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Welcome to /r9k/!

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/r9k/ at its core is a board for introverted and socially challenged people to mingle, chat, and get to know each other. To this end, I will not make rules against people using tripcodes, and I will even encourage it. This isn't 4chan and nobody here is bound by the expectations of 4chan culture.

I'd like this board to be a place where people can get to know each other, to make friends that we can all relate with, and a place where the low-quality posts that fill 4chan.org aren't allowed.

The rules for the board are very simple, but are subject to change at any time. Community input will be taken into account before any changes are ever made; I take communication to be an extremely important thing in moderation and I usually criticize 4chan for lacking in that.

Don't start "not-true-robot" threads, especially for simple things like height, age, ethnicity or religion. Every person is different and has their own issues, and just because someone is tall, that does not make them a "chad"

Keep -all- /pol/ content to another board. I suggest you to check out https://4chan.org/pol/, https://8ch.net/pol/, and https://meguca.org/pol/. Lurk before using any of them, but don't bring any /pol/-content here. It leads to infighting shitposting and drama.

Don't shit on people. Use common sense.

Don't flood the board

Refrain from posting NSFW content; this board is to be considered worksafe

This post was last updated at 08-31-2017 (Thu) 15:12:29 by .

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