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Meta posts in here, from this board alone, imageboards in general, and current happeneings.

How do you plan on advertising this board? If you were still on 8chan you could ask /monster/ to redirect vanilla anthrofags here.

advertising didn't work when i tried doing it earlier. as for /monster/ redirects, sure we might gain some users, but we will also gain unwanted attention from the rest of the board. when this board was first made, i was on good terms with both moderation and some of the userbase. but the place has changed since. i can't stop you from telling people to come here, but do so at your own risk. i still stand by "make quality content people want to see and they'll come" position.

we're also one of the most active boards here right now, so people looking at the front page might notice our posts.

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>quality content

So we should set standards to high? Don't get me wrong, I love snobbery and elitism. I think other places I shan't mention could benefit from low effort posters getting nit-picked to death off their platform. Through valid criticisms, yes of course. This separates the people that want to make quality content from the egotistical attention whores who want their instant gratification dopamine rush by spewing out garbage (that usually panders to a fandom) to a dunce dick-riding audience of imbecilic troglodyte morons. When you remove the dopamine seeker, you remove the echo chamber.

i'm curious in seeing how that would work out.
when it comes to managing this place in terms of rules, i've noticed i've been getting more and more laissez-faire, so i'm not going to stop anyone from doing that


>we're also one of the most active boards here right now, so people looking at the front page might notice our posts.

Nextchan looks pretty dead to me so that's kind of a given.

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Projects can increase traffic, but I think that more and more people will be drawn to it naturally over time.

have a lame moth sketch from DP

i hope u niggers made it out
riot/matrix link will be stickied when it is back up


>quality content

How are you going to attract writefags and drawfags to begin with?


>How are you going to attract writefags and drawfags to begin with?

i said this earlier before we moved, the tldr version is leading by example. if you want to attract content creators or inspire people to create stuff, then you need to be willing to pick up a stylus or sit behind a keyboard yourself.

Some people on /fur/ are sperging out about you leaving 8chan.

Don't make a mountain out of a molehill, it's only one person complaining about it.

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this meta thread is for negotiating how this board should be ran. if people want to make a difference, they need to come here and talk.

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That's me.

Retarded hyper fetish degeneracy like this is exactly what I originally went to /fukemo/ to get away from >>13
Other than vaguely discouraging(?) gays what exactly does this board offer now that 8/fur/ doesn't?

Board-based IDs (as opposed to thread-based) are a non-starter for me. You left 8chan mainly because you think someone might be spying behind the curtain, and then you enable a feature here that lets literally anyone to track your posts throughout the board.

This shitty website has all kinds of problems, barely works and requires me to use a different browser to post, lacks all kinds of features, and the developer has been AWOL for who knows how long now.

There's no users in this website besides us and a few stragglers left over from when the developer was active, there's no traffic into this website and who would want to start using it with above considered.

Everything about this whole thing is stupid.

why didn't you say anything earlier? why are you waiting forever to say anything at all after it has been said and done, and why are you complaining on /fur/ rather than the place you want to influence? you can only get what you negotiate for, so if youre gonna say nothing, then youre gonna get nothing.

this is what the meta thread is for. if there is something you dont like then you need to say something immediately if you want to make an impact. negotiate for it. and thats the issue with running this place, no one speaks up to give me instant feedback on how im preforming, theres just silence.


>why are you complaining on /fur/ rather than the place you want to influence

  1. the website isn't going to get better so "discussing" it is moot
  2. I voiced my concerns about this place and generally moving away before we even got here
  3. you don't seem like a very flexible person seeing how impatient you were about rushing into here even though I literally said before we came here that I can't even post here. I did later find out after some trial and error that if I use my secondary browser and enable javascript I can post. Forgot to mention that in my previous post but I would prefer not to enable javascript in a website where I'm active in, but this website forces me to.
  4. the change in rules immediately implies to me that the owner isn't interested in the same principles that the board originally attracted me with. I'm so utterly fucking sick of every furry community being laced with porn and porn and porn and more porn and not only porn but disgusting extremely exaggerated fetishes that I've built an internal 0 tolerance policy on it and people who allow it. I'll tolerate people like the muscle drawfag because at least they're posting original content, but if I wanted to swim in porn and fetishes I could go into literally unironically any other furry community or image gallery on the internet. The more vanilla/straight the content gets the more lenient I am towards it, but straight vanilla content seem to be the minority including in this board which currently looks like muscle femdom fetish board.

