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Administering medicine to the dead

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Can we talk about how overrated and subversive Henry Ford actually was?

Henry Ford brought niggers en masse into Detroit.
Henry Ford also brought niggers to Flint, Saginaw, and other rust belt towns in large numbers.
Henry Ford brought over white American workers into the Soviet Union where many died under Stalin's terror.
Henry Ford looks like a racial jew in virtually every one of his photos, almost like Bill Nye. Do an image search for him and find one photo of him where he doesn't look jewish.
To this day, despite campaigns to get rid of kosher confederate statues and street names, Henry Ford's name still adorns many places across America, especially Detroit. There are theaters, streets, schools, and even towns named after him with no name change campaign unfolding (yet).

Like Adolf Hitler et al, Henry Ford seems to have been a boogeyman trotted out as a hero for those awake to the jewish problem, while at the same time playing the jews' game of destruction of civilization.
Henry Ford is not a white man worthy of respect, if he even was white at all.

And on that note, Detroit as a city should be a case study of its own. We know that the jews ultimately used the niggers that Henry Ford imported and those that later came from his legacy to destroy Detroit, but have you ever wondered if Detroit met its peak as a result of jewish influence? Before Ford, Detroit was a medium-sized city of slightly more than a quarter million, just slightly larger than modern day Madison WI, but then along comes Ford and the population eventually skyrockets to nearly 2 million. Detroit (and Los Angeles) was where suburbanization and car culture really got rolling, and its infection ended up destroying every other American city culturally as well. And don't forget, many notable Detroit skyscrapers came from the likes of (((Albert Kahn))), aka the Architect of Detroit.
Detroit was also where (((Murder Inc.))) and the Nation of Islam got started, both while Henry Ford was alive.

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He doesn't actually look European to me. I have this weird thing about 'ears' lately. It seems to me that a lot of kikes have almost like bat ears or something weird like that.

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I've noticed that too, where the ears protrude outward rather than being parallel to the side of the head. They're pushing a lot of "whites" with these protruding ears in the media, especially "racist" "whites", and it was with Darren Wilson that I really started to notice it, just because his were so blatant. Hell, it's not just his ears, look at Wilson's nose for that matter. His whole face screams rat jew. Why do a lot of jews remind not only me but many others of rats? And his drooping eyes, along with his permafrown. He looks ever more disgusting the longer I analyze him. That's a jew if I ever saw one.

Is Wilson a crypto playing the role of the racist white cop? Is/was he even a real cop to begin with or was that also a charade within the Mike Brown charade?

Henry Ford was also a literal freemason.

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