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Dead board? If so, could someone recommend me a good alternative to 8gag? Are any zeronet chans worth checking out? I appreciate any suggestions. bepisipeb@mail.com

>a good alternative to 8gag?

there aren't too many right now that I can think of. This place isn't too bad because there are visitors but not many anons contributing content at the moment. I ahte to say it but neinchan is kind of the alt to 8gag right now. its obvious controlled op though. during Brenton Tarrent's heroic purge, mods were posting up the typical kike d&c by claiming it was a mossod op and the BT was a mossad operative. plus, they have google ads which is a big red flag as well as annual paid subscription passes.

> Are any zeronet chans worth checking out?

I haven't been on zeronet since last year after I found multiple bitcoin mining trojans on my system. but that does seem like decentralization will be the future due to an increasing censorship.
also, assuming your not a glownigger of sorts, why in the fuck are you posting an email?

Neinchan is run by faggots who are too lazy to do any Opsec and thus use Discord, and they've herded so much discussion to it that the actual imageboard is pretty dead. Whenever this is pointed out to them they go "but muh voice chat", which of course is being recorded by ADL / Feds. 10/10 honeypot for the kind of brainlet that went to Charlottesville.

As for real alternatives, it isn't smart to post them where they can be found by plebs.

64ddb4 here. I completely agree with everything you had to say except for the part about sharing non-compromised platforms. neinchan is pretty fucking lame to put it lightly. But we need to post alternatives and share them if we plan on having an easily accessible place to communicate and share ideas. They will all get infiltrated sooner or later; we just need sharp mods and opsec minded anons. glowniggers cant prosecute free speech and if the platform is anonymous, such as this one, then they will be too lazy to investigate anyway.
BTW, the ninth circuit actually did something right for a change last year when they ruled that an IP address alone is not enough to prosecute for a crime. They were probably just covering for their pedo buddies that ride the lolita express but i'm still happy with the ruling. remember this and use a vpn that does not keep logs.

The problem is none of the uncompromised ones are secure against the sort of tactics they use now. If I were to share them everywhere, they'd be ruined within the month.

This could be a failure of not having a Hitler-equivalent in the admin position that can't be swayed by a kike's lies or tricked in some way, or perhaps he's too afraid to override someone in a lower position who is tricked, or the platform is too vulnerable to financial abuse tactics. Or mod burnout / churn. Or any number of things. It's all so tiresome.

Also, they are quite small and the culture would be harmed if not destroyed. Yet, they can be sought out by the determined. And some aren't even imageboards, since Hasbara has them pretty figured out by now. You need a place where you have accounts and bans stick, or you're just flooded by disruption shills and the people who reply to them who may or may not actually be the same shill. I warned about this very thing after With Open Gates blew up on 8/pol/ and it was blown off, then look what happened.

So no, idealistic hubris isn't our best bet at the moment.

Oh, and regarding the law you mentioned, I do not believe anything on that front matters. They will simply continue to do whatever harms anyone of European origin; if it is through legal means, and it doesn't stick, they will simply do it again, and again, for it costs them nothing.


> we need to post alternatives and share them if we plan on having an easily accessible place to communicate and share ideas.

why not share websites through secure chats? between anons? use something like wire or riot.im


>the law doesn't matter

stop being a black pilled little bitch. link related.
who gives a shit about chans, they've served their purpose anyway. the genie is out of the bottle and Whites are starting to wake up; slowly but surely. just look at jewtube comments, its only going to get more mainstream. the overton window is shifting.

also, if shitposting, moderation, and taking a few hours a week to just spread redpills is "too tiresome" for you, then I hate to see how you would feel when your camped out on a hill for two weeks taking notes on an enemy position after your rations have been depleted for a few days and you are recycling your piss through the fabric of your pants for drinking water, should an actual internal type war break out



Simply the beginning, as I said, they will find something else and come back. Why should they stop? It is simply the truth, until they have something to lose, why should they stop, hmm? Gilad Atzmon described it best, the tribe operates on Pre-TSD. RAM could be completely harmless but it won't stop the kikes from dreaming up 1,000,000 things strong white men would like to do to them, and they will act again against RAM, based on that. Because it costs them nothing! Count on it.

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lol White, not white. you need to capitalize that shit kike and show respect to your superiors. enjoy the video of Breton Tarrant's heroic purge shill hahah great post, I should give my fight for the White race now right? hahaha fuckin tard. your people will lose, its your destiny kike

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