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I haven't been to Endchan in a long while but does anybody know why it is so different now? There are literally only 16 threads in the entire /pol/ catalog as of the time of this post.

And they all look so redundant. I smell bagels.
Who runs Endchan now and who's the BO of Endchan/pol/? Any dox on them?

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There were two spammers who regularly attacked /pol/. Usually did it by necrobumping and sliding the threads off the boards. As a shitty way to solve it the BO decided to sticky all of the relevant threads that way they couldn't be slid off. By the time OdiliTime actually made it so people couldn't necrobump the board had already died.

This board is also dead. If you want a /pol/ board for whatever reason, just go use meguca. It's not 4chan, it's stable, it doesn't get spammed, it looks good, and it works.

The site owners messed up a server migration and lost a lot of content and images as a result. The site has also experienced long downtimes in general and for specific domains.

It's been such a mess that I suppose people don't even want to bother anymore. It has not gained traction over even 8chan and never will. People have given up on it and probably went back to 4 and 8.

Good riddance to it then if that's what's happened. Admin can't have everything saved on a backup hard drive? Hosting everything on the cloud? What a retard.

4 and 8 are going to the shills, specially with 8 losing the BO and now open jidf shilling. Endchan and related /pol/s may start seeing more traffic as time goes on if they can keep it together.

endchan is no better, its the same shit

disagree, even slightly, on just about anything with the BO or a (((volunteer))) and see what happens. if you see a post from one of them that you disagree with, logically and calmly present your argument and not only will you get banned and your post disappear, they will brag about it like children. the userbase there is like a beaten housewife that lies about her bruises in order to protect her attack. psyops like a mother fucker over there


>the userbase there is like a beaten housewife that lies about her bruises in order to protect her attack

who's to say the userbase there is even legitimate anymore? it may as well be the imageboard version of vnnforum or cluesforum, where the userbase is all or overwhelmingly manufactured by the ones who control the platform they are on.

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the current BO is a guy called g_c, however it might aswell be the vol AdolfHitler. The amount of times I've since other vols post since AdolfHitler become a vol can be counted on one hand. The BO only rarely comes, and when he does, it's to suck AdolfHitler's dick.

AS far as I know he's 36-37 years old, has wife/gf and atleast 1 daughter.

He honestly makes me miss the tor spammer.

You mean g_c is 36-37 and has a wife/gf + daughter or AdolfHitler? stands for george_costanza, like the seinfeld character. g_c used to actually go by the full name the way I tpyed it before he changed it to the shorter version.

(asterisk)g_c stands for george_costanza

All images deleted from endchan. Why is that?

Had a board over there but had to leave it inactive, since all the image markers to each individual post have been deleted. So the board is practically half dis-functional.

Check-out the excellent threads and material posted here also:


Odili fucked up moving between servers and lost the database files


>Holy shit, I thought I was onto something when I noticed it. Watched 8 sink like a bag of rocks.

They aren't. As an active user of 8chan I can attest that the shills make up more than half the userbase. Especially on /pol/. There are even "Russian hacker" faggots who are UNIRONICALLY pushing the Russian hacking narrative. It's depressing as fuck but it's also hilarious to mess with them because it's like poking a beehive.

Then you have bots which have seen a decent increase in activity. Whenever an important thread on a more populated board starts to gain traction they slide it with bots who spam nonsense for no reason or create threads with no apparent purpose. You can see it happening on /tech/ right now.

People are already jumping ship and not returning. I have no idea where they are going because they won't tell, which obviously I don't blame them for, and the only ones sticking around are anons like me who don't know many alternatives and are pretty much stick with 8chan if we want a faster conversation platform.

its great because now we are spreading out which is what is needed. pandoras box has been opened and no matter how hard the shills try, (((they))) will never be able to close it again

I'm an 8/pol/ mod.
It's rough modding over there with all the redditors, q-tards, and half-channers that have flowed in like a slow-moving sea of pus.

what types of rules or restrictions are in place for mods? what is the hierarchy like?

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8/pol/ is garbage now after Chodemonkey declared it a "free speech" board, meaning "please rape my face" to subverters. It was explicitly NatSoc before and was producing great propaganda like With Open Gates. I don't see the point of modding it, you can't even have a Patrick Little thread there without 50% of the posts being Moarpheus IP hopping. Why do you bother?

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