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Why do jews have bizarre, fucked up sexual fetishes? Feces, urine, other bodily fluids, and cannibalism, to name a few, but then there's stuff like feet and an inordinate obsession with the buttocks.

Jews pushing for the fetishization of the butt may tie in with their scat fetish and homosexualization agenda, plus it helps that blacks like butts as well, so extra points for negrification.

As for feet, does it seem like the media is increasingly sexualizing feet? Jews seem to make up a disproportionately large amount of the foot freaks, and we all know about Dan Schneider. That, and it seems as though foot fetishism is also a bit popular in East Asia and India, but who the hell knows what's wrong with them.

Do jews obsess over feet because they're into filthy, smelly stuff like excrement?

Also, jews seem to be disproportionately gay, especially jewish males. Why is that?

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Speaking about jews and fucked up fetishes, here are the 4chan hasbarats' favorites:

Bunch of footfags in there. Plus, not in that thread, but time to time you get posters, always with US flags or meme flags, post 'REEE POST FEET' with angry Pepe the Frog shit. Weird how I don't see that that often on other imageboards like KC.

Also, jew spammers would post scat porn on 4chon and Endchan when they wanted to shit up the sites.

There are too many threads to count but they are blatantly pushing homosexuality very hard on 4chan, esp. pol.

btw the jew who invented Skechers is an open footfag, so there's another jew to add to the list.

1-They are obsessed with scatological things because they are parasites.
2-They are faggets because they are weak, effeminated, etc. so much that they call themselves jahova's wives.

The fact that this things now run the world is so cringeworthy.

the good news is that since they have pissed in so many ponds that do not belong to them, they are backing themselves into a corner. whoever wins the coming wars, be it Whites, chinks, or sandniggers, it’s almost guaranteed the kikes will lose BIG this time. they will be set back hundreds of years if not permanently. and now with the ability to share info globally, their subversive nature will never be forgotten. generations will know to avoid the kike eternally

caption says "it is kept very clean!!"
that thing isn't fucking clean, look at it, it's filthy, it looks like someone poured muddy water down the slide

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Gather here if needed.

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I'm here from 8chan. Meguca is pretty slow too.

Is i down for only me?

I am alone

Not quite.



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Since Brenton's NZ vids are getting removed, I thought I would leave these here.

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Make sure you livestream.

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Brent got 50 though
Eat shit

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The whole woman bashing thing that occurs on 4chan and 8chan is Talmudical and even pedophilic.
Repeatedly on 8chan there is this line of how "women are children" which, subconsciously, pushes pedophilia. So now having a normal relation with a woman makes you akin to a pedophile (subconsciously) and having sexual relations with a woman makes you akin to a pederast.

Then there is the chattel slave narrative on seeing women as property, denying their humanity. One poster on 8chan repeatedly advocated for foot binding in several threads, with no one denouncing him. In non-judaized Europe, women worth their salt could garner clout if they could prove it were warranted for them. Some cities and towns are even named after women and land ladies, like Wolverhampton is named after Wulfrun.

THEN there is the push for ephebophilia or even pedophilia, like one kike citing some 22 year old pedophile from 1937 who married a 9 year old girl and passes this off as healthy.

And who would want to mate with an intellectual midget? Seeking out a mentally inferior woman just leads to inferior offspring. Kikes are just pushing dysgenics by claiming all women are retarded, so it doesn't matter who you breed with.


>And who would want to mate with an intellectual midget?

And who would want to marry an independent, "opinionated" woman?

It's just frustrated men who are just a little heated in the moment. Or sexual deviants, either way.

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I haven't been to Endchan in a long while but does anybody know why it is so different now? There are literally only 16 threads in the entire /pol/ catalog as of the time of this post.

And they all look so redundant. I smell bagels.
Who runs Endchan now and who's the BO of Endchan/pol/? Any dox on them?

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Oh, and Filesize limit is 350 MB

whats the deal with endchan. i cant create new threads anymore so i stopped going there


I can't post at all

I just posted there. Oddly it didn’t ask for a captcha, and despite the servers being in the US, the post times are in gmt-1. I’m thinking it went down, was cuckolded and will be pushed as the next (((exodus))) for a new hugbox. This is entirely speculation though.

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NRA Readies Class-action Lawsuit Against Commiefornia Ammunition Control

The National Rifle Association is readying a lawsuit against California’s new ammunition controls and that suit focuses on the failure to meet “statutorily mandated” deadlines throughout the lead-up to the launch of the controls.

Breitbart News reported that the ammunition controls went into effect January 1, 2018. They bar out-of-state ammunition purchases and require that all in-state purchases be made from a licensed dealer. This shrinks the supply, which will inevitably drive up price. Moreover, they require that any ammunition purchased online be sent to a licensed in-state dealer, who will then charge a processing fee for the ammo, thereby driving the price up even further.

