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I’ve seen seriously despondent people who wished they’d never taken the redpill. I see wallowing in despair because they don’t know where the redpilling will lead them. Some want out, but the can’t escape. Others just get swallowed up by the darkness. Here’s how you can survive /pol/. It’s painful. You will never be the same again. But if you want to come out alive, and in most cases, better off, I strongly advise you heed these warnings/instructions.

  1. Your first encounter with /pol/ will be shocking. Everything you read will be either nonsensical conspiracies or just seem like hate speech. You will not understand half the things people are referring to. You will be the normie that everyone will be hazing. This is normal. You are not special. Everyone goes through this.

  2. You will start to understand the jargons of /pol/. You will start to understand what the posters are actually saying. You will start swallowing redpills. Unfortunately, for the first 6 months, they will all be hate pills. Why? Because these are the easiest pills to swallow. You will find the truth about racial differences, women, Jews, governments, homosexuality, Islam and other degeneracy. You will start to hate. And this is the most dangerous stage of /pol/. You must continue because if you stop evolving here, you are doomed. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing ahead anon.

  1. Once you have swallowed enough redpills, you will start feeling segregated from your immediate group of friends/families. You’ll find yourself opposing just about every popular opinion they have. You try to hold your tongue, but it gets harder and harder. You can’t understand why these people are so blind. You can’t understand why at some point in your life, you actually agreed with these people. It’s tough becoming estranged from your loved ones. So, don’t argue. If they are curious, you can lead them a bit. BUT DO NOT TRY TO FORCEFEED REDPILLS TO OTHERS IN YOUR LIFE. This is the most importante lesson you will take away from here. Redpills are something that has to be taken voluntarily.

  2. At this point, you will fall into despair. You will feel alone. You will feel like everyone around you are just idiots going through life without a single rational thought. And then, you will become angry. You will know what true rage is. The strength and magnitude of this rage will surprise you.

Now, this rage is the crucial fork in the road. It is at this point that either /pol/ will make you a man among men or an ostracized hateful racist neo-nazi. You can use this anger and become destructive (to yourself and others) or you can use it to become something better. It is up to you.

If you wish to transcend into the true redpilled state, there by achieving true happiness, you MUST adhere to and obey the following steps.

  1. At this stage, you still have not taken the ultimate redpill; that is, you and you alone, are ultimately responsible for your actions. That you and you alone, are responsible for who you turn out to be. You, and no one else, is responsible for your happiness. You still have not understood that posts on this board about drugs, porn, feminism and other degeneracy are not just a meme or a lecture on morals but are instructions. Instructions for you to survive the brutal process that is redpilling and eventually, succeed in life. And the truth is, you can’t take this final pill until you’ve changed certain things in your life. And tomorrow, you will start this process.

  2. You will wake up in the morning. You will take a shower to wake up. Then, come sit on your bed or a chair, and close your eyes and CLEAR YOUR MIND. FROM THIS MOMENT ON, THERE IS NO THINKING ALLOWED. You are not allowed to think. You will only do. There are no excuses. There is no rationalizing. You will simply do what needs to be done. You will open your eyes and go about your day. Either go to your job or your school and do your best. From now on, everything you do, no matter how mundane, will be your best effort. You will eat no processed food. When you are done with the chores of the day, you will go straight to the nearest gym and join.

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  1. You will lift weights. Slowly at first. It matters not how much you bench. It only matters that you are there and that you keep going there. And it matters that you are there for the right reason. You are not there to impress girls. You are not there to make yourself look sexy. You are not there to become a model. You are there to improve yourself. Period. You are doing this for yourself and no one else. When you get home, eat a healthy meal. Under no circumstances are you allowed fast food or processed foods. Spend 30 minutes on /pol/ or some other similar sites. Read a redpilling book (check files and https://mega.nz/#F!B4dB2SzQ!h_pMC30v2a_y31iD0dy0sg). No TV. No Netflix. No video games. No porn. Try to go to bed early.

  2. Repeat this for 3 months. It will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. But don’t give up. Above all, do not think. Thinking only leads to laziness and excuses. Every time you start thinking about making excuses not to go to the gym, GET ANGRY!!! And this is where you use that RAGE I talked about earlier. THIS IS WHERE THAT RAGE WILL HELP YOU INSTEAD OF DESTROYING YOU. If you find yourself lacking the motivation, summon that anger that /pol/ has instilled in you. Bring it to the brim. USE THE RAGE. LET IT CONSUME YOU. Then, just get up and go to the gym and burn out the rage by lifting. As you lift, think of all the redpills you’ve swallowed and think about how mad it makes you. Think about how hypocritical and how evil this world truly is. Think about how when shit hits the fan, there are only 2 things that are going to save you; your physical strenght and your guns. Think about how the government and people in power force you to be less than you’re capable of becoming. How that no one on this god damn planet can help you EXCEPT yourself.

