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The 1488 signal is more open mocking of the goyim in plain site.

David Eden Lane, credited with coining the code, was openly a freemason, but I'll go a step further and say that he never existed. Think about it. Born in Woden, Iowa and founds (his own spin on) Wotanism? And he was a ephebophile, calling the then barely teenage (if not preteen age) Lynx and Lamb Gaede twins his "fantasy sweethearts", plus writing about white nationalists kidnapping and raping teenage girls in his novel depicting a future race war.

That, and look at his face. He looks jewish and his eyes look psychotic. They are even still faking photos of him today (second pic with the davidlane1488.com web address), including ones that didn't exist just 5 years ago (something I've also noticed with "victims" of decades-old psyops like OKC and the San Ysidro McDonald's massacre). I'm calling him out to be both a sim who didn't exist in real life, and backed by a voice actor and ghostwriter(s) for when he needs to communicate.

Now, as for this 14/88 bit, it has to be much older than the David Lane character. How many of you have seen items priced at $14.88 in stores, especially Walmart? Or have had your total bill after taxes come to $14.88?

There has to be something kabbalistic in the nature of 1488, and I'm sure certain rabbis are aware of the meaning.

Also, check out the numerology of 1488. I just did this right now remembering Trump had a 1488-related numerology, and holy fuck:


'GOYIM ARE SLAVES' is 1488 in jewish gematria. And that's not all! Now I think I know why they have been pushing "14/88" ad nauseum for over 20 years.

The White House in jewish gematria is 1488.
President Donald Trump in English gematria is 1488.
(((GOD))) SPEAKS TO (((US))) IN SYMBOLS in jewish gematria is 1488.

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Why is there such an infatuation with numerology? So if there is an association with judaism, so what? It's mostly red herrings. Meanwhile society is collapsing because there are no more fathers and there is some concern about gematria. Concentration is better spent elsewhere.

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> Forreal tho. The Talmud/Kabbalah is evil, and we should just be exposing these fools. This is prolly d&c thread because as far as i'm aware the 14 is from the 14 words and 88 is the 88 precepts. Stupid fucking thread

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ITT a kike goes off the rails into kikery, due to his extensive research into kikedom.

The 14 words were selected due to numerology, true.
But the 88? I don't think so.
You present yourself as if you were a filter salesman. Take your jewry elsewhere, kike.


>But the 88? I don't think so.

May you explain why it isn't selected due to numerology?

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