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For anyone to use! Based on 4chan /g/

> https://cloveros.ga/

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CloverOS best OS! Never seen developer, he definitly not white man because white man could not mke something this good! ChingChong bing-bong wong tiny dick asain out!

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Why is the image logo text incorrect?

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Code (Javascript)
if (window && window.window === window) window.alert("THE FUTURE IS HERE");
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Damn, quickfix incoming.



& turns into &, here's & &



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why is there only one Internet?

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There isn't.

Ever heard of gopherspace?

What does that mean?

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Endchan needs your help.
We're now in the middle of our 3rd year. We're still one admin down, Balrog has also been extremely busy and while I've tried to be responsive, I've been less and less. So basically we've been 2 half admins of the 3 we're supposed to have. And I think for this site to continue, we're going to need to take some chances and recruit some fresh blood.
We want to build a new team to improve the site.
We're looking for:
- Javascript Developers
- HTML developers
- Linux (Devuan-based) system admins with experience with pm2, node and mongo
- Janitors
- Creators (artists, designers, memes, music, videos, etc)
- Community builders
Why you should apply:
- perserve Endchan
- improve the community and site
- learn something
How you apply:
We all need to get to know one another. Some sort of chat is probably best. I'm thinking our IRC room is the most accessible and least bothersome. So for now it's the #endchan room on Rizon (irc.rizon.net, links on the top bar).

why post this here though? almost no one visits here

>perserve Endchan


and you ask for help here....
why don't you do that in your own boards?


>505 server error

we did, but we're reaching out

we got those fixed

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> Notice: Use of undefined constant MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 - assumed 'MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128' in /home/vagrant/projects/NeXTCHAN/.inext/config/app.php on line 104

I can't fix this. I'm trying to set up the older nextchan-site.
I am using Vagrant, Virtualbox and Laravel Homestead. I have tried loading mcrypt, but it doesnt seem to be working.

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You also need to have php-mcrypt installed and enabled in mod_php/fpm.

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like this?

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apparently mcrypt has been deprecated from PHP 7.1+ so i'll need to downgrade php. Admin, what PHP version did you use?

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I used 7.0 for that reason.

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