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Administering medicine to the dead

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Is anyone else annoyed with generational hate on other imageboards and on alt-fright sites, like video game addicted degenerates blaming "boomers" for today's problems, or saying that Generation Zog is the most "conservative" since WWII (a bold faced lie)?

Millennials and Zogphonies would be just as ignorant as so-called Boomers, they just had the luxury of growing up with the internet, allowing for some exposure of jewish power. Humans are as stupid as they've always been genetically, though maybe we're worse now due to dysgenics. Who knows, if the internet were somehow around for the masses by 1980, maybe "boomers" would be about as aware as Millennials and Z's are now.

All of this generational bashing seems to be designed for d&c, and more importantly to shift blame away from Big Jew. What do you think?

Generation Z is literally nonwhite majority in America, I don't know why 4tards think they'll save them with their Chinese iShit and apps.


I think you need to lurk 8ch/pol for 6 months b4 posting.

Ignore all other /pol boards, as they're run by JEWS

User was banned for this post. Reason: I mean, just read it


>Actually advocating for browsing on 8chan

Who's the jew now, bitch?

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Just people hoping that we're not going to continue to make the same mistakes that have already been made, anon. Nothing bad comes from criticizing the past, anyway.

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ugh, file delay made me double post

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I don't think you quite understand how idiotic boomers are

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