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Alright, let´s put things clear.

This is a thread dedicated to all political discussion with ponies. All political discussion goes over here and would help to organize the flood or possible political spam for the other threads.

So, feel free to post ponies and political images or news with them.

Different opinions and personal views are HIGHLY encouraged.....and cute ponies too.

So, let´s get started.

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alright /pol/fag, feel free to post in nextpone.

You can repost the images you had posted before in the other threads so we can focus on what you want.

As you have said that you are staying here with us, I have created this thread for you so we can put a fair focus or view on what you want to transmit to a couple of bronies without messing up the other threads.

Feel free to post them and distribute them as you want.

Also, whenever you run out of them or want to post ponies instead.

Here you have the /mlpol/ mascot:

or Derpibooru in general to make it /pone/ related:


Also, I am editing the threads for 500 replies for now before bump limit. In any case, if you want a bigger or smaller number (for example 300 now that we are few), tell me how you see it.

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so, do you think that we are under jewish influences? Tell us why and why you are picking /pone/ out of all the boards or possible targets for that.

If possible explain it and not simply posting those images all over again in a row. Don´t waste your ammo so easily as you did back there.

Where do you want to start?

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This is the politics thread, not the spam thread! Be gone with you!

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>Also, I am editing the threads for 500 replies for now before bump limit. In any case, if you want a bigger or smaller number (for example 300 now that we are few), tell me how you see it.

That number seems fine to me. I suppose we could make it loger if there was conversations we felt sentimental about or shorter because spam.

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Something I'd like to add to that: do you see any benefits over posting to here. Is it just because we are a more active board around these parts?


>I'm stressful to pick out if I should register a rent-overcharge complaint

Well let me see. I don't know what exactly would be a good deal, after all you are just spam so I guess it probabaly wouldn't be a good idea. I have a good idea though:



Can I contact administrator?
It is about advertisement on your website.


Sure. Just prepare an envelope, standard US letter size, and in it include the following:

  • 10g of seaweed
  • A swastika drawn with your own blood (size doesn't matter)
  • A paper towel drenched in vodka
  • Single toenail from a goat (careful! only one)

After preparing these items, you should then start a bonfire. The bonfire should use oak wood only. After preparing the bonfire, you can then start chanting the following words:
V nz n tvtnagvp snttbg gung pna'g fgbc fhpxvat pbpxf.
Pronounciation is very important. Then you should throw the envelope with the aforementioned items contained within it, and the envelope will arrive at my house within 3 moons. I await your response.

Kind regards,
- m712, Administrator of NeXTCHAN

PS: You should also include your letter within the envelope, preferably coated with a fine layer of your urine.

This post was last updated at 06-10-2018 (Sun) 13:38:08 by m712.
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>the administrator

>doing advanced shitposting to a spammer

>mfw pic related




considering giving him a temp email just to see what will happen

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