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Administering medicine to the dead

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My name is DeadPatch! I am a member of Vanguard America. We are looking for new recruits everyday. If you are interested on joining please go over to our website. More information is located there. Thanks!

> vanguardamerica.online

Wow, totally cool honey- I mean racist internet group, FB-I mean OP! Super cool name, too. DeadPatch totally doesn't sound like something a faggot would come up with. New recruits, you mean like the military? And Vanguard, eh? Is it related to ~~that kike~~ Alex Linder's Vanguard News Network? RaHoWa, mein bro! Exclamation point!

Whoops, strikethrough doesn't work! I didn't mean to call Alex Linderstein a kike! 14/88 and PRAISE KEK XD!!!




>hmmm, the goyim aren't buying it


> wat

Who do you think you're fooling? Go to 4chan or 8chan with this shit. Maybe you can ask your boss to get one of 4chan's bots to promote your data mining group. And honestly, not even a teenager is going to want to join a group with some faggot calling himself DeadPatch. Who else is there, ButtPirate, SnakeEyes?


> Man goyim is mad.

Who I am trying to fool? A lot of people like you. >SnakeEyes here.

Alright, at least you admit to being a subversive.

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Never admitted to anything goyim.

Are you a Jew? You sure write like one. Snarky, gloating, air of superiority...

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I don't know.


>just checked out your site. you call kikes (((Jewish))). Why? Are you kikes? Why would you call them anything other than kikes unless you wanted to show respect to them. Because you are kikes. Your controlled OP movements will not last much longer, have your fun while you can. Are you guys taking showers with niggers at Richard Spencers apartment?

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