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0. Post quality anthro vanilla content or discussion. Keep furbois to an absolute minimum
1. No MLP, 3DPD, roleplay, spam, blogging, or needlessly breaking anonymity.
2. Only host may bump their quest threads.

Rules are subject to change. It is common to experiment with rules to see what works and doesn't work. It is the responsibility of the user to know the rules.

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OC thread?

Post any art, writing, maymays, music, animation, vidya, 3d models, etc.

I still need to practice animation

Meta Thread

Meta posts in here, from this board alone, imageboards in general, and current happeneings.

Roll Call

report your presence from 8chins. sooner i can confirm we're all here, quicker i can wrap this all up. expecting 9 others

Rough/muscular anthro girls

>you will never have a /fit/ scalie wife

>you will never lift or wrestle together

>you will never cuddle afterwards

Why live? Are we here to look at drawings on the internet?

Remember that time when we BLEACHED someone's fursona? Wouldn't it be great if we continued this, and made it more personal to the fursona owners?

My idea: we continue photoshopping human inserts, but this time, we spread our results to various places, then we send it over to whoever owns the OC. Bonus points if we add in vanilla themes if possible. Then we see how they react.

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