This is all a prelude to the state’s January 1, 2019, goal of instituting point-of-sale background checks for ammunition purchases. Those sales will also carry a fee, ubiquitously to cover the cost of the background check. But the fee will drive the price of ammo even higher.

The NRA-ILA clams certain “statutorily mandated” deadlines were missed throughout the process of getting the ammunition controls in place, and argues that the controls must be halted because of this. According to the NRA-ILA, “The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has approved the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) proposed ammunition vendor regulations after failing to meet the statutorily mandated deadline of July 1, 2017 and the effective date of January 1, 2018.”

The NRA has enjoyed recent success against California gun control. For example, on June 29, 2017, a “high capacity” magazine ban was blocked two days before its scheduled implementation. The ban was stopped via a suit brought by the NRA and the California Rifle & Pistol Association.

U.S. District Court Judge Roger Benitez issued the ruling. ABC News quoted Benitez saying, “If this injunction does not issue, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of otherwise law-abiding citizens will have an untenable choice: become an outlaw or dispossess one’s self of lawfully acquired property.”

Law-abiding firearm owners face a similar, “untenable choice” if the draconian ammunition controls are allowed to stand.


Cali is essentially the testing ground (or one of them) for gun bans.

Whatever is successful there will be used elsewhere eventually.

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>Discord’s New Code Of Conduct Prohibits Using “Retard” And “Nigga” In Partnered Servers Starting April 18th


Niggers on (((Discord))) are absolutely butt-blasted that they can no longer call each other "niggas."

Niggers have held a monopoly on this word and now there is one place where they can no longer can claim exclusive rights to it. If you encounter a nigger on one of the other chans or any social media, tell them about this story and let them know that they're "getting their privilege checked." watch the salt fall from the sky and blanket your proud smug face as they try to justify the double standard with marxists semantics such as (((reclamation)))

just in time for Saint Hitler's birthday!

kill niggers

lol, fucking nigger doesn't want to be "upheld" to the same standard as everyone else

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Why do (((they))) shill for Christianity so hard?

Anything critical of the biggest psyop in human history is met with a barrage of replies that shill for the religion and don't even debunk what the poster says about it and often just throw ad hominems at the poster.

Why are (((they))) so concerned with maintaining Christianity on the right and why are (((they))) pushing for a revitalization of Christianity in Russia as well as Islam?

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hidden title is the same as OP's

Go to any city church and hang with the people there. The majority paint the reason why.

In the past week or so it's become very aggressive on 8chan, virtually like 4chan, just with barely any resistance that is quickly dogpiled on by (1)s and (53)s. There are posters on there who are very clearly mods like kampfy/Rach/vols, posting Christ-chan and smug anime girls.

Esoterically, some sites claim it ties gentile souls into a jewish vortex, and that is why jews never want to permanently kill Christianity or Islam.




explain this, shlomo

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>worshipping a jew on a stick

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Can anyone prove that there is jewish nepotism in Nobel Prizes, particularly giving Nobel Prizes to jews and their lackeys who explicitly don't deserve it? Stuff like pseudoscience, stolen research, credit hogging (jewish piggybacking on gentile scientists), dumb inventions, unproveable theoretical gobbledygook, shady philanthropy, judeo-leftist political currying, etc.

In the age of "research teams", you just have to put a jew as team leader and he will get all the nobel prizes for the job his goyim do.
You can also create an "economic nobel prize" (financed by a bank) out of thin air and call it "nobel" too.
Jewish corruption permeates all spheres of society, the whole thing has to be burned down to kill the infestation.

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Zionist Internet Memes

Sadly, the thread on Endchan was purged by the kike moderation team. Basically, many popular internet memes are either Zionist creations, or they have long been coopted by Zionist agents. If you see these being used profusely, likely the poster behind it is a Zionist shill.

They are:

  • Pepe the Frog: Straight up Zionist creation, never legitimate, even though it has been used in various incarnations for years by legitimate posters. Matt Furie is analogous to a pre-Twitter “Weird Twitter” spook. Furie lived in San Francisco when he created Pepe, and the Bay Area is basically spook central, even more so than New York City. Gentile whites make up less than 10% of SF’s population. SF/BA is home to so many tech companies and counter-cultural movements despite being one of the most expensive and tax-unfriendly metropolises in the world. Consider anything out of San Francisco, no matter how benign, to have Jewish fingerprints all over it. Furie now lives in Los Angeles, another spook haven.

  • Kek: The whole pseudo-frog cult actually is Kabbalistic origins and predates the internet. Posters with the Kekistani flag on 4chan tend to be the most antiwhite, such as wishing rape on Germans, or attacking and defaming “Europoors”.

  • Shadilay: 1986 Italian disco song by P.E.P.E. The album cover features a frog holding a wand. Popular amongst Trumptards. More proof that the frog meme is part of a very old Jewish mysticism.

  • Anything that has to do with Trump: “Build a wall”, “make x pay for it”, “you have to go back” (not originally a Trump meme, but it has morphed into one), etc.

