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I often hear that blacks invented rock music and that if it weren't for blacks, we wouldn't have bands like Rush and The Who.

Is this even true at all? Then they claim that without blacks there would be no country or techno or whatever.

Truth or kike lies?

imo there's a world of a difference between something like Rush (ignore that it has a jewish lead man) and stuff like B.B. King and Billy Preston. King and Preston are good too, blacks had better music before jews pushed the rap crap, but there's a whole difference in terms of where the artists get their influences from. Like the Beatles often just took English pop melodies into their songs just as much as blues influences.

This thread could use better answering though by those with more expertise on the topic but by anecdotal listening, it doesn't sound like the way jews spin it as.

rock and roll was not created by niggers, this is a myth fabricated by kikes. rock and roll has its roots in Scottish folk music. niggers are not creative or imaginative, they could never create something like rock music

I thought the claim was that blacks invented jazz and blues, not rock and roll.

french expats were responsible for jazz. blacks couldnt read or write music at the time.

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