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God damn, what the hell happened to Endchan's /pol/ board?

Now it looks like 8chan, 8 fucking stickies on the front page, kcmodding against forbidden topics (religion, who might be a shill, etc.).

AdolfHitler, aka AvnerHillel, is one slimy ass kike. And the Endchan administration tolerates and supports him, from Ocelotte the pedophile BO of End/pol/ to Odilitime the pedophile admin of EC.

Discuss what went wrong with Endchan and why it was allowed to be ruined from within.

Also BO, how do we know that YOU won't pull any of the same shit as seen on the other chans? Your "CIAnigger" comment sprung up some red flags with me, as I think Terry Davis is a Zionist actor and not a legit schizo.

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Nice spoiler capability, btw.

Nice spoiler capability, btw.

>any /pol but the fatherland 8ch

>being this new

Lurk moar


holy shit your iq is in the double digits
(or just a zogling)

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8chan is a nothing but an upgraded cuckchan. Hang your self you shitposting nigger.


Hi (((AdolfHitler))).


>any /pol but /polk/


>Your "CIAnigger" comment sprung up some red flags with me, as I think Terry Davis is a Zionist actor and not a legit schizo

Or it's just funny
t. BO

I was at Endchan /pol/ when it started out but it quickly (and very suspiciously) became filled with weird threads and lots of hyperparanoid blackpilling so I GTFO. You're welcome to post whatever here though as long as masonigger doesn't start making OPs.


>I think Terry Davis is a Zionist actor and not a legit schizo

This is autism.


I added spoilers. It should work now.
==spoilers== spoilers


Strange to be using double ended double equal signs for spoilers, considering on other sites they are for red text headlining, but whatever, I don't care either way.

Could [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] also work as a spoiler function? Endchan allowed multiple function code for the same features, like ''italic'' and [i]italic[/i].


Sure, why not.
[spoiler]test[/spoiler] test

How the is odilitime a pedo?


I'm moving over to 0chan/pol/ on the zero net


You won't be missed
Or noticed.


There's a lot of commie threads there. And unlike old /pol/, they're going to be bad faith shitskins or kikes who can't be debated with, and only shoah'd. How does moderation work on 0?

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"ANYONE I DON'T LIKE IS A PEDOPHILE" - Everyone, Current Year.

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Pretty telling that AvnerHillel is now railing against Tor.

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And here is where Avner gets sloppy and reveals that he is the same poster as the pedonigger spammer and the raging christnut/Hitler obsessionist.

His pic he posts in this post is ONLY posted by those alternative persona posters

Then he deflects the blame and claims that "unknown" is the nigger spammer who is out to get him (even though unknown was already demodded by Ocelotte).

There you go. End/pol/ is run by faggot nigger porn posting kikes.

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Avner deletes a whole Meta thread without archiving it because archive.is wouldn't let him archive it (which is bullshit, they archive very large threads. Plus, why not try other archive sites if .is won't work?).

All pols suck this one is no exception. And it's Nazis that Ruin pol, not jews.

User was banned for this post. Reason: boosh

Endchan seems to be completely down as of now.

What happened?


The only moderation at the moment is done by the admin of the site, but that's only because he hasn't gotten around to adding anything but basic functionality yet.


>And it's Nazis that Ruin pol, not jews.

Most Nazis are Jews, so that last part is a bit redundant...


kikes ruin everything. thats why they are hated so much.


> Most Nazis are Jews



>nazi joos

think dailystormer etc
it's easier to subvert from within

Enter the real world or invade the normiesphere.
Quit whining and go wake up your friends and relatives with photos.
I easily convince people by showing them black and muzzy SS soldiers, or quotes from the talmud or quran about us "nonchosen people".
Show them pictures of Obama and Biden touching little girls inappropriately, then tell them about trump epstein and the clintons all hanging out on pedo island.
I am literally about to convince so many former lefties once and for all that the holocaust was a lie and that gay old pedos and jews run the world. and it was EASY

I make no apologies for my formatting. I'm a proud noob, who would've voted for hillary 4 years ago, be glad i'm able to see the forest for the trees don't bitch that I can't write a neat essay about the fucking trees


>Most Nazis are Jews

There are two seperate groups of Nazis vying for control of the movement. The kike side, (neocon/'crown' destruction) and the German Europeans side (productive advancement). You can tell them apart by what they advocate for kind of...for example, I am ETHNO-GLOBE anon and I am advocating for the complete destruction of other non-European races, so logically you would assume that is 'destructive' in nature. But I am looking at longer term data and advocating for a world which is at peace, rather than one where war, murder and torture are a continuous feature of everyday life. So on the surface it looks destructive...but it is not; it is an assessment of the people of the Earth's value and capacity for progress.

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