This is not me expecting other people to change to suit my preferences, I'm not very keen on telling other people what to do because I know I'm always the odd one out (which is the origin of my frustration), this is just me angry that there's yet again no decent place for me to go lurk in and occasionally post if the desire arises. I'm willing to compromise on things if there's other things that make it worth it, but I don't see much to this place that's worth compromising for.

I posted in /fur/ because I already internally gave up on this place and decided I'd rather just vent my frustration and move on than try to come here to fight for what I personally want.

But since I'm already complaining without really mincing my words, if I were to tell you what I want and not make compromises, I'd just hardline ban all porn and "abnormal" fetishistic content, UNLESS it's OC. That way if you want porn you'll have to either fuck off literally anywhere else or pick up the pencil and create it yourself. As for the website, unless the developer (rumored to have given up on the software, source: random /tech/ poster in a random thread unknown time ago) gets back to work, the only option is to find a better website and move there. I don't know what that website would be. I'm not particularly "loyal" to 8chan either, the reason I'm somewhat aware of nextchan to begin with is because I WANT a better website and this one seemed like it also wants to clean up and improve the formula instead of just copypasting the same stale thing for the millionth time, and that made it worth paying attention to despite not having a meaningful community.

I'm thinking of making a game to mitigate this. Answer these four questions:
1. 2D or 3D?
2. Godot, Unity, or UE4?
3. Which genre/setting would you like for me to do? Fantasy, Modern, or Sci-fi?
4. How would you like for them to be implemented?


>website isnt getting better

if enough people want to move back we can.

>i voiced my concerns about moving

i recall like one nay sayer. if that was you then thats unfortunate.

>not flexible

other people were okay with it and i was very uncertain about 8chans future. time has passed since and 8chan seems stable again.

>changes in rules means you dont care

this is more of a concern on how the board is run. i have to give the users here what they want. not what i myself want or what i think they want because that is playing a zero sum game. i personally wanted a board that wasnt another porn dump. i figured that if people wanted to pull on their wee wees like a pack of fucking fruits they could just go to fucking fairy land or some shit. but when i banned porn and scrubbed it from the board a while ago people complained. as for weird fetishes like the one you linked to some are just difficult to define if it isnt an obvious on or off. you think it is hyper but when i looked it up there were no hyper tags for it. the more fetishes i have to specify and manage the more the place just turns into a personal fap folder for a very specific audience.
im not interested in driving away users and stunting growth. the loose rules in act right now are just mainly to reduce anxiety about what is and isnt allowed to be posted. if people have creative solutions that are well received and fit this board them im all ears. this doesnt really happen though because i think people expect me to do everything for them which is the way it is on 99% of all other boards. people are also used to static rules which i would like to achieve but i would like those rules to be simple to understand and what people want but not what i want or think they want. people just need to speak up.

Why give this fagtron the time of day? Because of him, there are now allegations that this place is big on schizophrenia and tupla threads. Now no one will want to come here because he wanted to be a fucking victim attention whore.


>Godot, Unity, or UE4?

If you're asking this question then you're not going to make a game from here out. If you want to get into gamedev more then Godot is mostly a meme but could in theory be used for basic games, Unity is the easiest and not that bad if you know what you're doing (it has a bad reputation mostly because 99% of people don't), UE4 has the highest maximum potential but is mostly suited for big 3D games with fancy graphics and is in most cases overkill for indies. /agdg/ may suggest making your own engine and while it's not as hard as it sounds, you need to really love programming and have low technical standards for your game.

>Which genre/setting

You should make what interests you personally, otherwise you'll run out of motivation to work on it. Also I'd recommend thinking of the game first, separated from furries. If you think too hard about the theme first it becomes hard to make a good game around it.


>if enough people want to move back we can

I'm not really asking for that. I'd have preferred the board to stay in 8ch until a solid place was found, but since it's already here it's probably kinda redundant to go back. I would be willing to accept this website if it at least worked correctly on my main browser.

