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This is somethings that's been bothering me for a while. A lot of 3d furry artwork, as well as some 2d artwork that I see doesn't actually seem “furry” to me. With 2d art it makes sense to me. Not only does it seem like a bitch to draw detailed fur, but you can make art that looks good stylistically and indicate fur with good line-art. But with 3d artwork you can’t really do such a thing easily. And since most 3d artwork is more photo-realistic the stylistic choices don’t work well. Some artwork does try to fake the appearance of fur with the texturing but it comes off as flat (this also happens in 2d sometimes), while others just have fur-colored skin.
Is there something I’m missing in this? I’m not too involved with the furry fandom but I’ve started noticing this more, but the few times I check out a furry board I rarely hear people mentioning this. I’m also trying to get into art but I don’t know anything about drawing or 3d modeling. A couple of factors come to mind
1. Mimicking 2d art styles in 3d.
Most furry artwork is 2d and stylized, so most 3d artists try to recreate it. Similar to how a lot of people model 3d anime characters (which usually don’t work)
2. Hair is hard
Maybe many 3d models come from games, and they need to skip fur otherwise the computers couldn’t handle it. I doubt most people make their own models whenever they make an animation. Either that or maybe source film maker, the thing most people use, doesn’t support fur in animation.
3. People don't like the look.
Could be a case of uncanny valley, where art begins to look too realistic.

What do you guys think about this? Besides that, post 3d artwork that actually looks like it has fur I guess?
It’s beginning to worry me how much shit I overlook when I’m busy fapping in terms of quality. I’ve been busy looking for examples and it’s always amazing to me how shit porn looks when you are not horny.

Hopefully this doesn't double post.

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>Mimicking 2d art styles in 3d.

It's doable, I'm just too inexperienced. You'll love this guy's work:

>I doubt most people make their own models whenever they make an animation.

Most just edit parts in because it's a pain in the ass. I do it the hard way since I like to hurt myself. Unfortunately, some parts are tougher to fix if you switch phases.

>Either that or maybe source film maker, the thing most people use, doesn’t support fur in animation.

You're definitely correct about it. 3D currently handles fur as a particle effect. It looks good in renders, but it performs terribly when you're doing games because the poly count increases from the hair strands. There are currently three ways that games handle it:
1. Creating a material and texturing it.
2. Creating large strands of hair through quads, texturing it:
3. Using 3d shaders:
Maybe there could be a fur shader where it patches every area and ignores the "flesh vertex color". Similar to how Grass shaders work. Apparently, UE4 got the "Shave and a Haircut" plugin and they plan on releasing it for free.

Anyway, on 6/15/2019 or 6/14/2019 There's a really good digital anatomy sculpting course that you can download:
I uploaded all of the lessons on a different site (it requires zbrush though):
I'm gonna work on it just to study proportions again. You can join if you want.

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