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What Is /drift/?

Drift is a cool new hangout for dudes that get hard when they smell burnt rubber. It also serves as a general purpose vehicle discussion board where car guys and idiots can discuss their favorite internal combustion device.

What If I Don't Own A Car?

You leave.

What Are The Rules?

  1. Keep it car/vehicle related.
  2. Do not organize street races on here.
  3. Follow global rules.
  4. Discussing Initial D is encouraged.
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hello BO. Do you exist? Plz post rules. Is this board purely a meguca bunker, or is it an independent board with different rules, different BO etc?

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> I have not encountered a captcha on this site

i see it being loaded in the web console, but not when trying to post

i think i got my capcode back

Captcha seems to be working for me now. Is it not for you?

should be back now

testing ebin bunker

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Assassination threats against Barack Obama and Mark Lippert in South Korea
Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau / Cyber Spying

Amenazas de asesinato contra Barack Obama y Mark Lippert en Corea del Sur
Agencia de Policía Nacional de Corea Cyber Bureau / Cyber Spying

Morddrohungen gegen Barack Obama und Mark Lippert in Südkorea
Koreanische nationale Polizeibehörde Cyber Bureau / Cyber Spying

Угрозы убийствам Барака Обамы и Марка Липперта в Южной Корее
Корейское национальное полицейское агентство Cyber Bureau / Cyber Spying


Menaces d'assassinats contre Barack Obama et Mark Lippert en Corée du Sud
Agence de la police nationale coréenne Cyber Bureau / Cyber Spying


تهديدات اغتيال باراك أوباما ومارك ليبيرت في كوريا الجنوبية
وكالة الشرطة الوطنية الكورية Cyber Bureau / Cyber Spying

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im going to do this combo perfectly

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i don't think so, nigga

to all White women that find these boards:
These images are posted by blacks, jews, and latinos that pretend to be White men in order to demoralize you from pursing relationships with your fellow White men. We love you and want you in our lives as equals, these non-white men only want own you as a possession. look at how much anger this black man has towards you, that he will take time out of his day to post images of White women being tortured and murdered. I wouldn't be surprised if he is an actual rapist. please do not think you can quell this anger with your love. the moment you get into a relationship with one of these violent non-whites, your quality of life will drop. ask any White women that has been in a failed interracial relationship since most interracial relationships do not work.

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The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity.

Let’s start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength. He is then covered by his dark skin. This dark skin reminds us of his ruggedness, a feature that developed due to being exposed to the scorching sun of africa, made to withstand such an extreme condition. It also has a psychological effect on the observer. The dark skin reminds us of our dark, deep desires that emerge from our primal subconscious past.

The BLACK man’s demeanor is one of alphaness. He is dominant, assertive, and can be explosively aggressive. His behaviour strikes fear into the more timid, cowardly races of man(ʷʰ*ᵀᵉ dogs)

The summit of expression of his masculinity on his body is his penis. The BLACK penis is largest of all the races. As the penis is the penultimate symbol of manhood, this alone would suffice to make the BLACK man the most masculine of men. This large penis is able fulfill the desire of the neediest of women, being able to more than fill all the recesses of the vagina. Its length ensures that when it ejaculates, the potent african seed will immediately enter the womb of the woman the BLACK man impregnates.

In total, the BLACK man expresses this masculinity in a most exemplary manner in bed. When he fucks, he unleashes the entirety of his lusts and desires upon his partner without any restraint.

All this is the reason why the BLACK man is the epitome of masculinity.

User was banned for this post. Reason: shitted

Precisely! This is why Israel should open it's borders to these masculine men and allow them to breed with their women! The jews will not only be mentally superior, but physically superior to others as well. #Openbordersforisrael!>>361

Can we have a meta and/or content creation bread?

hahah looks like turk nigger and cripple boy escaped their containment zones at endchan and 8chan hahaha you idiots invested four years of your lives (prob more) on a failed psyop campaign that undermined your own people BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA you suck at life! how many naked niggers are on your harddirve right now!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA GET YOUR SHIT PUSHED IN FAGGOTS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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OP is pic related

/baphomet/ - Baphomet

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Is anyone else annoyed with generational hate on other imageboards and on alt-fright sites, like video game addicted degenerates blaming "boomers" for today's problems, or saying that Generation Zog is the most "conservative" since WWII (a bold faced lie)?

Millennials and Zogphonies would be just as ignorant as so-called Boomers, they just had the luxury of growing up with the internet, allowing for some exposure of jewish power. Humans are as stupid as they've always been genetically, though maybe we're worse now due to dysgenics. Who knows, if the internet were somehow around for the masses by 1980, maybe "boomers" would be about as aware as Millennials and Z's are now.

All of this generational bashing seems to be designed for d&c, and more importantly to shift blame away from Big Jew. What do you think?

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So the hasbara troll changes his tactics from being talmudically bashful to looking at the positives. 'Instead of hating boomers...'


