Received a mail from the student council about a global climate strike hitting the streets of central Stockholm and outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm on Friday the 15th of March. A bunch of liberal climate jihadists are about to attend that shitty cult strike and they are doing their best to recruit zoomers from every high school to strike against the "muh global warming" on the 15th of March 2019.

I am calling to all Swedeanons and Swedecucks to form a counter protest (or just pull up some stupid shadilay prank in the crowd) and stop their marxist march for the climate. The tree huggers in the Swedish Riksdagen (Swedish parliament) aka the leaders of Miljöpartiet (The Green Party) are the ones to blame. The puppets want to raise petrol taxes and extradicate nearly all petrol -and diesel driven vehicles. What the fuckers never seem to get is that not everyone have the bucks to pay for a "muh environmentally friendly greener alternative".

The liberals in Sweden are trying to do the same thing Macron did to France. This may be our last stand before the politicians decides to raise petrol taxes.

More information about the one leading this protest:

The one leading the protest is a 16-year old girl named Greta. She is the daughter of a Swedish opera singer and this really makes no one wonder why the leftist media in Sweden has drawn so much attention to her rallies. She has been protesting in many countries and recruited many school kids to protest woth her and strike for the environment. She took it to the level where fucking Merkel was forced to leave a statement on her Twitter about how she was going to handle pro-environment protests fueled by some fucking Swedish leftist who somehow managed to brainwash 45 000 german zoomers to take a day off school and protest for the climate in the streets of Berlin.

We don't want the same thing to happen in Sweden on Friday.

Let's stop these zionist tree hugging cultural marxist jihadists from empowering Sharia Law and Veganism in Sweden!

Länge Leve Sverige!

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