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1. Respect the global rules https://nextchan.org/rules.html


2. Do not post gore or pornographic content of ANY kind.


3. Do not troll Nosebro when he's turbodrunk.

to join the /4keks/ chat, or any other kind of information, please email us at 4keks@tutanota.com

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posting tags for the blazechan engine work slightly different than in other chans, so here's a quick guide with a few tag examples 
and also a quick guide on how to force empty lines between text 





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“When life gives you lemons, chunk it right back.”
* - Bill Watterson - *

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k so, listen up

the /4keks General/s will be at: https://dev.nextchan.org/4tests/
if dev. breaks down, I'll open a general here
if this breaks down too, just google 4keks for more info, join the chat, or write to 4keks@tutanota.com
once m712fu finishes the new engine, nextchan will be upgraded, and we can start having the generals here once again
in the meantime, feel free to keep using all the other threads


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Hey cuties, so I am currently making client side JavaScript for everyone, if you want to use it I'll just leave it around here, Top Men can also use it if they think it's useful or something.

Formatting tips for this thread:

  • use triple backquotes to embed code, example:
    ```[programming language]


Code (Js)
thisIsAnObject.thisIsAMethod("this is a string").thisIsAProperty;
  • add a release version and description of what the code does before you embed it

  • make it look as awesome as you can!

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Post expansion and post hovers are coming back.

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>This happened yesterday:


> >BioticsLab


> >double door sealed


> >all the remaining opponents are behind the door, trying to get through


> >there's like 8 Crawlers in there


> >I decide to open the door and shoot them with my trusty Shotgun


> >unweld door down to 2%


> >door bursts open


> >there are the Crawlers


> >suddenly 1 Clot comes from the right


>This is what I'm talking about. Those 8 Crawlers are nothing, if you have any kind of Shotgun, but that Clot was sent there to hold me down, so I can't run away and they jump me all at once. Luckily, I've avoided him, but he was just suddenly there.

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update: isabelle, poggy, and inessa's bd
top-cunny chart v1.3 2018, 3 sizes, 6mb, 3mb, and 2mb

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holy shitballs

k, so, just accidentally deleted a big music folder from the player, which means it doesn't go into the recycle bin, same as when you shift+delete something, shit's gone for good

was just gonna let it go, tbh, but decided to make a quick google search, and see if there was any new interesting recovery tools I haven't tested yet, and found this:


right off the bat the screenshots looked 2good2betrue, but wtf, downloaded the demo, and to my surprise

>quick scanned a 3T drive in less than a minute

>found the deleted folder with 80 folders inside, all perfectly organized, names and all

the demo's limited to only 500mb of data, so got a fully cracked version instead, and ran it again
same exact results, since it was the last thing I had deleted from that drive, it detected everything in under a minute, and recovered the 80 albums (9gb) in literally perfect condition

never seen anything like it, all recovery software is super cancerous, and only capable of recovering files without any kind of proper folder structure

literally amazing

here's the link to the cracked version, if you niggers want it


just block it from the firewall, or unplug the internetz while using it

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very nice, jrfu, gritty as fuck, not convinced about the vocals, tho

>Highly disappointing

the previous one was terrible, tbh, so was expecting much worse 
pretty awesome, sempai, couldn't make it work at first, wasn't getting any sound with mozilla for some reason... but it's works just fine with other browsers now
so what channels are best? 
btw, so finally made it through all the crappy comps that came out last december, and opened a new batch of downloaded albums this week, and the first deep house album that I played was kino as fuck

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Can You Feel It - How Dance Music Conquered the World (2018) 


aside from the pretty weird misuse and overuse of the word "hedonism", this is a pretty fun ride 
it's divided into three 1hr episodes, first one about "the beat", or the origins of dance music, the second one about how the early completely improvised raves end up becming big landmark dance clubs, and the last one about the evolution of the dj as a music figure 

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now, regarding rep-ranges and resting periods:
personally, I think progressing through reps is way more beneficial than just adding weight to the bar, for a number of reasons
based on this, it would be nice for you to start around the 5-6 rep-range, then just trying to add more reps each week until you can hit 8 or 9, and only then we can finally increase the weight, and go back down to 5-6 reps again with the now heavier weight
once you're comfortable with this approach, when can then try to add a bit more complexity to your training regarding rep-ranges
also, save failure only for the last set, meaning, you need to find the appropriate weight for you do all 3 sets within the same rep-range, so 3 sets of 5 reps each, for example, the first one will feel relatively easy (RPE 6-7), the next one will be harder (RPE 8), then the last one close to failure (RPE 9-10)
if you're not familiar with the concept of RPEs, please read this
as for the resting periods, personally I'm a fan of longer ones, 4 or 5 minutes, specially when doing these "heavy" compound movements, now if you want to go down to let's say 3 min, that's ok, but I wouldn't go any lower than that
and that's about it for now, any questions?
otherwise, let's just stick with this for a solid month, report back, let me know how are you progressing, any aches or pains, and once you have reached the top of the rep-ranges we're aiming for (8-9 reps), then we can start tweaking things a bit more

how does that sound? :^)

I would prescribe angelina long daily workouts of mostly tummy-rubs, and axilla-tickling :3

>Oh Ive been stretching too, hopefully it helps with getting old/joints. Do You?

hmmm not really, just a little bit, mostly the core...
you could also look into some mobility work if you want, here's a pretty decent article 
btw, I'm assuming you've been using active-warmups, right?

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>Yes I do, the bullet button ban in CA was going into effect so my best friend and I bought them before Jan 1st. Fuck California and Fuck Dems.

holy fuck, absolutely based, babe, KEK

>I'll take some pics and show you, Ive only shot it twice tho when we were camping. 

alright, alright, just don't dox yourself
can you take it to the gun range as well? or does the ban will affect that as well?

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