Who Keeps Setting Fires In Clinton's Multiple Millionaire Mansions?

Background of mystery fires haunts Clintons as Q-Anon previously hinted he would “set a fire to flush (the enemy) out.”

Reports came in on Wed 3rd January that a fire had broken out in the house of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York: https://archive.fo/iuUh2 & https://archive.fo/YLdMF

Authorities poured water on the reports as quickly as they could: the Clintons were not home. No-one was hurt. Some reports put the fire in a building away from the main house, others in a bedroom inside the house.

Fires have a way of following the Clinton’s around.

In December 2015, Bill Clintons home in Hope Arizona was torched in suspected Arson: https://archive.fo/mnLiF

And this happened AGAIN to Bill Clinton’s Fayetteville, Arkansas home in June 2017: https://archive.fo/3m4Hq

The Clinton’s seem to be cursed with a great deal of misfortune here: either that, or they are being chased by someone with a box of matches.

And here is an extra twist in this tale:

"Q-ANON" (an alledged deep state defector) in a December 19th q-post on 8 Chan, posted a message that indicates, this fire may be far more than it seems:

“We won’t Telegraph our moves to the enemy: we will however set a fire to flush them out.”