  1. In 3 months, you will notice a significant change in yourself. You will look different. You will feel different. You will notice that people react to you differently. It is because you will be more confident at this point. You will start affecting those around you more than they affect you. Some will resent you. Others will admire you. Fuck them all. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is you and how you are changing. Movies become boring as hell. Why? Because you no longer live in that fantasy world. You now understand that the mind numbing effect of mass media is INTENTIONAL. They are trying to control you. But you will no let them anymore. You won’t be able to watch any TV. You won’t be able to watch any major news outlet. It will all look like bullshit to you. And you will be right.

In 6 months, you will no longer be recognizable. Physically and mentally, you will be a completely different person. Dress neatly. It’s not a matter of dressing up, but being presentable that counts. If you want to be stylish, go ahead! Show it off. You now have the body to do so. But always keep taking redpills. Always be true to yourself. Keep immaculate hygienic pratices. Your house/apartment should be neat and clean at all times. Never lose sight of how you used to be. Keep telling yourself you don’t ever want to go back to being that person.

And now, you are ready for the next step. Financial security.

  1. You will get your finances in complete order. You will payoff all your debt as soon as possible. No more credit card debt. This will be a lot easier than you think because you no longer have degenerate expenses draining you financially. No drugs, no smoking, no movies, no eating out, no concerts, no materialistic sycophantic women, etc. You will find more energy and more motivation to improve your income. You will no longer be held back from getting that better job because at job interviews, you will be infinitely more confident. Physical fitness and the lack of degenerate behavior will improve your intelligence. You will have a clearer mind and your memory will improve as well as your ability to concentrate. If you are a student, your grades will improve dramatically. If you have a job, your performance will greatly increase. It’s a feedback loop. The better you become physically, the better your mental capacity will increase, which in turn will motiate you to improve your body even more. Suddenly, women who you though were out of your league will start approaching you. But, here’s the thing. You are now redpilled. You won’t fall for the fake, bullshit crap that you once fell for. You won’t give a shit about this hot bitch looking to seduce you because you can see right through it. You can see her motives. You are no longer blinded by your hormones. THIS IS WHAT /POL/ IS ALL ABOUT. SEEING THROUGH THE BULLSHIT. You are there anon. You are redpilled. And life is fucking awesome. But do not get complacent. The battle is never over. Keep improving yourself. The only difference now is that it is no longer a struggle. It will be enjoyable to keep improving.
  1. Now that you are a man among men, the time has come for you to help others. The truth is, no one heeds advice from a loser beta fat broke neckbeard. But as people see your success, as they see how sound your body and mind is, they will naturally gravitate towards you. If they approach you, slowly give them little redpills. Never force redpills. Give them suggestions on sites to visit, books to read. Always keep a careful eye on them so that they do not stray from the path. When they are ready, show them this post. Show them the way.
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Nah, just don't be that weirdo who spouts buzzwords/memes while sending holocaust denial infographics to their friends. It's completely cringy and dumb because you're demanding people to heavily care about issues that occurred in the past. My leftist friends listen to me because I know how to conduct myself.


Don't do this, you're just going to look like shit when you work out less. You know the fatasses on the right? They didn't come out of complete laziness. They used to be body builders, but their muscles turned into fat around their thirties because they either became busy with family, political work, or deplatforming. Just like women, men hit a wall too. (see pic related)

Bodybuilding is deceptive because it's not representative of your life style. You'll maintain a strong build if you do labor that requires strength.

I'm not telling you to be a complete slob, I'm just saying that it's ideal to strengthen your mind instead of a superficial appearance. You strengthen your mind by adopting the Christian faith and obtaining a useful skillset than can be used to assist anyone in your movement.

People revere historical figures for their actions, not their appearance. If you manage to make an impact as an ugly person, then ugly and attractive people will be inspired to do the same.
I read some of those books before and they're good, but they have no use if you can't apply/connect it to the present. You don't really need to read several books just to realize that other demographics prioritize their own kin and that it would be problematic whenever they hold a position of power in a country that doesn't represent them.

I've seen this thread on 8/pol3, Neinchan, and now here.

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