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I left 8ch for good cause they ban people like crazy, not gonna use 4chan. Where else is there? This place seems dead. I don't like pedo shit, I do like memes. I'm just looking for a Chan board this alive and won't ban unless it's actually illegal. I can deal with a bit of spam. Wish there was one out there like 8ch was befor pedo spam... What do? Fuck facebook/Reddit

Commie mods banned 3 of my vpns.lol. I guess I could start using openvpn to just be a dickead to the mods and keep calling them commies

might of inadvertently banned you when removing spam, sorry bout that mate


is 8ch.pl still around?

Where is everybody here? Unless the posting stats are incorrect, people are posting in a hiddden board.
And it's not >>>/test/, >>>/baph/ or >>>/hebe/
They're now at https://8ch.net/vichan.

lol, forgot markup was different here.

well, there is a board with a bunch of posts on it, but it's all by the same guy it seems
i'd reveal the board, but i don't think the owner would like that

turns out there is more than one person talking there, it just seems he is the most active

Makes sense, but unfortunately for him I ended up finding it anyways.
I also found 2 other boards but they're dead. So there are 5 more hidden boards I don't know about.

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Theres no where left.

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https://discord.gg/tTHd4eb i wish i was more appreciated by my peers and super loved


> discord

banned :^)

I rarely get banned from 8thousandzionist. I don't doubt you (codemoneky is a kike) but I'm just curious, what were you getting banned so much for?

fuck off with your pump and dump bullshit chink

why no 4chan?

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