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Is anyone else annoyed with generational hate on other imageboards and on alt-fright sites, like video game addicted degenerates blaming "boomers" for today's problems, or saying that Generation Zog is the most "conservative" since WWII (a bold faced lie)?

Millennials and Zogphonies would be just as ignorant as so-called Boomers, they just had the luxury of growing up with the internet, allowing for some exposure of jewish power. Humans are as stupid as they've always been genetically, though maybe we're worse now due to dysgenics. Who knows, if the internet were somehow around for the masses by 1980, maybe "boomers" would be about as aware as Millennials and Z's are now.

All of this generational bashing seems to be designed for d&c, and more importantly to shift blame away from Big Jew. What do you think?

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Generation Z is literally nonwhite majority in America, I don't know why 4tards think they'll save them with their Chinese iShit and apps.


I think you need to lurk 8ch/pol for 6 months b4 posting.

Ignore all other /pol boards, as they're run by JEWS

User was banned for this post. Reason: I mean, just read it


>Actually advocating for browsing on 8chan

Who's the jew now, bitch?

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Just people hoping that we're not going to continue to make the same mistakes that have already been made, anon. Nothing bad comes from criticizing the past, anyway.

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ugh, file delay made me double post

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I don't think you quite understand how idiotic boomers are

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The law of accelerating change is real. Our network of influence is magnitudes larger than prehistory, and 1800's. Even larger than a couple of years ago. Memes spread faster than ever. Information access and distribution is more in the hands of the people now than ever before. With the open choice of news sources, the ball is about to drop. Some people may be blackpilled about shills, but where were the shills in 2004? Then, cash was spent on making a story. Now they have to make that story and contain it. Over time I don't think it will be humanly possible to subvert truth. The internet has opened the door to open information in the hands of the people. I think it's scaring them, and that is why they want to control it. The money's got to run out sometime, the truth never does.

I do hate boomers. Stupid as shit.


>I do hate boomers. Stupid as shit.

That applies to all generations and you sound like a jew.
Most millennials and Zs are also dumb as bricks. The masses are asses, and that doesn't change because of a generation.

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t. boomer

Heres how it goes hombre. Boomers soft from satellite tv and fast food. Boomers lecture nintendo millenials to play outside. Millenials become SJW hugbox zombies. Boomers feed their fat guts on the couch. Z sees the absolute bullshit from above and counters. Z is master generation.

Pic is you. Go touch yourself looking at your IRA.

Yeah, you have the snark of a jew. I'd bet my next paycheck you are biologically jewish.

You very likely aren't even a Gen Z faggot but some upper 20s/30s aged hasbara troll, your whole post is the same boilerplate tripe on 4chan.

You've contributed nothing to the thread but accusations. Give us some original content. What do you think?

Let me put it a different way. Instead of hating boomers, I'd say I see positives with Gen Z. Being a younger generation, they are more flexible and open to new ideas. Far cry from the blackpilled posts previous. In relation to OP, I think the internet will be the downfall of the political elite.

So the hasbara troll changes his tactics from being talmudically bashful to looking at the positives. 'Instead of hating boomers...'


Ah, so you are a kike. Open blackpillers have kike written all over them. And you admit by your use of pronouns that you are not a Gen Z fag, but something else.

>I think the internet will be the downfall of the political elite.

Why would that be the case when ZOG is the one pushing these alt-right and white nationalist movements, propaganda, and e-celebs? ZOG gave us David Duke, William Pierce, Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, and now they're giving us Richard Spencer, Matthew Heimbach, Andrew Auernheimer, and Andrew Anglin. You're full of shit.

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My God are you a triggered boomer. Your posts are the blackpilled ones, and you are D&C.

Typical kike self-projections. I think you're trying to get me to data mine myself.

>bold faced lie

Really? Maybe it depends on where you live.

Good, we don't have to play real-politiks anymore then. No more release valve right wing politicians and no more acceleration left-wing parties, just full out destruction. Let these cave men burn it all down to the ground, this hasn't been our country in a looooong time.

Definitely depends on where you live. I know a Gen Z jew mutt who says the hollow hoax is a load of shit. Politically incorrect talk is also becoming more accepted on the streets and with cliques, not like it ever wasn't. At the end of the day, people will be forced to wake up when things get bad, and this includes any based af fashy magapede non-whites. We shouldn't really be stressing about certain generations, even boomers considering they are passed fighting age and are going to die off soon. Not much to worry about when they already made it clear they will not help and will lay down and die in front of the tel-avisison.

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