Ah, so you are a kike. Open blackpillers have kike written all over them. And you admit by your use of pronouns that you are not a Gen Z fag, but something else.

>I think the internet will be the downfall of the political elite.

Why would that be the case when ZOG is the one pushing these alt-right and white nationalist movements, propaganda, and e-celebs? ZOG gave us David Duke, William Pierce, Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, and now they're giving us Richard Spencer, Matthew Heimbach, Andrew Auernheimer, and Andrew Anglin. You're full of shit.

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My God are you a triggered boomer. Your posts are the blackpilled ones, and you are D&C.

Typical kike self-projections. I think you're trying to get me to data mine myself.

>bold faced lie

Really? Maybe it depends on where you live.

Good, we don't have to play real-politiks anymore then. No more release valve right wing politicians and no more acceleration left-wing parties, just full out destruction. Let these cave men burn it all down to the ground, this hasn't been our country in a looooong time.

Definitely depends on where you live. I know a Gen Z jew mutt who says the hollow hoax is a load of shit. Politically incorrect talk is also becoming more accepted on the streets and with cliques, not like it ever wasn't. At the end of the day, people will be forced to wake up when things get bad, and this includes any based af fashy magapede non-whites. We shouldn't really be stressing about certain generations, even boomers considering they are passed fighting age and are going to die off soon. Not much to worry about when they already made it clear they will not help and will lay down and die in front of the tel-avisison.

/ita/ - Bunker Italiano

/sp/ - Ethics in Sports Journalism

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soy nueva en esto pero pronto sere vuestra zorrita t barata

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dentro de poco pondre precios, telefono, direccion, etc.... hago de todo|

wew, bored based ball players posting here. You bang ese.

cinco cinco cinco jajajajajajajajajajajajaja

amazing thread


/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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Is there any real spirituality? Do souls exist? Or is it all hooey?

What happens after we die? Nothingness?

only one way to find out
kill yourself and send us the results later :^)

What if there was a machine that could scan your mind and organize new cells into a copy of your brain. Is that you? What happens if that dies. I think there is a soul and consciousness beyond us. I'm just guessing though.

On a more /pol/ topic, I think belief is something greater is imperative to a productive society. Even if your not Christian, abstract thought of the universe is useful for developing things like empathy and planning.

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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It's a pretty bad sign that you've (meme)banned someone for criticising an e-celeb and for posting links that upset you. This is what I would expect from 8chan in all honesty. I hope it isn't a sign that you're a compromised board owner.

BTW not the guy you banned, just an on and off lurker here. Also not a Sinead supporter, I know she is a mudshark.

Btw again Varg Vikernes has been criticised on other places like way back when on Endchan before it became a compromised shithole and by that Whites Will Win guy James Laffrey. I would say he is also far from being a least harmful celeb since he has a cult following of dipshits like Molymeme and Jordan Peterson.

Perhaps we can have a more objective thread on e-celebs people find questionable?

This post was last updated at 02-06-2018 (Tue) 17:37:14 by .

Lets examine your first sentence, which is classic concern trolling.

>It's a pretty bad sign that you've (meme)banned someone for criticising an e-celeb

Because redtexting 'x is a faggot' in an OP about one of the oldest 'ecelebs' (who hardly counts as one since he actually produces content (music/RPG) and has a history behind what he's doing (church burning/killing someone) instead of being an obvious controlled op pied piper) is totally discussion worthy.

>for posting links that upset you

Direct linking to renegade = you're a shill or catastrophically ignorant about the lay of the land and should lurk the fuck more. Direct linking to Sinead on top of it = you have no excuse.

>This is what I would expect from 8chan in all honesty.

Cancer gets banned. Lurk moar. If this offends you, go back to SomethingAwful or its modern equivalent and cry about it. You should expect it there, being an imageboard. However, unlike there, if you were to make an actually productive National Socialism related thread, or something involving books, it will be encouraged instead of locked or removed. If you want to instead act like the current crop of hasbara shills are acting, and knowingly promote bad actors and false narratives, don't be confused when I treat you like one. This is why Endchan was always shit, by the way, and 8chan is shit now. So you'll excuse me if I seem to have little respect for the 'whining about Varg' posters vs a poster who would actually post something productive from boards I won't name because I don't want you to find them.

>You should expect it there, being an imageboard.

You should expect it from 8chan, I mean.


Different lurker here. It's pretty weird how you go from some suspicious ass clown in the Zionist Memes thread to being someone with a stick up their butt when it comes to Varg like you're a cultist of his or something.

Is he being protected by the you-know-who?

e-celebs are a waste of time. threads on them always have been inorganic. it's like hearing the e-celeb his self sticking a commercial in the middle of a discussion. it sticks out. there is no reason to go to an anonymous board and profess your love for a leader. youtube links are almost just as bad. people posting hour long shit because they don't have the capability to concisely distribute information.

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