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Post any art, writing, maymays, music, animation, vidya, 3d models, etc.

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I still need to practice animation

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two stuff done on dp

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r/ing When Big Joan Sets Up re-write

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Big Joan doesn't need a rewrite.

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Hoy, hoy!

[Verse 1]
When Small Joan comes out
Her tits are too small
Her breast's like a board
She's bound 'em up tight
And blocked 'em off under some guy clothes
She looked down her shirt
And compared her chest to pancakes
I dig my life for a while

[Saxophone Solo]

[Verse 2]
When Small Joan sets up
Her boobs are too small
She's too shy to go out in the daylight
So she rolls around all night
I just saw a girl who is insecure

I'll set up with ya, Small Joan
I'm too shy to go out in the daylight
I'll stay up all night
I won't droop if you won't talk
About your boobs being too small

[Verse 3]
You know something's happening
Or you wouldn't of come out like you did
She ain't built for groping fingers
So she can't wear any lewd clothes
Or go to the beach
They laugh at her body
Cause her boobs are too small

[Verse 4]
When Small Joan sits up
Her boobs are too small
She's outta reach
Compression bandage mummy
Rolled up over a Saab Sonett

I'll sit up with ya, Small Joan
I'm too shy to go out in the daytime
I'll stay up all night
If you promise not to talk
About your boobs being too small

Hoy, hoy, is she a boy?

lmao noice
How about ram ranch?


>La Joan Grande sits behind me all day

>constantly stuffs her face with sugar, carbs, and fats

>managed to spawn offspring

>somehow hasnt died from being a fat fuck yet

Fatty holodomor when?

Which one?
When the medical and insurance industries are completely privatized. Nobody wants to pony up cash for medical bills caused by lifestyle decisions.

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some rough feline

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WIP 3d sculpt of a 3d doe

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yiff in hell furfags

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Someone is helping me to retopo her now so that she can be used for animation/game stuff. He's pretty awesome. I plan to redo the hair and textures again. In exchange, I'm sculpting the right girl for him, thinking of making her a bit taller

whoops, left is the rotopo, right is the new sculpt

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Why do you skate close to to borderline hyper? Much prefer the anatomy of this >>32 compared to everything else.

I don't really go for hyper, but I guess it's out of preference for unique body types. I also do a lot of realistic studies and life drawing sessions for practice (sessions where you draw naked people for a limited amount of time), and a lot of the models look larger than my characters are.

I get that it's not really for everyone though. Some love it and some don't. It's probably jarring if you've seen Slice of Life anime for a long time since it has characters with similar skinny builds drawn from flat shapes as opposed to large builds drawn with 3d shapes.

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>nuh-uh ur just blind from anime

Bullshit, do you honestly believe I don't recognize who you are, or do you take me as a fool to lie to?

We both know each other since it's a small community after all, but those characters don't have the same body types as the 3d models. If you have any doubts, I'll be sure to demonstrate the difference by putting the deer girl in the same pose as them after rigging her.

Citing a motive for a preference isn't really intended to be offensive. I get that no one is going to like those types of builds if it contrasts with the petite ones that they view frequently, but I'm pretty chill with it.


>I'm pretty chill with it

Then you wouldn't have brought it up. You're saying it isn't your fault, it's just that everyone else around you just looks at twigs. However, when I look at your work, it looks like you habitually drawn/modeled this way for a long time. Hyper-tier exaggerated thighs, tits, and cocks while looking just as ripped as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
>>32 is probably the only thing you've done that significantly contrasts from the stylistic pit you're digging yourself into. If that's what you want to do, then at least admit that is what you prefer to do instead of blaming everyone else for watching anime.

I brought it up because it's true. A person who likes the petite builds present in SoL anime would view the features as being heavily exaggerated. Nothing really wrong in pointing that out as K'On characters are known for being /fit/. So it's going to feel noticeable to people who have seen that content in excess.

It doesn't look exaggerated in the perspective of others that have seen my content. In fact, they often remark that my figures look too normal lol. I personally trust them on that one considering that they've seen muscular and thicc builds before.

Ultimately, if there's a good way to sum this up, it's centered around exposure and proportion. If you're used to seeing several of X per hour for 50 years, then a single X per hour will appear ridiculously small to you. However if you're used to seeing a single X per hour for 50 years, then several of X per hour will appear excessive.

There's nothing wrong with that at all, it just means that everyone's perspective will not be consistent. Your perspective isn't wrong at all, but theirs and mine aren't either as we're forming judgement from the content we've seen previously.

Rather than establishing causality for why someone might develop a specific criticism, you instead make up a story about their viewing preferences to explain where the criticism came from. This is, in fact, a display of contempt for other people's intelligence and their ability to judge. It doesn't matter if your exposure theory is true or not (and it probably isn't because it's as asinine as saying "Bob doesn't know what an orange looks like because [I believe] he looks at apples all day"), you don't make shit up about other people's preferences or habits in order to explain and dismiss their criticisms.

Your entire point lies in a mere assumption. Quit pretending to know things you can't possibly know, preferences are only experienced first-hand.

It's definitely somewhere in the realm of hyper. Ignoring the fact we're talking about anthro animals here, no one is that weirdly proportioned build in real life. You can't really pin this as people watching too much anime.


>This is, in fact, a display of contempt for other people's intelligence and their ability to judge.

Not my intention at all, but it's pretty fine if you want to believe that my statement is offensive and condescending to you. I'm sorry that you felt that your intelligence was insulted from me saying that your perspective isn't wrong and that opinions differ.

Given what you've told me, saying "you're correct" is a truly a bad thing and I should have known better than to state that gruesome type of information on an imageboard.

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