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I haven't been to Endchan in a long while but does anybody know why it is so different now? There are literally only 16 threads in the entire /pol/ catalog as of the time of this post.

And they all look so redundant. I smell bagels.
Who runs Endchan now and who's the BO of Endchan/pol/? Any dox on them?

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There were two spammers who regularly attacked /pol/. Usually did it by necrobumping and sliding the threads off the boards. As a shitty way to solve it the BO decided to sticky all of the relevant threads that way they couldn't be slid off. By the time OdiliTime actually made it so people couldn't necrobump the board had already died.

This board is also dead. If you want a /pol/ board for whatever reason, just go use meguca. It's not 4chan, it's stable, it doesn't get spammed, it looks good, and it works.

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