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Welcome to NeXTCHAN, the next generation imageboard.

Please read the Global Rules before posting: https://nextchan.org/rules.html

Bug reports: https://gitgud.io/blazechan/blazechan/issues/new (you'll need to sign up) or post in this thread.

Please report all spam posts as you see them, this helps global volunteers clean them up faster.

Site Hosting

The site is currently hosted on a OpenVZ server in Charlotte, USA.
- 1G RAM+1G Swap
- 2 core Xeon CPU
- 45GB SSD (34GB used)
- 1Gbit uplink

Support NeXTCHAN For a Better Server

The current server will not be able to host everything we plan to introduce (IPFS archival, PIXIV/Mastodon integration, Matrix...). Please help support NeXTCHAN through donations.
Requirements for target:
- $20/mo for better server
- $15 for domain transfer to US registrar
- $15/yr for domain renewal
- Any extras are appreciated, and will be used for ads on other sites/chans and unexpected costs
Bitcoin: 1LRVu6xrkgrAAGwVi4ToZEQhrkZDkUowUR
Litecoin: LZZWYzApKWMP8ZGodQMfJmuEH7aPooZfXK

Current Software Status

NeXTCHAN is currently running Blazechan 0.11.0+git20180611.

I want a feature added!

Please remember that not all requests are doable and currently Blazechan has a backlog of feature requests already.
Update 2018-06-11: I currently only have time for very minor fixes and as such cannot do feature requests. Additionally, a major backend refactor is planned, therefore no feature requests will be done until that (expected August in the latest).


You can reach me at admin <> nextchan ! org. My personal email is comeon <> getbackinthe ! kitchen. (<> = @, ! = .)


congratulations m712, you've managed to keep this site running for about two years without anything fucking up
happy new years, nextchan lurkers and posters

What makes NeXTChan any differnt from all the other wannabe futuba?

When are you going to institute better anti-spam protocols?

<m712> Accept header's specification states that the server SHOULD (specific RFC defined SHOULD) return a 406 if the Accept header cannot be satisfied

<StephenLynx> you give me a PRACTICAL reason. a use case, a real world example.

<m712> so there's a specification defined guarantee that you either get the data type or you get a 406

<StephenLynx> but it COULD be satisfied.

<StephenLynx> I could send a html.

<StephenLynx> again

<m712> then your server is retarded


When a user clicks a post number to reply to that post, a green arrow always appears below the post# in the textbox.

Cloud this auto green arrow be done away with? Most replies don't need it and since you can't edit posts, it can cause the post to look funny for those who frequently overlook it.

creating new threads seem to cause an error, but it actually turns out fine
just refresh the page after the error to see your thread pop up in the catalog
deleting duplicate threads you made will delete all of your past threads that are the same, so be careful about that

Danny DeVito now owns this thread, all hail Danny DeVito



wtf why did navigation become like this?

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