>i recall like one nay sayer

Probably me. Other than not being able to post (which I suspected there would be some kind of a workaround for or maybe the server was just acting up by chance) I wasn't completely opposed to this whole thing because I thought it would be the same board in a different website. But instead the website turns out to have more problems than just posting, successfully posting immediately revealed yet another thing that's broken about it (ID doesn't appear on loaded posts), board-based IDs are enabled, the rules have become lenient to the point it's barely different from /fur/, then I run into a muscle fetish thread right off the bat and there's effectively nothing else here, and then subsequently get reminded that /furry/ is still being squatted by some discord tranny who has no interest of actually making use of the board so if I want my own the only option is to make furry board #9001 from scratch and start actively shilling it. It's the kind of moment where you slap your monitor off the desk and go "fuck this fuck you fuck everything I'm done with the internet".

>when i banned porn and scrubbed it from the board a while ago people complained

I wouldn't personally care. I literally would not give a single solitary shit for the reasons I've already mentioned; there's porn in almost literally every single furry community, including 1 in 4chan and 2 8chan. Meanwhile there's 0 furry boards in any active imageboard that isn't filled with porn. Porn is the worst kind of degenerative instant gratification that inspires and motivates nothing besides desiring for more of it, demanding for it to be allowed in literally every community is an admission that you have 0 self restraint as far as I'm concerned.

>the more fetishes i have to specify and manage the more the place just turns into a personal fap folder for a very specific audience.

There's 3 problems I have with this. First you're implying that this board is going to largely contain material to jack off to, as opposed to topics of discussion and interesting content and material to be appreciated in some way (which by the way is already defined as the mission statement of /fur/ https://8ch.net/fur/res/25183.html but due to having "relaxed" rules for the sake of more activity fails to accomplish it). Second you're implying that this board needs to be for everyone. The vast majority of furries are gay degenerates who masturbate to weird fetishes all day and obsess over it to the point to paying literal thousands of dollars to get their OC into a digital porn picture that they have no creative control over, either you accept that or you accept being a very niche board. And thirdly you're implying that it's difficult to specify extreme fetishes, and 3 meter tall meat barrels with horsecocks that squeeze comparatively tiny people inbetween their muscles is vanilla enough.

>the loose rules in act right now are just mainly to reduce anxiety about what is and isnt allowed to be posted

That's good in theory until someone starts filling the board with weird fetishes because it's allowed, which already happened as far as I'm concerned.

>people expect me to do everything for them

I've been the BO on a couple slightly active boards before and that's true. Even if you tell people to request anything and basically let them run the board, they don't really tell you anything. Though I'm telling you exactly what I want, and you're telling me "no", which to be fair is your prerogative, but it's also my prerogative to spew around my angry afterwards. I know what I want is unusual and /fukemo/ isn't even really a "no porn" board, but I have a good reason for wanting it, and it's that a porn board already exists, it's called every furry board.


>Because of him, there are now allegations that this place is big on schizophrenia and tupla threads

Wasn't really my intention, though it's also not my intention to sugarcoat my words when raging at shit that annoys me on imageboards.

Also, I feel kind of sorry for unleashing years worth of pent up mad about this topic at you guys. There's an internal conflict in me where part of me doesn't want to cause harm to this board and still holds hope that it might be(come) a nice place to visit sometimes, but there's another part that thinks good fucking riddance because you can get the same content from /fur/ now except with a lot more activity so nothing's really lost even if this place dies.

im not really worried tbh only retards will take it at face value and do zero investigation.
most of our ideas or goals id say line up 85% so there really isnt much else to discuss. what boards did you run and how long have you ran them? i ask because if true then youre better qualified to talk since we both have similar goals and experience in moderating.


>what boards did you run and how long have you ran them

Moderating mostly meant setting the rules/stickies and deleting spam, so it's not like I feel more 'qualified' about anything than anyone else. I made both /boards/ and /art/ in the early days of 8chan and "ran" the latter for a year or two. Claimed /agdg/ at some point but lost interest and gave it away not too long after. Currently holding onto a board more dead than this because the previous BO disappeared.

