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Administering medicine to the dead

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Making Aryan Werewolves a Reality

Is it time to take the next step in evolutionary fascism and become flesh-and-blood werewolves?

We could become the new Supermen ready to tear into our enemies, nails and fangs, tall and muscular. We would be nature's defenders of blood and soil. No other hominid would stand in our way by physicality alone.

Any occult or /xpol/ knowledge on this, like biokinesis? If werewolves were mentioned as being real in the native Aryan religions and were not bad, or even good, then could they be viable today?

Aryans even have certain canine physical characteristics compared to other races (second pic is what some Asian wrote), plus our ancient bond with dogs.

If dubs, jew-killing werewolves will be a reality and will play a crucial role in our struggle.

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