  • Wojak: Aka Tfw man, he is probably a legitimate creation by a Polish anon, but has been so thoroughly coopted that Wojak should be considered analogous to Pepe. Some faggot on Endchan was trying to shill for its reclamation as a White Warrior, even though Wojak is supposed to be a beta male.

  • Based: Nigger-hipster lingo, now kikes bestow it on any puppet they try to shill as being somehow against them, like “Based Putin” or “Based Assad” or “Based Farage”.

  • Fam: More nigger slang, short for family. Zionists are aggressively pushing black slang on imageboards.

  • T H I C C: More niggerism, pushes black sexuality among whites, in this case the fetishization of the buttocks. Objectification of the butt is in line with homosexual programming, such as anal sex and that big butts can also be found among men and are probably popular in some homosexual niche, but big breasts can only be found among women. THICC also has the masonic 33 numerology in it (CC = 33).

  • We Wuz Kangs: Thread after thread is made on an hourly basis on 4chan’s /pol/. It is unfunny and dead in the water, even though niggers are astronomically stupid. I feel it is more about demoralizing whites than it is making fun of blacks. Include Alberto Barbarossa in this list.

  • Dindu: Faggotized way of saying nigger. Amounts to self-censorship and used by alt-right retards. Also appears suspiciously similar to Hindu, maybe it’s the Jews’ way of attacking Indians, which they have done for millennia.

  • Is X, dare I say, /ourguy/?: Used to astroturf Zionist internet celebrities and Zionist world puppets.

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>utilizing d&c to try and destroy positive relations with Whites and Japanese

>using the same type of d&c that is utilized by kikes larping as White Europeans to push d&c between euro Whites and american Whites.

>fuck off back to 8chan

lol next you'll be telling me to fuck off to reddit ahhaah
btw kike, I single-handedly pushed the pony fuckers off this chan and played a significant role in taking it back. haha you dont even know where you're at, but I guess i should hate the Japanese now because you told me to? nah, aint gona happen hahahaha suck a dick faggot. White Pride


>>utilizing d&c to try and destroy positive relations with Whites and Japanese

I literally said that the Billiken from the ROJ was brought to the chan sphere via Japan, and later the Amerimutt meme was based on it. You brand that as "D&C shill".

>>using the same type of d&c that is utilized by kikes larping as White Europeans to push d&c between euro Whites and american Whites.

Those threads are usually either /int/-tier threads or genetic threads on "the purest European race". Nothing like what I just said.

>btw kike, I single-handedly pushed the pony fuckers off this chan and played a significant role in taking it back

Good for you, but I don't see any need for you to brag about it when you're on an anonymous board.

>btw kike, I single-handedly pushed the pony fuckers off this chan and played a significant role in taking it back

Again, all I said was that it was brought to the chan-sphere via the statue they sold to Japan. Labeling that as "kike shill D&C" is again, 8chan behaviour.

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hahaha you lost my man. why are still trying?

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Is there any validity to the idea that Nikolas Cruz is a sim who was based on the Amerimutt caricature?

sadly, not far off. however, he is spic and kike (not White, obviously). sorry for no sauce but you can search on your own for that one but I know its out there

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Received a mail from the student council about a global climate strike hitting the streets of central Stockholm and outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm on Friday the 15th of March. A bunch of liberal climate jihadists are about to attend that shitty cult strike and they are doing their best to recruit zoomers from every high school to strike against the "muh global warming" on the 15th of March 2019.

I am calling to all Swedeanons and Swedecucks to form a counter protest (or just pull up some stupid shadilay prank in the crowd) and stop their marxist march for the climate. The tree huggers in the Swedish Riksdagen (Swedish parliament) aka the leaders of Miljöpartiet (The Green Party) are the ones to blame. The puppets want to raise petrol taxes and extradicate nearly all petrol -and diesel driven vehicles. What the fuckers never seem to get is that not everyone have the bucks to pay for a "muh environmentally friendly greener alternative".

The liberals in Sweden are trying to do the same thing Macron did to France. This may be our last stand before the politicians decides to raise petrol taxes.

More information about the one leading this protest:

The one leading the protest is a 16-year old girl named Greta. She is the daughter of a Swedish opera singer and this really makes no one wonder why the leftist media in Sweden has drawn so much attention to her rallies. She has been protesting in many countries and recruited many school kids to protest woth her and strike for the environment. She took it to the level where fucking Merkel was forced to leave a statement on her Twitter about how she was going to handle pro-environment protests fueled by some fucking Swedish leftist who somehow managed to brainwash 45 000 german zoomers to take a day off school and protest for the climate in the streets of Berlin.

We don't want the same thing to happen in Sweden on Friday.

Let's stop these zionist tree hugging cultural marxist jihadists from empowering Sharia Law and Veganism in Sweden!

Länge Leve Sverige!

(Pic related)

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