert("THE FUTURE IS HERE");
This post was last updated at 02-09-2018 (Fri) 17:57:58 by m712.



Damn, quickfix incoming.



&amp; turns into &, here's &amp;amp; &amp;



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New CTS map on the /v/ server, runhall. Currently with 3 records on the leaderboard.

SJW spergs out about easter eggs and dissenting opinions on the forums. Claimed equality of opportunity and having to find easter eggs is too hard and ableist.

New CTF map on the /v/ server, antares-ctf1_b2. This map is in beta for map layout feedback and item placements.

lovet-neiT CTS leaderboard to be reset due to patched exploit.

The following maps on the /v/ server have been made by anons.





They are all in a beta version as indicated by b#, and need matches played to assess balance and design.

Game Servers

/v/ Xonotic 0.8.2 Server Status (Region: Western North America)


Unofficial EU lainchan.org Xonotic 0.8.2 Server Status


Server(s) send match notifications to this IRC channel.

irc.quakenet.org #xonotic.na

/v/ Server Config


(A midwest server would be nice.)

Newbie Guide


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fuck i messed up formatting


>SJW spergs out about easter eggs and dissenting opinions on the forums. Claimed equality of opportunity and having to find easter eggs is too hard and ableist.

Archive pls




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!New Event!

Test Android apps

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Making Aryan Werewolves a Reality

Is it time to take the next step in evolutionary fascism and become flesh-and-blood werewolves?

We could become the new Supermen ready to tear into our enemies, nails and fangs, tall and muscular. We would be nature's defenders of blood and soil. No other hominid would stand in our way by physicality alone.

Any occult or /xpol/ knowledge on this, like biokinesis? If werewolves were mentioned as being real in the native Aryan religions and were not bad, or even good, then could they be viable today?

Aryans even have certain canine physical characteristics compared to other races (second pic is what some Asian wrote), plus our ancient bond with dogs.

If dubs, jew-killing werewolves will be a reality and will play a crucial role in our struggle.

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