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I would just like to express my observations on boards and porn for a moment. I personally haven't seen quality discussion come from any board that is driven primarily by eroticism. Most of these places are infested with the lowest common denominator who is incapable of providing any discussion outside of repeating their "My miscegenation fetish is better than your miscegenation fetish," mantra. Could it possibly be because their self induced porn addiction effectively lowered their own cognitive abilities? Even the most "vanilla" board has difficulty with discussion outside of, "What monstergirl do you want to get raped by?" and can be easily provoked into rage by simply bringing up very specific anime characters with a non-orthodox nose because "We only masturbate to the correct noses," or how abnormal amounts of skin pigmentation is directly correlated to fried chicken consumption.
Unfortunately these penile pleasure seeking mouth breathers make up the majority population and are dead weight to the goal of serious discussion. They might make an excellent source of IPs for short term growth and an artificial appearance of a large and active board, but once the novelty wears off, their fleeting attention spans will send them to their next novel source of images to masturbate to demanded by the coolidge effect. They are not good for long term sustainability and are not a good source of quality anything. By attempting to give these people what they want, you are setting yourself up to fail by trying to compete in what is simply an oversaturated market.
A complete ban on porn will definitely drive these worthless addicts away. It would also give you an instant monopoly on boards where discussion can actually come first. All things considered, you don't really have that much to loose if you decided to run this board the way you actually want it.

I tried all of the engines and I have a surface-level knowledge about them since I made a few prototypes. I'm really itching to apply my math and coding skills along with art. I think that projects motivate me to learn fast if it done in behalf of the community since it's more focused, but I'll follow your advice and make my own project.
I get what you're talking about, but I think OC just brings discussion in general. Clean OC is definitely a bonus as more people share that type of content.

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I'm no expert on original content, but at least from what I've seen, the "Best" OC are the ones that have the "YOLO look at what I can do!" attention grabbing, shocking, and humorous value to it. What also helped that it looked simple and easy to make so anyone could spend 30 minutes in their favorite image manipulation program and get instant results. Like the simple photoshop mock-up that was done into a comic about how Red Anon went into disguise and fucked some furfag's fursona. There are also some other photos that I see get tossed around similar in nature about the fursona being upset that humans were being photoshopped into her commissions. It doesn't have to be that, it could just be simple nonsense. In short, I believe the best original content is easy to make Yolo swag that appeals to the audience.
Now, the kind of original content I see that doesn't get very much reaction is usually just plain art in general. I think the issue with it is that there is a high barrier to entry to even get started, like a month of practice without giving up, buying a tablet, and low return on investment if you don't immediately sell out to start drawing tons of commissions. This is all compounded by the general learned self helplessness that more people now than ever in history seem to have.
I think the best approach to this is having an art thread (not an OC thread) that accomplishes these thing: it can sell to the people as to why they might want to get good at drawing, it assists people who actually do want to get good at drawing, and it contains art that people want to see (as opposed to being a personal art blog where a handful of artists just continually post generic drawings that most observers could care less about).
I think this can be applied to the vast majority of threads where people produce and post their content. A place where it is easy for people to see what they want and their goal of producing what they want is within easy reach because it is effectively demonstrated that reaching that goal can be accomplished.
In the real world, I offer the example are the Pietenpol Air Camper and Caterham 7 variants. They are very simple vehicles that anybody who is good at following instructions can make for very little cost and effort (in terms of airplanes or cars of course) and can easily be personalized to meet their own preferences. Among hobbyist, they are very popular choices.

So something like /ic/? You want to do practice stuff like gesture drawings, studies, and composition? I can give the resources, but a lot of people aren't motivated to do it. It's pretty tricky to handle because you have to give advice in a way where people become motivated to continue learning.


>projects motivate me to learn fast if it done in behalf of the community

I definitely agree on that. It's just that making a whole game is a lot more involved than it seems at first, and when you're grinding the stuff that's beneath the surface for months or even years, internet people's preferences start to matter less. It works better for art requests because you can finish it within a day. Maybe some hypothetical group/community project that I've never seen work out before would stay interesting. ...or maybe they never work out because it doesn't.

But anyway if you're gauging opinions then I myself don't have big preferences in terms of theme or even genre as long as the game is fun or interesting. I'm not very fond of real life-based military stuff though (unless it involves fantasy elements ala Age of Mythology).

a lot of valid points have come up in this discussion. i cant please everyone and i shouldnt try to please everyone as someone else is already doing that anyways. instead i should just focus on the niche aspects that fill an overlooked void that this place kina did originally.
as for this place i think ill reopen the 8ch board to use as primary either tomorrow or later this week, this place will remain as a bunker. well be going back to the vanilla/sfw

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