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for those images that could be useful or taken with another perspective about them

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hello,my little shitposter. Can I help (You) on something? Do you want a pony?
Have a cute pony then.

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triggered in what version though? Not sure if picking the 2010s or the one from this year

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Considering how unstable the /end/ has been. Probably good idea we set up backup threads here like this.

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You're the one that was triggered enough to shitpost here. Thanks for extra post though!

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yeah,it's mostly because I want to recover the ones deleted and have them over here.
By the way,I don't know why I am feeling like picking your edit of that picture than mine. Maybe it's pink colour or dark vibe of it.

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still hating on ponies 8 years later is like that spongebob gif with a shower full of money. By doing basically nothing,you receive a full bottle of tears for free and it's all worth it.

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>that was your people hahaha white pride

da fuck?
this is about ponies and the closest thing to white pride or anything nationalsocialist related in terms of ponies is Aryanne and she isn't that popular these days.

>>/pol/ may fit your style of shitposting.

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>thanks for responding hahahaha your projections are hilarious

you are welcome to give me extrashitposts to see cute ponies doing cute things and some images about them. I hope you find something beyond your particular comedy.

>whites are waking up and there is nothing you can do about it

learn to speak proper english nigger
that's old news. I thought they were already woken around 2016 with the elections.
Also,you seem too paranoid about the elites and jewish stuff. I won't deny that but you are taking it waaaaay harder than you should. Not because of arguments but because of mental sanity.
I like conspiracies to some extent but I can't reach that level of obsession that you are taking.

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if they were brainwashed by media,it's mostly because they are not trained to tell the truth and see what's manipulated. Sadly,they get manipulated since the beginning until they check they have been exposed to lies or half truths,so they act in revenge against it.
In fact,nor I watch TV nor I believe what they say nor I am part of those acts because I am not American.

I know there is an obvious agenda behind all the feminism,the progressive lies and stuff but damn,that's what media should actually cover.That's not my job nor I can do anything about it,that's their responsibility to drive the society,not mine. It's shit,I get it,you can complain and point it all out but you are forgetting that this board is certainly not the most fitting for it in huge dosis.

Also,I would prefer not to show only the images about it but your actual opinion because you seem to act like you are talking with SJW when that's not the case,you look like an average /pol/tard without thinking what you are posting about. You won't find SJW here as far as I can tell.

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also 100 posts in this board.

The best princess is happy about this.

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what are you trying to achieve with this exactly?
I mean,you can shitpost 100 times all of that but if that stuff doesn't express anything,I simply cannot take any of your posts that seriously because it says nothing to me. With two or three examples it was enough for me but I need something else to cover that.

I feel like I am talking to a drone that says nothing but being extreme and blind about his word.

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are you done yet?
Look,I am not going to censor you just because you want to express and communicate that Israel is censoring stuff just to hide everything negative about them.

Not all of them support that lack of free press because it prevents them from having a real democracy,making that people from other countries become antisemites in general and not only antisionists because they spend a lot of money in cleaning artificially their image. You want to show us that those actions should be denounced and making completely clear that the internet is not the same with the censorship police,preventing of complete free speech around the mainstream websites such as Youtube or Google results in general.

However, here it is a little tip for your shitposts that comes from a person and not paid from the Israeli government. The only post that I consider noteworthy of discussion and redeems all of this apparent spam is this one: >>107.

Dude, I didn't need 25 images of the same cause or theory shown up to my face,with an entire post of 5 images it was more than enough. I am complaining about the way you are shitposting,not about the hate and the reasonable panic you have about Isrealis censoring the internet. You want to fight and go against them and that's alright but it could have been presented a little bit better.

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anything else?

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and trips

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/nextpone/ is a HAPPENING PLACE!

I swear this princess is trying really hard to achieve the element of partying hard. Has she been listening to Andrew WK lately?

Her daughter isn´t that far from it though...

i do not understand, what is the purpose of dumping all your weird propaganda on a board where it does not belong?
are you imagining "haha this will TOTALLY redpill all these ponyfuckers"?

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>i do not understand, what is the purpose of dumping all your weird propaganda on a board where it does not belong?

Do you get it zarne? Because I haven´t got it for months either. I had mentioned it before with these posts >>95 >>105 and I...have not received a reasonable response to such propaganda. The more he posts about it, the less I care to be honest.

It´s not going to achieve a red pill either, I have my own political opinion about stuff but instead of discussing it, he posts prefabricated images that are like thin air to me.

We are like 2 faggots and redpilling two ponyfuckers is not going to change the world nor cause sjw reactions for funny pictures.

The only thing that bothers me is his actual mental health for his intentions. Asking why and the reasons behind it, not to mention that /pol/ always exists and it´s the most proper option to post this material.


> The more he posts about it, the less I care to be honest.

then, why not ban him? i don't believe your board has any rules, but this lad is not pertaining to the topic, and like you said...

> not to mention that /pol/ always exists and it´s the most proper option to post this material

...he should be posting in /pol/ instead


>he should be posting in /pol/ instead

I wonder if he likes us in the end. His interests though are pretty much done....he should have listened.

>then, why not ban him? i don't believe your board has any rules, but this lad is not pertaining to the topic, and like you said...

I didn't want to go the easy way. He didn't justify any actions so there it is.Is it possible to establish any rules? I thought that this site had the global rule of spam/flood one that endchan (or any chan in general) has. I thought that was a basic one.

I don't see any rules to establish one but I could make a sticky for it. Keep /pol/ in /pol/ should be a good one. At least,I see why it exists in 4chan.

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I know that you are going to change the IP and repost the /pol/ images...but...

what do you want from me? another voter for the far right?

what do you intend by demoralizing another faggot?

Maybe I am expecting too much to get civilized replies instead of mindless shitposts but either way I am making them.

If you don't type,I will never understand your vision and using the non speaking language.....I am not really a fan of it.

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